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PlacidWay Launches PlacidMobile 2.0 Medical Tourism App for Android and iOS by Patricia Perez

PlacidMobile 2.0, PlacidWay’s Medical Tourism App is now available FREE for Android and iOS users. The Medical Tourism App provides the most comprehensive global treatment abroad options to consumers worldwide.

Which Are the Most Trending Cosmetic Surgeries among Celebrities by Delia T.

Beauty enhancing procedures are performed all around the globe. It’s not a taboo anymore. More and more people make use of these nip/tuck tricks and have great outcomes.

What Should You Avoid when Choosing Medical Tourism Abroad by Delia T.

No matter if you’re a medical tourism novice, or an experimented international patient, there are certain aspects to bypass, so that you come up with the most suitable and fulfilling solution.

Why travel to South Korea for Obesity Surgery by Patricia Perez

Today, there are plenty of obesity surgery variations that have their own merits. In South Korea, common bariatric surgery methods include Gastric Sleeve and Lap band combined with liposuction surgery. ​

Dental Laser in Mexico an Innovative Technique to Cure Dental Diseases by Alina B

In the early 90s a new technique for oral surgery was created. Lasers is a device that emits a beam of light through optical amplification. The term “laser” is an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation". With the advancements in science and medicine, dentists sought a way to incorporate this device to oral treatments.

How to Travel as a Medical Tourist Alone vs Accompanied by Delia T.

Traveling alone or accompanied is an important decision that every medical tourist has to take. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before proceeding with your upcoming journey. It’s a mixture between emotional comfort and medical requirements.

Why Dental Care in Mexico is a Good Financial Investment by Patricia Perez

Getting implants placed in a foreign dental clinic hardly equates as a vacation. But yearly, tens of thousands of international travelers go to Mexican border towns such as Tijuana and Los Algodones to avail budget-friendly dental vacations.

Interview with Natalia Khonelidze Clinical Director of In Vitro Fertility Clinic Georgia by Ana S

In Vitro Fertility Clinic is one of the largest fertility centers not only in Georgia but also in the Post Soviet Countries. Mrs. Natalia Khonelidze, Clinical Director of the centre, agreed to asnwer PlacidWay a few questions about the clinic and the medical tourism process.

Keyhole vs Conventional Surgery Learn the Differences and Make the Right Choice by Alina B

There has been extensive debate about the use of keyhole surgery versus open surgery. Many surgeons prefer keyhole surgery for its benefits, while surgeons who favour the conventional approach often argue that keyhole surgery is more dangerous than open surgery, leading to a greater chance of complications.

10 Steps to Find the Best Fertility Treatment in Europe by Delia T.

Searching for the best fertility treatment abroad is, indeed, a time consuming process. But, if you stay organized, nothing can get out of control. Apply the following rules and get closer to choosing the best fertility treatment in Europe.

Results 1 - 10 of 945

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