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Stem Cell Doctor - by: NUEVO PROGRESO, News Channel 5

A growing business across the border is bringing hope to some folks who need it, but U.S. doctors say they could be taking their lives into their own hands.

In a new study, scientists have found that a therapy targeting a protein, called cyclin D1, may block the expansion of breast cancer stem cells.  

Scientists at the BC Cancer Agency in collaboration with partners across Canada have leveraged funding for three years, valued at approximately $1.2 million, to pursue a new clinical and translational research project on the use of cord blood cells for adult patients who need stem cell transplants.

Injections of Hope - by: Brian Vastag,

Patients dart across the border to Mexico or jet to the Caribbean, India, China and elsewhere for injections of stem cells from embryos, fetuses, umbilical cords and the patients' own fat, blood and bone marrow.

Stem cell therapy warning - by: ,

SOME leading Australian scientists have issued warnings about the growth of stem cell tourism as an Indian doctor who administers a controversial treatment arrived in the country.

Scientists Report Advance in Stem Cell Alternative - by: Rob Stein,

Scientists reported yesterday that they have overcome a major obstacle to using a promising alternative to embryonic stem cells, bolstering prospects for bypassing the political and ethical tempest that has embroiled hopes for a new generation of medical treatments.

Stem cells: Time to make good on promises - by: THOMAS LEE,

It's no longer enough to tout the anticipated treatments and even cures; real marketable products and profits need to be seen.

Researchers Report Stem Cell Advance - by: Jeffrey Perkel,

Researchers report that they have sidestepped a major technical hurdle in the generation of pluripotent stem cells from adult cells.

IF STAKEHOLDERS in the local medical tourism industry would work together, stem cell transplant operations can become a service that Cebu-based hospitals may offer.

Stem cell advance may help transfusion supplies - by: Malcolm Ritter, News Week

Scientists make red blood cells from embryonic stem cells; may someday help transfusion supply. Scientists say they've found an efficient way to make red blood cells from human embryonic stem cells, a possible step toward making transfusion supplies in the laboratory. The promise of a virtually...

Results 241 - 250 of 254
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