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Dentistry medical testimonials in Turkey

A Great Experience in Tanfer Clinic ,Istanbul,Turkey

Great experience with Tanfer Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey ...

Successful Dental Restoration Treatment in Turkey ,Istanbul ,Turkey

I have just recovered my dental restoration process successfully. Everything went smoothly and developed properly as it was planned. My teeth were first pulled, implants placed later and a couple o...

Very Good Treatment Found in Hospitadent Dental Group ,Istanbul ,Turkey

I am Jamal al-Hajjaj. I live in the Netherlands and would like to share with you the experience that I had and the well-treatment that I found in the Hospitadent Hospital. ...

Great Dental Care and Treatments in Istanbul ,Istanbul ,Turkey

I came to Istanbul, for treatment of my dental problems, together with my sister Adilah Karaman on 07-14 May 2009. I firstly and particularly thank to Mr. Ferhat of Hospitadent Public Relations Dep...

Before & After Porcelain Crowns in Antalya Turkey ,Antalya,Turkey

Check out these before and after images of our former patients who have had porcelain crowns applied in our clinic in Antalya Turkey.  ...

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