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Thank you so much Denise for organising my trip to Cape Town. You will remember how nervous I was. Travelling half way round the world to a place you don't know and for sugery is quite a daunting prospect. That seems very silly now looking back on what was an amazing experience. You may remember too that I was reluctant to book any tours before I came because I wondered whether I would be up to it after my surgery. I could hardly believe it when, two days after I was up and running and enjoying Cape Town to the full. The hotels you booked for me were perfect, largely I think because you took the trouble to find out what would best suit me. I felt very pampered . Brenda from the UK

Working periodically in the UK and living in Johannesburg, one may wonder why I chose Surgical Bliss, a Cape Town based company, to help me achieve a much wished for facelift.  Apart from wanting privacy, I needed someone to hold my hand and Denise was just the person to do that.

This is a success story of a patient from went to South Africa from UK for face lift surgery and is very happy with the results.

You are such a good and warm person and please continue with your kindness and may God bless you most abundantly in all your endevous.

The most valuable part of this experience was the sense of control it gave me over my genetic destiny.

The dietitian inspired us to eat "to keep our genes happy" – something she said will not only help us lose weight, but also ensure that my blood sugar levels will remain normal, avoiding all the problems associated with diabetes.

I was really thankful to learn that I could probably avoid becoming a diabetic by eating healthy, and exercising enough to keep my weight in check.

I have been an endurance athlete most of my life, and at age 60, it became even more important to me to live a healthy lifestyle.

Results 1 - 10 of 16