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Mrs. Jing suffered from premature ovarian failure until she underwent cell-based gene therapy and traditional Chinese medicine therapy for her premature ovarian failure at the ReLife International Medical Center in China.

My husband and I recently travelled to Cancun Mexico from Fort McMurray Alberta Canada after much research and communication with Robyn and other staff at Perfection Cosmetic Surgery Cancun to have multiple cosmetic surgery procedures after losing almost 50 pounds and having finished having children.

See HERSHE Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Before & After Facial Fat Graft Patient Transformation in Seoul, South Korea.

See HERSHE Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Before & After Breast Augmentation Patient Transformation in Seoul, South Korea.

Here is a before and after image of the nose surgery performed in Thailand at Le Vira Clinic.

An image of before and after lip reduction surgery performed in Le Vira Clinic, Thailand.

See the pictures testimonial before and after liposuction surgery in Bangkok. Enhancing you body and life is posible if you visit Le Vira Clinic in Thailand. Take a look of former patients results for yourself!

Here are images of before and after successful hair transplant procedures at the Transmed Hair and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Istanbul, Turkey

Here are some of the dental treatments and procedures before and after images from patients who have chosen  Roomchang Dental and Aesthetic Hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

These are the before and after images of patients who had dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico at Nava Dental Care. See the amazing results that can be achieved with the help of Nava Dental Care specialists!

Results 21 - 30 of 433