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Intacs, Eye-Lasik-Care medical news in Hamburg, Mexico

Infographics: Lasik Care Options in Mexico - by: PlacidWay,Placidway

Mexico is a highly appreciated medical tourism destination thanks to its great medical facilities, flawless medical services, latest equipment used and well-trained doctors. There are numerous renowne...

Latest offers for affordable medical care abroad - by: PlacidWay,PlacidWay

Find out the most affordable medical packages in Turkey, South Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Czech Republic and Thailand. Discover the best options for you. ...

Infographics: Destinations in Mexico for Cataract Surgery - by: PlacidWay,Placidway

One of the most successful procedure performed in Mexican clinics is the cataract surgery, thanks to the highly qualified doctors and nurses to provide care and service with worldwide quality through ...

Botox, facelifts may cost more as Senate eyes cosmetic surgery tax - by: Sandra Block,US Today

If you're considering an eyelift or tummy tuck, you might want to have it done before next year. Last week, the Senate began debate on an $848 billion health care reform bill tha.........

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