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Keyhole vs Conventional Surgery Learn the Differences and Make the Right Choice by Alina B

There has been extensive debate about the use of keyhole surgery versus open surgery. Many surgeons prefer keyhole surgery for its benefits, while surgeons who favour the conventional approach often argue that keyhole surgery is more dangerous than open surgery, leading to a greater chance of complications.

Why Do Spanish Patients Travel to Mexico for Surrogacy by Delia T.

Hundreds of Spanish couples for whom surrogacy is the only reproductive alternative travel every year aboard to accomplish their wish. After the child’s birth, parents complete all the proceedings for the child to obtain Spanish nationality and return back home, ready to start a new, happy life. 

10 Steps to Find the Best Fertility Treatment in Europe by Delia T.

Searching for the best fertility treatment abroad is, indeed, a time consuming process. But, if you stay organized, nothing can get out of control. Apply the following rules and get closer to choosing the best fertility treatment in Europe.

How to compute the cost before going abroad for medical treatment by Patricia Perez

When travelling abroad for medical treatment, many overlook to include other expenses and often forget that the cost not only includes the cost of treatment, but a long list that includes insurance contributions, airfare, accommodations and meals.

Here are some tips you can do to compute the costs when you travel abroad for medical care:

Le Vira Clinic Announces Three Innovative Cosmetic Procedures in Thailand by Delia T.

Le Vira Clinic is one of the pioneers when it comes to improving, boosting and repairing physical appearance in Thailand. Offering both innovative and traditional cosmetic and plastic procedures, the medical centre welcomes every year patients from all over the world. Le Vira Clinic provides a new range of body and facial enhancing solutions: bodytite, mesotherapy and fractora. Also, a specialized multidisciplinary medical team, as well as updated technology and, a patient-friendly environment are available to all the patients.

How To Find The Best Accommodation When You Travel Abroad For Treatment by Alina B

Most people who opt for medical tourism choose to travel with a friend, relative or partner. They will need a place to stay, as well as have some activities lined up to keep them occupied when not visiting the patient at the hospital. As you may need accommodation for a few days, someone traveling with you will also need accommodation for the duration of the visit, and it should be close to the hospital so that they can visit you easily.

How to choose a medical provider abroad when considering medical tourism by Ana S

Choosing medical care in a foreign country is a very important decision to make. A decision which comes with its risks, but also with tremendous advantages. As with any medical experience there are some risks that come along, and when the need to travel in a foreign country is added, you could says that these risks double.

PlacidWay global expansion continues toward Mexico by Patricia Perez

PlacidWay continues to expand with partner medical centers and clinics that specialize in dentistry, stem cell therapy, cosmetic and orthopaedic surgery – to capture a wider clientele with one of the best medical tourism destinations like Mexico.

How To Be Safe During Your Medical Trip by Delia T.

As a medical traveller, you should consider safety from two perspectives: the travelling one and the medical one. Each perspective consists of its own safety tips which, when combined, will keep you permanently out of harm’s way.

PlacidWay and Ocean Dental Cancun Forge Partnership to Expand Dental Treatments in Mexico by Delia T.

PlacidWay announces a new partnership with Ocean Dental Cancun, a dental clinic offering a wide range of treatments and procedures. Through using the world-class technology and equipment and with a highly trained medical team, Ocean Dental Cancun engages to fulfill the needs of its partners and international patients.

Results 1 - 10 of 960

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