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Infographics: 10 Questions You Must Ask the Orthopedic Doctor before Going Abroad for a Procedure - by: PlacidWay,

In order to find the right doctor and the right procedure for your chronic injury or recent injury problems, you have to be prepared to ask questions and rate the various doctors based on their answer...

Infographics: How to Choose a Good Orthopedic Surgeon - by: PlacidWay,

Many people need an orthopedic surgery in their later years. Those who wish to do it have numerous options at their disposal. You have to be informed to make a good decision. ...

Discover Affordable Healthcare! Win The Battle Against Joint Pain. - by: PlacidWay,PlacidWay

Find the best doctors and hospitals with most affordable prices for your orthopedic problems worldwide. Find the best solution for you. ...

Joint-replacement failure rate higher for smokers - by: Alan Smith,newschannel10

Knee and hip replacements are more likely to fail in smokers than nonsmokers, according to two new studies. One study of 621 patients, including 131 smokers, who underwent total knee replacemen...

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