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GRS Mexico and PlacidWay Join to Offer Global Patients Revolutionary Gender Reassignment Technique by Pramod Goel

GRS Mexico and PlacidWay medical tourism company recently joined hands to help local and international patients get access to latest generation cosmetic and plastic procedures, urology surgery and gender reassignment surgery.

Demand for Plastic Surgery in Tropical Destination Cancun, Mexico Continues to Increase by Ana.S

Countries in Latin America are among the top options when it comes to cosmetic medical tourism. Most medical tourists coming here are from the US and Canada, due to the geographical advantage, but Russians and Europeans also head here in large numbers.

One of the best plastic surgery clinics in Cancun, Mexico, is Perfection Makeover and Laser Center. Based on a ‘boutique clinic’ concept, the center perfectly brings together luxury lifestyle and high end medical care.

Istituto Auxologico Italiano and PlacidWay Join To Expand Medical Tourism in Italy by Pramod Goel

Istituto Auxologico Italiano and PlacidWay medical tourism company recently joined in a strategic partnership to help global patients get easy access to minimally invasive robotic surgery for various medical conditions in Milan, Italy.

90 days or less for medical tourism by Alexandra Brad

Deciding to go for medical tourism is a rather difficult decision for a health care consumer to make. A recent survey on consumer behavior when it comes to health travel shows that it takes on average 90 days or more for the health traveler to make up his/her mind. There are limited things that the international patient coordinator can do to speed the process up – as from the business perspective, revenue and patients in health care travel require effective communications

Diabetes Type 2 and Obesity-Two Preventable Problems by Alexandra Brad

Obesity is caused in many cases by bad eating habits. Obesity and stress lead to the onset of Diabetes Type 2, as researchers have seen, reducing the lifespan of the obese diabetic. But what if we could treat and prevent all these problems? Scientists and researchers have been analyzing and debating over the right course of action and the underlying causes to be addressed by decision makers to tackle diabetes type 2 in the obese.

The solution is already available both for treatment and for prevention. What needs to be done and what are we doing wrong?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Can I control it? by Drea Duque

Even if the term “obsessive” is used for all of us in an informal way to describe someone who is excessively meticulous, perfectionist or is constantly absorbed in daily tasks, OCD is much more than that. People affected by OCD are really suffering and sometimes they reach the point in which they can no longer control their own thoughts and lives.

How can we know if someone is suffering from OCD? Let’s review it in the next paragraphs.

Minimally Invasive Surgery versus Open Heart Surgery-Pros and Cons by Drea Duque

While undergoing a medical treatment or a surgical procedure, we always need as much information as possible in order to decide and more importantly know what is going to happen to our body and indeed to us. There are several doubts about open heart and minimally invasive procedures. How are they performed? Which are their advantages and disadvantages?


Antibiotics Resistance A Threat for 21st Century by Ana.S

Health professionals are raising awareness and warn the population about a new major public health problem: the Antibiotic Resistance.

All over the world antibiotic resistance threatens public health leading to failed treatments and even death. 

Synesthesia hearing colors seeing sounds and more by Drea Duque

Even when we are all special somehow, and of course have a hidden talent, there is a small proportion of the population who, thanks to biology, can actually do things not everyone can. Things such as hearing or feeling colors, seeing music, tasting shapes and even experience other people’s pain is part of what they easily do. The latest findings of science have proved that highly sensitive people “see” the world in ways most of us can only imagine. Who are they? Let's find out!

PlacidWay - KCM Clinic Partnership Provides Safe, Quality and Modern Medical Care in Poland by Pramod Goel

PlacidWay medical tourism company and KCM Clinic recently joined hands to help global patients get access to highly successful and accessible medical treatments and surgeries in Poland.

Results 1 - 10 of 830
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