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We had a good flight back. We loved the way you people work. You all seem to care more about who you are helping and not about the money. You people also give 100% and all work like a family. The care was great.

A patient tells the success story of his stem cell treatment at Emcell Clinic in Ukraine for Diabetes Mellitus.

After almost 8 months from the treatment in your clinic, I have performed a neurological exam where the improvement of my health could be noticeable, especially regarding the elasticity of the movements. I mention that I have started a daily kineto-terapheutical program for a month and that my body reacts positively. At the end of November I will start the series of injectable vitamins, too

I would like to tell you one more thing: my capacity for work has improved, and such signs of multiple sclerosis as the beginning numbness in my fingertips and continuous fatigue have almost disappeared. I can’t believe that everything goes on this way but the transplantation of stem cells works and works

In early July, I noticed that I could see better and more clearly, and I'm able to recognize people I'm familiar with from afar. In the middle of July I was able to read. My vision has been improving each day.

There is now more power in my arms and hands. I feel there is more power in my legs, although I would like to have more power in them. Now I can train some muscles which I could not get under control before, and I hope I can still train myself to become better, there is also more power in my voice and I get much fewer seizures than before.

Not only was the treatment a landmark for Sofie, I felt the results myself. The experience was decisive and left no doubt in my mind: the progress my daughter and I have felt is meant to be shared with others who are struggling with a brain injury or other severe illness. That is why I have partnered up with EmCell. I am now the clinic's patient-counselor in Scandinavia.

When evaluated at FHC she did her best ever. Her progress since January till July 24th was 115%!!!!! Her growth rate since 2003 has never been over 60%. She showed her intellectual ability very convincingly when speedreading 30 pages in 1 minute and then being able to put 5 sequences from the first chapter written on 5 pieces of paper in the right order without help at all. The book was a book written for adults. She showed her math skills in the same way and there is no doubt any longer how bright she is. Now she shows it. Before the stem cell treatment it was very difficult for her to show it in an unfamiliar environment.

A success story of a patient who took stem cell treatment for brain injury from Emcell Clinic in Ukraine.

I am the son of the patient and my name is H.H. My mother is better than before!

Results 1 - 10 of 26

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