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Calle 6 Oeste 24 F 13 Cali Valle del Cauca, Cali, Colombia
Specialty: Anti Aging, Chronic Diseases, Stem Cell Therapy
Focus Area: Stem Cell | Regenerative Treatment | Platelet-Rich Plasma | Knee Osteoarthritis | Colombia

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Stem Cell in Colombia

Top Hospital for Stem Cell in Colombia - Stem Cells Kyron Colombia

Stem Cells Kyron Colombia provides best Stem Cell in Colombia. Book online now PRP, Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, and Stem Cell for Knee Osteoarthritis. We are a pioneer center in regenerative medication. We prioritize around illness treatment that gives alleviation and improvement in some cases. 

We are specialists in the act of stem cells with a long history, relying on a gathering of multidisciplinary professionals with incredible involvement with the administration and control of disease. The mission of our team is to give the most elevated levels of value, ensuring a total and acceptable assistance. 

Here patients will meet Dr. Carlos Eduardo Rojas Martínez. He is a main specialist in Regenerative Medicine. He has over 20 years of involvement. He has worked in institutions like the Dr. Obyrne Clinic and the Prevenga Clinic, where he at present offers his private consultation. He belongs to lofty associations like the Colombian Association of Ozone Therapy (ACDO), at present being its President. 

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Benefits of Stem Cell in Cali, Colombia by Stem Cells Kyron Colombia

Here you can find several advantages from Stem Cells Clinics in Cali, Colombia by Stem Cells Kyron Colombia: 

  • Faster Treatment and Recovery 

  • Stem Cells Bring Versatility 

  • Safe Autologous Therapy. 

  • Ethically Responsible Treatment. 

  • Healthier Treatment 

List of Treatments at Stem Cells Kyron Colombia in Cali, Colombia

Here you can find list of procedures available at Stem Cells in Cali, Colombia by Stem Cells Kyron Colombia: 

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a blood subordinate that animates the production of collagen, elastin and epidermal tissue, so that with its utilization a smoother, more splendid and better quality skin is accomplished. It is acquired from the patient's own blood and is isolated through a centrifugation cycle. 

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

The plasma rich in development factors is a bunch of proteins that are available in the plasma of blood platelets and assume a fundamental part in the cycles of fix and regeneration of tissues. 

Knee osteoarthritis is worn on the ligament covering of the joint bones (fibula, femur, tibia, and patella). The piece of the skeleton all the more frequently experiencing osteoarthritis, since it upholds the body weight and the heaviness of the things we convey when we stand and where we travel. 

Cost of Stem Cell in Colombia by Stem Cells Kyron Colombia

Stem Cells in Colombia by Stem Cells Kyron Colombia will provide the positive improvement you need through a safe regenerative treatment that has gone through various research and clinical trials. Get Stem Cell Therapy at an affordable price right now. For the latest information about the Cost of Stem Cells in Colombia by Stem Cells Kyron Colombia, please contact the Customer Representative directly. 

Top Stem Cells Surgeon in Cali, Colombia

Here you can find information about Stem Cells Doctor in Cali, Colombia by Stem Cells Kyron Colombia: 

Doctor Name: Dr Carlos Eduardo Rojas Martinez Md 

Experiences and Certifications: 

  • Colombian Association of Ozone Therapy (ACDO) 

  • Platelet-rich plasma physician 

  • Specialist in Plasma Rich in Growth Factors 

  • Specialist in stem cells 

  • Stem cell doctor specialist 

  • Doctor specializing in Prolotherapy 

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Stem Cell in Colombia by Stem Cells Kyron Colombia provides you with the best service through Dr Carlos Eduardo Rojas Martinez with more than 20 years of experience. Get the best price for Stem Cell Packages at Stem Cells Kyron Colombia right now! For more information, feel free to press the button below:

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