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With decisions being made to re-open international borders in many countries, medical travel for obesity surgery will also start in the near future. However, it will remain very important to adjust to the new normal and strictly follow the safety measures. You must consider several important aspects regarding COVID-19 while traveling abroad for obesity surgery. ...

COVID-19 has led local dental clinics recommending cancellation of all non-emergency dental treatments, whereas dental tourism (traveling abroad for dental care) is out of the question. However, it is also a fact that such a situation will not stay forever. People will get adjusted to the “new normal” and move towards safety solutions. Here, you will about the key considerations for patients looking for dental tourism abroad for the post-pandemic era. ...

Patients who are planning or considering fertility treatment should avoid becoming pregnant, even if they don’t meet the coronavirus infection diagnostic criteria. Patients whose treatment was already started were advised to delay. This is creating a lot of confusion for patients. Click to know crucial things regarding COVID-19 and fertility treatment abroad. ...

Best Destinations for Hip Surgery in Mexico

  • Have you ever imagined that your next vacation in exotic Latin America may include a hip replacement surgery? Choosing health care services in abroad locations has become such a huge trend that it has a name — medical tourism. Mexico is a great medical tourism destinations since it has sunny locations for a vacation and excellent medical services. Click on the package detail for more!
  • PlacidWay Latin America Medical Tourism
  • Cancun, Mexico
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Root Canal Treatment Package in Los Algodones Mexico

  • The root canal treatment is simple and firstly involves the pulp removal. After the pulp was removed, an inside cleaning of the tooth is performed in order to avoid further complications and infections.
  • Sani Dental Group
  • Los Algodones, Mexico
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The Covid19 has forced many dental clinics to close their doors indefinitely. But the question is, why does this have to happen? Read details here. ...

Safe oral hygiene and dental care can be a very useful preventive measure for Coronavirus. Learn how you can keep safe oral hygiene and encourage others to follow the best practices. ...

Costs of popular medical procedures



Stem Cell Treatment for COPD in Czech Republic$5900 - $20000Enquire
Hysteroscopy in Kazakhstan$178 - $8000Enquire
Open Heart Surgery in Peru$6000 - $90550Enquire
Maxillofacial Surgery in Nicaragua$33 - $30000Enquire
IVF with Sperm Donation in Colombia$0 - $6600Enquire
GERD Treatment in Thailand$605Enquire
Transverse lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) with PPF in South Korea$21435 - $22286Enquire
Exercise in South Africa$19 - $109Enquire
Bariatric Surgery in Colombia$40 - $25500Enquire
Buttock Reduction in Mexico$2900 - $6500Enquire

Dental implants is a procedure of replacing damaged, broken or missing teeth with artificial tooth root made of titanium, placed into the jawbone. People are more inclined than before to visit top dental tourism destinations like Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, Philippines and Malaysia. Learn about 7 key things to know about getting dental implant abroad. ...

As more people are becoming conscious of their body image, a cosmetic surgical procedure like liposuction is becoming increasingly popular around the world. With the rise of medical tourism abroad, the procedure has become quite affordable so that anyone can avail of such treatments. Learn about the most important aspects of liposuction surgery abroad. ...

Some of the current Erectile Dysfunction treatments include injections, penile implants and phosphodiesterase type 5 medications like Viagra. However, such treatments may lead to significant side-effects. As a result, researchers are searching for alternative ED treatments and stem cell therapy has emerged as one of the most promising options. Learn how effective stem cell treatment can be for ED. ...

Checking the success rate report of the fertility clinics is essential before you choose IVF treatment abroad However, just choosing clinics with high IVF success rates may not ensure a successful result. You should figure out how to seek treatment in the correct way. Read to find out how you can boost conceiving chances using IVF. ...

Numerous patients are getting benefits due to advanced orthopedic technology innovations. Learn about some of the major technologies used for orthopedic surgeries and how these are proving to be boon to the patients traveling abroad for treatment.  ...

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