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Shoulder-Bankart-Procedure, Orthopedic-Knee-Surgery medical testimonials in Mulheim, India

Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India ,Chennai,India

For many years, I suffered with severe Rheumatoid arthritis which affected my knees most of all....

Bilateral high flex knee replacements in India ,Chennai,India

My troubles began when my left leg started to go stiff and to hurt. The doctor told me it was arthritis....

Knee Surgery in India ,Chennai,India

Three cheers to you. As long as I am alive and continue to pray you will also get the benefit out of it. God may bless you ....

Knee Replaceent Surgery in India ,Chennai,India

It is now over two weeks since we returned from Chennai and we still remember you and the nice days we spent in that city.  We will never forget the care and personal interest you have shown ...

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