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In-Vitro-Fertilization-(IVF), Fertility-Treatment medical news in Bangladesh

Czech Republic Is Popular Medical Toursim Site For In Vitro Holidays - by: Jupiter Kalambakal,AHN News Writer

The Czech Republic has become a popular medical tourism destination. Between seven and ten American women go on in-vitro holidays each month to reproductive health clinics in the Czech Republic, where...

India Nurtures Business of Surrogate Motherhood - by: Amelia Gentleman,The New York Times

Yonatan Gher and his partner, who are Israeli, plan eventually to tell their child about being made in India, in the womb of a stranger, with the egg of a Mumbai housewife they picked from an Interne...

Vacation, Adventure And Surgery? - by: 60 Minutes,CBS

This summer, millions headed out to foreign lands for vacation, adventure, tourism, or just a beautiful beach. ...

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