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Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Treatment Abroad

Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes

Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Treatment Abroad

Stem cell therapy and technologies are advancing day by day. Treatment of common conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and others as the focus of many world renowned stem cell researchers and development facilities around the globe.

One of the most popular stem cell treatments, though not without controversy, is the use of embryonic or fetal stem cells for the development of potential treatments and cures for common diseases. However, contrary to popular opinion, embryonic stem cells are not taken from fetuses, but are often utilized with permission by women who have donated their eggs for infertility treatments, and no longer require use of them following a successful conception.

Stem cell researchers continue to be amazed at the use of stem cell therapies to regenerate damage organs and tissues. Hereditary conditions, cancers, blood diseases and conditions such as diabetes mellitus are among the many conditions where stem cell research and development shows positive and effective gains.

Stem cell transplants and treatments for individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have shown positive results, including lowered blood sugar levels, and in some cases, complete reversal of the diabetic process.

Stem cell research facilities in the Ukraine, Britain, Germany, the United States, and Asia are leading the way in developing consistent treatments and technologies in stem cell therapy and stem cell transplantation to reduce and eradicate the disease process in growing numbers of individuals diagnosed with diabetes mellitus as well as those diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, known as Juvenile Diabetes.

Backed by the support of the American Diabetes Association and other global diabetics organizations, researchers hoping for cures and better treatments for diabetes understand that embryonic stem cell research offers the best hope for cure and treatment of diabetes, promoting insulin producing cells that will eradicate the need for injections and reduce symptoms of diabetes in the elderly.


Stem Cell Research and Diabetes

Research facilities throughout the globe have spent decades searching for cures to a variety of diseases that affect millions of people. Human embryonic stem cells, also known as ESCs, were first identified and isolated in the late 1990s. Embryonic stem cells have the unique ability to differentiate or morph into any type of cell found in the human body and can remain in a non- specialized form for long periods of time before they are encouraged to morph or develop into specialized cells in a variety of human organ systems.

The Diabetes Research Institute, as well as many other research facilities in the Ukraine, Western Europe, Russia, South America, the United States and Asia have focused on developing cell replacement therapies that restore normal insulin function in those diagnosed with various forms of diabetes. Creating a dependable and unlimited supply of insulin producing cells through cell replacement therapies are currently undergoing clinical trials as well as procedures throughout the globe.

The focus of such technology development is to understand how to promote embryonic stem cells to transform into insulin producing beta cells. This process requires the activation of a variety of genes necessary for the development of insulin producing cells including, according to the Diabetes Research Organization, Nuerogenin 3, Pdx1 and Pax4, Nkx6.1 and Isl-1 genes.


Coaxing for a Cure


Understanding the basics of stem cell research and the staggering potential of embryonic stem cell research and development for potential cures of dozens of disease processes may help take some of the fear and confusion regarding such technology. The future of medical treatments for diabetes may very well lie in stem cell research, technology and stem cell transplantation, offering hope of cure, remission, and optimal health for millions around the world. You can watch a testimonial of a stem cell treatment for diabetes in Ukraine.


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