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Chronic Diseases

Sub-Treatments: Allergic Respiratory Diseases | ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) | Arthritis | Back Pain ... More
Chronic diseases are considered those that last for months or years and affect millions of people on a yearly basis, costing billions of dollars in health care costs as well as untold pain and suffering. Fortunately, a large majority of chronic disease processes are preventable and education is the

Alternative Medicine

Sub-Treatments: Chelation Therapy | Live Cell Therapy | Ozone Therapy
Alternative medicine may include herbal therapies and remedies to oxygen therapy to stem cell therapy approaches for a variety of medical conditions and disease processes.

Orthopedic/Knee Surgery

Sub-Treatments: Achilles Tendon Repair | ACL PCL MCL | ACL Repair | Acromioplasty... More
PlacidWay can help you access the best orthopedic clinics and surgeons abroad. Contact us and let us help you!


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