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This is the testimonial of Hayley Mullen from England who experienced amazing results with a full Make Over Dental Treatment in Dentaris Cancun Riviera Maya Dentistry Clinic from Mexico.

A very satisfied patient from Texas, USA was willing to share with us her medical journey in Cancun, Mexico to undergo a few cosmetic procedures in order to achieve the body she always dreamed about. Here's what she declares. Adrianna explains that having realistic expectations is important when considering cosmetic surgery. “Surgery won’t necessarily change your life. It can improve certain aspects and make you more confident, but you have to have realistic expectations. Saying that, I am thrilled with the outcome and haven’t looked back on my decision once."

See this patient before and after Obesity Surgery Picture Testimonial. The change on her health and looks is amazing! All thanks to Mexico Bariatric Team in Mexicali, Mexico.

I found a new hope for ataxia with stem cell therapy at Integra Medical Center in Mexico. Dr. Gonzalez has years of experience using stem cells for various medical conditions including ataxia.

I have found my self-esteem again after undergoing tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Yanez.

In March of 2012, we came to Mexico Bariatric Team and Dr. Arellano to have gastric sleeve surgery. The reason we both decided to have surgery is because life being overweight was hard. Going to work was hard, waking up was hard, playing with our daughter was hard. We felt we were prisoners in our own bodies.

My husband and I recently travelled to Cancun Mexico from Fort McMurray Alberta Canada after much research and communication with Robyn and other staff at Perfection Cosmetic Surgery Cancun to have multiple cosmetic surgery procedures after losing almost 50 pounds and having finished having children.

This is the testimonial of Joan, who had successful hip replacement surgery at Cabo Orthopaedics Joint Replacement Clinic, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

This is the story of Gloria from Canada, who chose Dr. Gerardo Mangino to have hip replacement at Cabo Orthopaedics Joint Replacement Clinic in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

This is the story of Carson, who had Knee Reaplcement surgery at Cabo Orthopaedics Joint Replacement Clinic, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

Results 1 - 10 of 122

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