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AUSTRALIAN doctors are prescribing blood-thinning medicines and steroids in a radical new treatment for repeated miscarriages and IVF failures.

Lemons Could Replace Chemicals in IVF Labs - by: Michelle Henderson, AAP NATIONAL MEDICAL WRITER,

MORE than 200 years after Casanova employed their contraceptive qualities, lemons are making a comeback as a way to stop sperm in their tracks. Scientists from Sydney's Genea fertility clinic are planning to replace the carcinogenic chemical formaldehyde with lemon juice to analyse sperm samples in their laboratories.

Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center (ACIMC), established with the Australian technical collaboration, has been at the forefront of fertility treatment technology in Pakistan. It is in 14th year of its operation and has been consistently recording positive results for the patients comparable to the best IVF centers in the world.  

Cancers on the Rise in Pregnant Women - by: Kerry Grens, Reuters - US Edition

The number of pregnant women diagnosed with cancer has increased over the past couple of decades, a new study from Australia suggests. In 2007, the most recent year studied, researchers found 192 out of every 100,000 pregnant and postpartum women received a cancer diagnosis - up from 112 per 100,000 women in 1994.

Obesity is Bad for Men Sperm - by: Megan Gannon, Live Science

Wannabe dads should get in shape before trying to conceive, suggests a new study that found a man's obesity may have a negative impact on his sperm. Researchers at the University of Melbourne used in vitro fertilization (IVF) to create embryos from the sperm of normal weight male mice and obese ones. The fatter dads had been fed the mouse equivalent of a fast food diet for 10 weeks, a statement from the university explained. The researchers then analyzed the effects of the father's obesity on embryo implantation and fetal development.

America's powerful drugs regulator has fast-tracked new trials of an Australian-invented bone marrow transplant treatment for critically ill cancer patients.

Medical tourism is the act of touring different countries or nations around the world to receive medications like dental, neurosurgery or surgical care and various other forms of specialized treatments.

Imagine knowing something is wrong with you, but being told time after time by health professionals there is nothing wrong. Nobody can explain why you are struggling with acne and excess facial and body hair, or why you feel anxious, depressed or moody.

AUSTRALIA has an opportunity to make big bucks from well-heeled travellers who want to come here for cosmetic surgery and dentistry.Already about 19 million trips are made a year by people seeking medical treatment abroad and this is expected to increase. When Carol and her mates finished the gruelling Laguna Phuket triathlon late last year, they decided the perfect way to celebrate was with a new bustline.

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