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Panama City, Panama
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Fertility treatment with a Giving attitude

IVF testimonial panamaI chose Panama for several reasons. First, the cost of the procedure was so much better than in the US, and the quality of care is comparable as well. Panama is easy to reach from the US, and I have always wanted to go there because I have always heard good things about Panama from people who have been and from travel and retirement literature.  And of course, your personal correspondence made me feel comfortable. 
I found Ageless Wonders Panama through a site called PlacidWay.
Yes, I liked the personal service from AWP.  You anticipated all of my needs, and I really felt special that you accompanied me to the appointments.  That was unexpected and certainly thrusts your service into the exceptional category.
The quality of care and time spent was thorough and adequate.  I was very pleased with Centro Fecundar and all staff. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone requiring elective surgeries. 
I cannot tell any differences in the services in Panama with ours here in the states.
I will definitely use AWP in the future for any of my needs, and will recommend to friends and family.
The advantages in going to Panama for elective procedures are that a vacation can be taken along with the procedure and it still costs less than if performed in the US.
I like the beauty of the land and people in Panama the most.  It seems to be very similar in culture to the US which makes traveling abroad for services easier to do in Panama rather than in a place more foreign which might cause patients to feel vulnerable. 
I think the health tourism industry is an exciting arena to be entering into, and I have even tried to picture myself working in it with you at some point later on down the road. I will be practicing my language skills while thinking about my future, and I hope AWP continues to succeed beyond your belief!
Take care and I'll talk to you soon,

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