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Understanding the way that placenta stem cells work has been Dr. Gonzales’ life work which he has developed into a therapy for patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Specialists in neurology have been amazed by the progress when Alzheimer’s sufferers have seen improvements in behavior and remembering abilities.
Since 1991, Integra Medical Center has been successfully treating degenerative diseases. The best Placenta Cell Therapy specialists work here. Get treatment for ALS, Diabetes, Autism, Alzheimer, MS and many other diseases at one of the renowned clinics in Mexico! Check it out now!
Janice Kirkbride

I was asked to write a review for Dr Gonzalez. I have been searching for this amazing surgeon for the past 5 years, ever since I made contact with Greg Heist, an American MS patient who was cured of his MS after bring treated by Dr Gonzalez 8 years ago. We travelled from Scotland to Mexico on Friday 15th November and I was treated by Dr Gonzalez on Thursday 21st November. He is an amazing surgeon, both caring and compassionate. I had 16 injections of placental stem cells in different parts of my body. It was virtually pain free. All the staff displayed lots of care and compassion too. I would throughly recommend Dr Gonzalez to other patients. He is a truly remarkable surgeon! I am really grateful that I finally tracked Dr Gonzalez down and was treated by him. It was a dream come true! I can’t stop smiling! Kindest regards Janice Kirkbride

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At Centre Medic Alomar (CMDA), the Treatment Packages for Essential Tremor (ET) has shown impressive results in numerous patients. Please contact us to know about how to register for such rejuvinating program at best available packages.
The ResoFus Alomar Center is a hospital which deals with a variety of health issues and conditions including Essential Tremor Treatment, Urology, Prostate Cancer, Robotic Surgery, Ultrasonic energy procedures, Tremors, Parkinson’s Disease, Magnetic resonance and else.
Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, Spain brings the most advanced epilepsy program. They use the latest technological innovations for epilepsy surgery targeting to achieve the total absence of epileptic seizures.
Teknon Medical Center located in Barcelona, Spain provides comprehensive medical services and covers all medical and surgical specialties, including Oncology, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Traumatology, Aesthetic/Plastic Surgery, and Neurosurgery. Learn more about this leading European medical center.
Ibrahim Babangida

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