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PlacidWay and GRS Mexico Alliance make Gender Reassignment Surgery Affordable and Achievable! - by: PlacidWay

PlacidWay, one of the leaders in medical tourism has formed a strategic association with GRS Mexico clinic to ensure sex reassignment surgery in Mexico.

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North Cyprus IVF Center offers parents the chance to select their baby gender - by: PlacidWay

North Cyprus IVF Center is a clinic dealing with infertility treatments, being the first clinic in Cyprus to include sperm and egg donation options. The center’s main goal is to determine what the problem is, why the couple can’t have children on their own and offer the right treatment for their issue.

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Top 10 reasons why Philippines is becoming popular for foreigners for Plastic Surgery - by: PlacidWay

Medical tourism in the Philippines has a long standing tradition, with foreigners coming to the island nation in search of traditional healers and alternative medicine. This form of medical tourism has slowly given way to the modern, more mainstream kind which is effectively helping the national healthcare to grow and improve.

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Top 10 reasons why Medical Tourism is growing in Costa Rica - by: PlacidWay

Costa Rica is being regarded as the "numero uno" place to be if you require low cost and high quality dental implants. Medical tourism or health tourism as it is known, has found a new footing in the deeply rejuvenating tropical environment of Costa Rica.

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Dental craze in Croatia adding many more Smiles - by: PlacidWay

Croatia is considered as one of the most fashionable destinations in Europe and attracts tourists from across the globe. It is a hotspot for various tourists, from spa-hotel surfers to backpackers and tingle the travel bug in just about everyone.

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Why should you consider obesity surgery if you have diabetes - by: PlacidWay

More and more people seem to suffer from diabetes, a disease that can be fatal if it is not kept under control. One of the main causes for diabetes is obesity. But if the most effective treatment for obesity is bariatric surgery, could this have a role play in the treatment of diabetes?

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PlacidWay forma una relacion con la Agencia Basa Medical Travel para coordinar pacientes a Cuba - by: PlacidWay

Colorado, July 6, 2016 : The doors of the Cuban hospitality and medical treatments have been open for medical tourists from all over the world and this has been possible thanks to a strategically forged relationship between PlacidWay, the leading providers of Medical Tourism in the US and Basa Medical Travel Agency in Cuba. This is the biggest step in the history of medical tourism in Cuba since 2000 when football legend Diego Maradona arrived in Cuba for drug treatment.

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Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexico - by: PlacidWay

Mexico, famous for its beaches and diverse landscape is now seeing an increase in medical tourism patients wanting a Tubal reversal.

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PlacidWay forms a relationship with Basa Medical Travel agency to coordinate patients to Cuba - by: PlacidWay

Starting withJuly 2016, PlacidWay became partner with Basa Medical Travel agency for Cuba in coordinating patients for medical treatment all over the world.

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Top 10 Reasons for People Choosing South Korea for Plastic Surgery - by: PlacidWay

When we talk of cosmetic surgery solutions in Asia, the "go to" destination is South Korea. This is primarily because South Korea offers some of the most competitive prices for such surgeries and is home to state of the art technology in medical science.

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Results 1 - 10 of 1010