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Researchers say they have found a new source for harvesting thousands of stem cells -- a woman's placenta. Scientists at the biotechnology firm Anthrogenesis Corporation, also known as AnthroGen, have "discovered a unique multipotent stem cell in the placenta," company president and CEO John Haines said...

Option to stem cells found - by: Byron Spice, Post-Gazette

University of Pittsburgh researchers have discovered that one type of cell in the human placenta has characteristics that are strikingly similar to embryonic stem cells in their ability to regenerate a wide variety of tissues

Parkinson's Disease is a progressive movement disorder marked by tremors, rigidity, slow movements (bradykinesia), and posture instability. It occurs when cells in one of the movement-control centers of the brain begin to die for unknown reasons.       

Researchers at the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) have found that blood stem cells originate and are nurtured in the placenta, a discovery that may allow scientists to mimic the embryonic environment needed to develop blood stem cells in cell culture.

Results 251 - 254 of 254
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