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Transmed Offers New IceGraft Solution Technique for Increased Hair Transplant Success Rate by PlacidWay | Transmed

Dr. Melike Kuhlaci, Founder and Director of Transmed and her experienced medical team, are continuously looking for innovative methods for a successful hair transplantation procedure. Such a method is the IceGraft Solution used to make hair follicles stronger and more reliable before being transplanted.

PlacidMobile a Free iOS and Android Medical Tourism App by PlacidWay by Pramod Goel

PlacidWay Medical Tourism Services, announced the release of its newest innovation: PlacidMobile, an application specially designed for allowing consumers to access medical information from their iPhone/iPad and Android mobile devices faster than ever. PlacidMobile is based on the popular medical tourism website The launch of the phase 1 of this mobile application provides easy access to worldwide medical centers information; consumers can also request and book appointment for their medical services directly from their phones.

Innovative Procedures and Affordable Prices Make Cancer Patients Consider Medical Tourism as an Option by Ana.S

Each year cancer kills millions of people worldwide. Most of them because the needed treatments and medication are not available in their home countries, or simply because they cannot afford it. With the rapid expansion of Medical Tourism over the past years, the number of cancer victims can be dramatically decreased by informing patients about the options they have from early diagnosis of the disease to using latest innovations.

Dental Tourism in Mexico? Why all the craze? by Ana.S

It has been some years since the beginning of the craze called Dental Tourism. Although many expected the waters to settle, the fact that US citizens are travelling to Mexico for dental treatments is still a high subject of interest.

According to the 2014 Medical Tourism Global Consumer Demand Survey Analysis recently released by PlacidWay, 80% of the foreign patients looking for dental care in Mexico come from the US, have middle incomes and are over the age of 50.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Opens Clinic Bad Ragaz in Switzerland by Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Setting a milestone for rehabilitation treatment in Switzerland, the newly opened Clinic Bad Ragaz at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers patients a unique combination of first-class rehabilitation and exclusive five-star care services.

VIMED CELL Fights Aging With Innovative Mediator Driven Stem Cell Therapy by Dr. med. J.H. Ess

In order to heal the outside and the inside of a person, a recently developed type of cell therapy introduces related mediators and messenger substances that are needed to get to every single cell in a body. In fact, a vast amount of research has been done on this.

So far, only a few stem cell clinics in the world have set new standards. With over 35 years of experience in cell therapy, the SWISS company VIMED CELL, which also runs treatment centers in Germany, was the first to take this new, effective step towards comprehensive anti aging therapy.

WIHE FAIRS CONCLUDED WITH SUCCESS by PlacidWay | Warsaw International Healthcare Exhibition WIHE

Warsaw International Healthcare Exhibition WIHE is over. The fairs, taking place at Warsaw EXPO XXI Centre for three days, starting from the 8th to the 10th of October, gathered medical and pharmaceutical technologies producers, managers of pharmaceutical entities and hospitals, as well as many doctors of various specialisations.

Global Aging Population Reach Out to Innovative Stem Cell Therapies for Anti Aging Purposes by Ana.S

Anti-aging medicine offers a variety of options from medication, skin care products and other non-surgical treatments, to wrinkle fillers, cosmetic surgery and stem cell rejuvenation and regeneration therapies. Stem cell therapy does much more than all the other procedures together as it not only has visible results on the outside of the body, but also on the inside.

PGD for Gender Selection Needed for Family Balancing Surrounded by Controversy by Andreea Badilita

In recent years, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) of embryos in clinical assisted reproduction has become increasingly widespread. Besides preventing birth defects in the offspring of parents who are either sufferers or carriers of life- threatening or debilitating genetic diseases, PGD can also be indicated for the routine screening of chromosomal abnormalities and gender selection.

Could Medical Travel be a Sustainable Option for Global Obesity Problems? by Ana.S

Many countries offer attractive bariatric surgery packages, each trying to differentiate from the others. Over the past years, emerging countries have managed to increase their efforts in the medical tourism industry, and even reach the same quality level found in the highly industrialized countries.

Such is the case of India, Turkey and Mexico, three of the top options when it comes to weight loss surgery abroad.

Results 1 - 10 of 859
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