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Hundreds of Successful Organ Transplants Performed at Kent Hospital in Turkey by Ana.S

Turkey, is among the most chosen options when it comes to this type of procedures, the country becoming the 3rd in the world with regard to liver, bone marrow, kidney and face transplantation operations. To make an idea about the costs for this type of procedure in this country, you would like to know that a kidney transplant would cost around $30,000 and for a liver transplant the patient would pay around $100,000, including doctors' fees, medication, 20 days hospitalization, complete tests, pre and post surgery check up.

Demand for Hip Replacement Surgery Rises Among Baby Boomers by Ana.S

The increasing number of hip surgeries performed by baby boomers, are not necessarily the cause of injury, excessive weight gain, osteoarthritis or other medical conditions, but their desire to live longer, healthier and pain free lives and be able to be active and perform the activities they love for as long as possible.

No matter what the reason for hip surgery might be, the medical tourism industry takes advantage of this wave of people in their 40s and 50s choosing to go abroad to have this procedure done quickly, at low cost and with modern equipment.

Medical Tourism in Italy: The Emerging Health Travel Hotspot by Alexandra Brad

With the competition ever growing within the global medical tourism market, new health travel hotspots are emerging to profit from the huge potential that the industry is providing. Italy is one such state, where the demand for medical tourism services is growing and its specialists and hospitals are adapting to cater to all. 

Tanfer Clinic Offers Innovative Box Technique to Restore Jaw Function by Ana.S

The innovative Box Technique is a quick and painless solution for patients who have lost part of their jaw bone due to infections, diseases or accidents.

If you need more information about Tanfer Clinic or the Box Technique, we can answer your questions.

Surrogacy Options for Same Sex Couples and Singles by Ana.S

For some of us surrogacy is the only option to accomplish our dream of having a child, our own family. Although the first legal case of surrogacy dates back in the 1970s, now, almost 45 years later, this procedure is still surrounded by uncertainty, controversy, legal, moral and religious issues. Still, there are several countries which support this procedure, offering hope to thousands of future patients each year.

Naltrexone Implant Therapy The Best Long-Term Anti-Addiction Solution by Ana.S

The Naltrexone implant therapy is among the methods used by Dr. Vororbiev at his anti-addiction clinics. Although Naltrexone can be administered under the form of tablets, injections or implant, the most efficient is the later, with the highest success score. Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist which helps the patients get back to a drug free life.

Interview with Hayne Lee about Wooridul Spine Hospital South Korea by Alexandra Brad

Wooridul Spine Hospital has grown as a spine and joint specialized hospital and captured the world’s attention by meeting expectations for spine total care but also for orthopedic treatments. Hayne Lee is the Medical Coordinator of Wooridul International Patients Center and she provided useful information for medical tourists in this interview.

How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Surgeon in India by Alexandra Brad

When choosing India for cosmetic surgery, one is usually looking to save some money and get quality work too. However corky this might sound – it is actually possible, and it is for this reason that India has become the favorite cosmetic tourism destination globally, competing with Mexico and Thailand.

So how do you choose the right cosmetic surgeon in India for your plastic surgery?

Egg Donation Where Is Legal And For What Price by Ana.S

Whether it is altruistic or not, whether the recipients have access to the donors' identity or not, whether they choose to pay $20,000 or $4,000, go abroad or stay in their home country, couples and single parents have numerous options when it comes to IVF with egg donation.  Fertility Tourism offers an option to those who do not have access to this procedure in their home countries or who cannot afford the high prices.

Change Your Lifestyle! Cure Infertility! by Ana.S

Fertility is an increasing problem of the 21st century. No matter what the cause for infertility might be, not being able to conceive and have the family you dream of can be a frustrating and devastating feeling with a serious psychological impact.   

Specialists in infertility say that the complex problem of infertility has many times a simple solution: adopt a healthy lifestyle and find the appropriate treatment or procedure according to your needs.

Results 1 - 10 of 847
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