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Obesity Epidemic Causes 22.000 Cases of Cancer Each Year - by: Sophie Borland ,Health Reporter

Academics have said thousands of Britons are being diagnosed with cancer as result of being too fat. Being overweight or obese is directly responsible for 22,138 cancer cases every year, new resear...

Surgeon Claims Obese People Should Get Treatment - by: Lucinda Cameron,Daily Record

A leading surgeon has suggested cutting spending on dying patients – to help the obese. Gastric and weight-loss surgeon Andrew de Beaux questioned whether it was worth paying for treatments w...

Health tourism exhibition to open - by: ,The Press Association

Patients keen to combine their heart operation with a dream holiday abroad will be courted this weekend at a new health tourism exhibition. ...

Travel the world, have surgery and save money - by: Sophie Goodchild,

AN EXHIBITION on health tourism showcasing 120 clinics from around the world offering everything from heart surgery to nose reshaping, opens this weekend in London. ...

Mediterranean lifestyle helps to get rid of diabetes - by: Pradeep,Globe Health Tours News

Following vegan diet that includes fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre and healthier fats will help to protect against type-two diabetes according to a study. ...

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