Mommy Makeover Package in Mexicali Gives You a New Life

Mary is a happy mother, proud of her three beautiful daughters Angela (7 years old), Louise (5 years old) and Emma (2 years old). Even if she regrets nothing about having her three daughters, there is one thing she regrets – the changes her body had to suffer.

Mommy MakeoverAlthough she had dieted and exercised a lot the extra fat on her tummy won’t go away, her skin is not as toned and elastic as it used to be, her breasts are saggy and visibly smaller than they used to be. All these affect Mary’s life and make her lose confidence in herself.

Although she is 33, young and beautiful, she hides under large clothes to hide her body, she does wear a long and large dress on the beach and started to avoid going out with her friends because they always tell her to go to the gym and diet more.

Mary asked her doctor’s advice, also a mother of three, and told her to consider a mommy makeover. Mary began to look not only in her hometown Nashville, Tennessee, but in the entire country and was drawn back by the huge prices. In the US a mommy makeover package including tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation and liposuction costs between $20,000 and $40,000 depending on the procedure, the clinic where it is performed and the surgeon who performs the surgeries. The price does not include after- surgery care costs, follow-up visits or the anesthesiologist.

Unfortunately, although Mary would have liked to have the surgery in the US, as it was closer to her home and her family, the money was an issue, as she was staying at home to take care of the girls and her husband was the only provider. After discussing with her husband, Mary decided to turn her attention to other countries, and look on the Internet for affordable packages, but also highly-trained medics and modern clinics or hospitals.

Choosing the Best Mommy Makeover Clinic

PlacidWay Medical TourismAfter she typed 'mommy makeover packages abroad' she found several medical tourism sites, among which After thoroughly analyzing all of them, she stopped at PlacidWay, as she considered that here she would find exactly what she needed. She had a multitude of options to choose from so she thought it would be better just to give a call and talk to someone who could show her the right way.

She talked to a Customer Service representative and was immediately impressed by the warm voice and the patience of the person she was talking to. She was told to give her e-mail address to receive more information and in 5 minutes she has a complete list with several clinics to choose from, as well as prices, what the packages included, references about the doctors, all the info she needed to make the choice that changed her life.

From this point on she was in a continuous connection with PlacidWay, via the e-mail or the telephone, helping her throughout the entire process and making her feel confident, and most of all, making her feel that she is not doing this all by her herself and that someone is by her side.

Mommy Makeover MexicaliShe finally decided to choose Mexicali, Mexico, where she found a mommy makeover package for around $10,000 including all pre-surgery exams and testing, related surgical costs, 2 nights in the hospital and 1 night at a local hotel, personal host dedicated to her medical travel program and transportation from the airport to the hospital. She would have to pay $937 more for the plane ticket and $500 for incidentals. She chose Mexicali as she had to travel only 2 and half hours, and because she could make all the cosmetic surgeries she needed for less than half the price in the US, in a modern clinic, with state-of-the-art technology and experienced surgeons.

After one week in Mexicali, Mary returned home with a new body and regained her self-confidence. You could say that Mary has began a new life, she is happy all the time, she began to wear clothes fit for her age and her new body, attractive swim suits and now…her friends are the ones who envy her. She also sent an e-mail to the customer service team thanking them for their patience and professional attitude in dealing with this issue.

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