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PlacidWay is designed as the ultimate resource for the health and wellness tourism industry, more commonly known as medical tourism. At PlacidWay, we strive to offer you the best resources and information on medical providers found in a multitude of international destinations in order to help you make safe, effective and affordable choices regarding your healthcare.

Spotlight Medical Centers

Stem Cell Therapy, Austria

SCT is a medical center, started in 2011 by Dr. Kobinia, specialized in Stem Cell Therapy Treatments, combining years of training and research into one single place. At SCT all stem cell treatments and therapies will be conducted at one of the renowned private clinics in Vienna which provide state-of-the-art medical technologies.

Estetik International Health Group, Turkey

Estetik International Health Group, has a team of well qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons, doctors and professionals. We offer all types of cosmetic surgery procedures, aesthetic surgery applications, anti - cellulite treatments and hair treatments and procedures among others.

Sani Dental Group, Mexico

Sani Dental Group is one of the largest and prestigious dental clinics in Los Algodones, Baja California, Mexico. Our teams of doctors are specialized in Laser dentistry, Oral surgery, Dental Implantology, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Health services administration, among other dental treatments you may need.

Dr. Vorobiev | Russian Rehab Clinic, Russia

Dr. Vorobiev | Russian Rehab Clinic offers something new and revolutionary in the treatment of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, tablet addictions, something that could offer real results.

International Fertility Centre, India

IFC is a super speciallized centre with state-of-the-art ivf lab, OT, equipments and provides treatments related to Women\"s Health, especially Infertility and Endoscopy at affordable prices. The centre is conveniently located in the heart of the capital of India, New Delhi.

Manipal Hospital, India

Manipal Hospitals is part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), which pioneers in the field of education and healthcare delivery. Manipal Hospitals has a special significance in the overall healthcare industry of India and particularly in South India. A social seed sown more than five decades ago is today the country’s third largest healthcare group with a network of 15 hospitals and three primary clinics providing comprehensive care that is both curative and preventive in nature for a wide variety of patients not just from India but also from across the globe.

Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, India

Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, a non-profit organization, committed to provide a top & affordable cancer treatment in Hyderabad, India and increasing patient satisfaction. The cancer treatment in India is on par with world standards of excellence available to everyone at an affordable price.

Neolife Medical Center, Turkey

Neolife Medical Center is one of leading clinics in Turkey in the field of oncology. It provides the state of the art treatment Novalis Guided Radiosurgery with Truebeam STX,radiotherapy,chemotherapy,nuclear medicine,radiology and laboratory services at affordable prices

Ethica Medical Group Estethica Surgery Medical Center, Turkey

At Estethica Surgery Medical Center our patients satisfaction is very important reason why we offer professional medical services with dedication and commitment to all our patients. Our center is located in Istanbul, Turkey. We work with excellent technologies, systems and the most professional staff, which make us leaders in health care programs.

VimedCell, Germany

VIMED CELL has the mission of bringing Quality to Our Patients life to by offering an Biological Aging and Regeneration Living Cell Therapy on the highest level with the competence, safety and experience.

Swiss Medica Anti Aging Treatment Clinic, Switzerland

Our medical activities and new medical services aimed to treat very strong diseases using ultra new medicines and medical technics. We are happy to present you Swiss Medica, which is responsible for development and operations connected with this new activities.

Nirunda Clinic | Plastic Surgery, Thailand

Nirunda Infinity Skin Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand, is part of the new age in beauty health care & therapies – with a well-balanced technique that creates beauty from the inside out and outside in. Medical specialists are available to recommend & reply to all your beauty-related concerns. And revolutionary technological innovation worldwide recognized will assist you to look your very best.

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Turkey is fast gaining a reputation of providing superlative medical and health care in many fields, including cosmetic and plastic surgery, cardiac care and procedures, vision, LASIK technology and orthopedics and dentistry, just to name a few.

Top Treatments: Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery, quite simply, uses a laser beam instead of a scalpel during a surgical procedure. Laser surgery is quite common when performing soft tissue operations and surgical procedures. Technically, laser surgery is the technique that utilizes a laser beam that literally vaporizes soft tissue. Laser surgery has become more common in recent years due to great strides in technology and equipment. Equipment, such as the da Vinci robotic surgical system, allows precise laser propulsion surgery techniques as well as computer assisted surgical techniques.

Videos: Renal Transplant Surgery in Bangalore India

Renal Transplant Surgery in Bangalore India

Why Kidney Transplant is important: because the kidneys are important for the bloodstream because the kidneys remove excess fluid from blood because all the above ar not functioning as they should. If the kidney or kidneys are damaged beyond repair, Affordable Kidney Transplant in Bangalore India can help! Many international patients who were suffering from kidney failure have had successful kidney transplants in Bangalore India at Manipal Hospitals. Manipal Hospitals in Bangalore India has a string of achievements in this field, making it one of the best transplant centers in India for patients who were looking for of renal failure cure or kidney insufficiency treatment. Watch this video about Top Renal Transplant Surgery in Bangalore India. Contact Us for more info about Renal Transplant Surgery .  

Top Packages: Integra Breast Reduction with Implants Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Surgery

Integra Breast Reduction with Implants Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Surgery

Choose this affordable  Breast Reduction with Implants, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction package at Integra Cosmetic Surgery Center and benefit from top procedures and the great results you expect from the experts.  Breast Reduction with Implants, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction price: $6,900

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