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5 Reasons Why Turkey Should Be Your Primary Hair Transplant Destination - by: PlacidWay

The article explores the reasons why patients who want hair transplant should look to Turkey first. Utilizing new technologies, expert doctors and professional service, Turkey offers the finest in hair transplant industry.

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Is Mexico the Right Place to Do Your Obesity Surgery? - by: PlacidWay

The article explores various reasons why Mexico is getting more and more popular as a medical tourism destination for conducting bariatric surgeries. Listed below are positive things about Mexico as a destination, as well as some of the concerns that patients might have when travelling there.

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Cancer: Never Act Until You Know for Sure What to Do - by: Placid Way

Cancer is terrible news for any given patient and their families and friends and therefore keeping a high morale is equally hard when the news comes crashing in. However, cancer also demands psychological battling with the reality and therefore obtaining a second opinion is very crucial in establishing the facts and keeping the patient at the psychological comfort of knowing the truth. Never fear to ask for second opinions if you have cancer because the fight and the struggle continue and one needs to understand the truth of the matter to be able to fight back and win. 

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Dubai’s Trial by Fire: The Demands of a Highly Developed Medical Tourism Market - by: Placid Way

Dubai provides some of the most efficient and versatile medical treatments available on the planet to patients, and medical tourism has already become one of the most promising fields of business in the city. What should one look for in Dubai and how should one get it? 

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CimaVax: The Future of All Lung Cancer Treatment - by: PlacidWay

Cancer is bad news for anyone and Lung Cancer is one of the worst. Cuba offers extensive treatments with CimaVax and it has never been easier to go there and receive treatment.

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Beauty and Sex Change Procedures-5 Reasons You Should Visit Thailand - by: PlacidWay

Check out 5 reasons why Thailand is expanding in beauty and sex change procedures and why the country has become the new Mecca for sex change enthusiasts.

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Croatia - Your New Hub for Dental Care - by: PlacidWay

People are traveling to Croatia because it has loads of dentists or medical professionals that have gained education in Zagreb’s prestigious School of Dental Medicine.

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All you need to know about obesity from Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola - by: Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola

Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola obesity surgeon at Obesity Surgical Center in Tijuana, Mexico explains everything you need to know about obesity surgery. 

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These are your Best Anti-Aging Treatments Choices - by: PlacidWay

Over the past decade, science has experienced various breakthroughs in the area of anti-aging. Among the many solutions, stem cell therapy is the most popular. Using it is like waving a magic wand to push the clock back by nearly 20 years.

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Fat transfer for strong hips in men in Istanbul Turkey - by: PlacidWay

 In this article, the Estetik International clinic presents its fat transfer for strong hips in men procedure.

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Results 1 - 10 of 1033