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Health versus wealth: Patients get pulled both ways - by: RACHEL TUTTE AND BRIAN DAY,The Global & Mail

PUBLIC CARE: SINGLE-PAYER SYSTEM IS BOTH FAIR AND SUSTAINABLE: Rachel Tutte is co-chairwoman of the B.C. Health Coalition, and works as a physiotherapist at a public rehabilitation hospital in Vancouv...

Americans Will Soon Have Medical Butlers to Assist in Medical Tourism Research - by: ,Google

The current model of hospitals as facilitators that assist medical travelers in hospital booking has been completely revolutionized by Fly Free For Health's iMedical Butler....

India4Health Launches Medical Tourism Service for International Patients in India - by: ,News Wire Today launches medical tourism service to arrange for travel medical treatment hospitalization and stay in India. Get treatment for ayurveda yoga SPAs dental treatment cosmetic surgery orth...

Malaysian medical tourism growing - by: ELAINE ANG,thestar online

Malaysia is starting to make its mark as an affordable yet sophisticated healthcare hub in Asia....

Have Surgery. Go Sightseeing - by: PAUL B. BROWN,The Newyork Times

WOULD you be willing to have nonurgent medical procedures done overseas, if you could recover in a fine hotel and your employer not only picked up all the costs, but actually paid you for having the w...

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