Facelift in Colombia

Facelift in Colombia


Why Choose Rhytidectomy in Colombia?

Looking for the solution to the aging process on your face? Experienced plastic surgeons for Facelift in Colombia will help you reduce the signs of aging on your face. They provide excellent results at low-cost compared to America.

In addition to cost-saving opportunity, you can also enjoy a unique holiday in Colombia. See what we recommend to you below:

Clinic: Dr. Alfonso Lemaitre

Doctor: David Guarin

Procedure:  Facelift

Package Price: Between $4,000 and $5,000

Cost in Colombia: $4,500

Cost in Other Countries: From $8,000

Top Tourist Attractions: Cartagena, Bogota, The Lost City (Ciudad Perdida), Tayrona National Natural Park, etc.

Low-Cost Packages for Facelift in Colombia

Your comfort and peace of mind are our priority. Therefore, we offer you all-inclusive packages for facelift in Colombia that cost between $4,000 and $5,000. By choosing one of our packages, you have done 70% of your trip preparation tasks. 

See the package inclusions below to know what you get as a patient.

Get the Best Package for Face Lift in Colombia - $4,000

Colombia is a top destination for patients from all over the world who are looking for flawless and


Best Package for Face Lift in Bogota, Colombia - $4,860

Bogota, Colombia is a top destination for patients from all over the world who are looking for flawl


Best Package for Facelift in Cali, Colombia - $5,000

Are you looking for the best facelift surgery package? Cali, Colombia is a top destination for patie


Cost of Facelift in Colombia

Cost of  Rhytidectomy in Colombia is an average of $4,500 while in America $8,000 and more. In Canada, the cost of facelift is over $11,000 which means it's between 40% and 60% more expensive than Colombia facelift price.

See our cost comparison table below for more details.

Face Lift Centers Cost Comparison in Colombia

Provider Procedure Price
Dr David Guarin Cirugia Plastica Face Lift, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $5000
Dr. Patricia Betancourt Plastic Surgery Face Lift, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $4500
Face Lift Cost Comparison in Colombia
Country Procedure Price
Canada Face Lift, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $11000

Best Clinics for Facelift in Colombia

Finding the right clinic abroad for your cosmetic needs can be a daunting task. However, it is necessary to choose a well-established clinic with a good reputation. PlacidWay can make this process easier by providing a list of top plastic surgery clinics in Colombia. 

Clinics have a professional background with satisfied patients. Check out our clinic pages to find more information. 

Top Center

Felipe Castro Esguerra

Dr. Felipe Castro Esguerra is a renowned Plastic Surgeon in Bogota, Colombia with an extensive experience in a variety of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures.

Top Center

Dr David Guarin Cirugia Plastica

Dr David Guarin Cirugia Plastica provides complete plastic surgery solutions for body and face in Cali, Colombia.

Top Center

Dr. Patricia Betancourt Plastic Surgery

Dr. Patricia Betancourt Plastic Surgery, situated in Cali, Colombia offers a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries to domestic and international patients. Get personalized restorative cosmetic procedures at affordable rates here. The hospital has excellent facilities such as hotel, hospitalization area, nursing, postsurgical care, spa.

Top Center

Dr. Alfonso Lemaitre

Dr. Alfonso Lemaitre provides the best Plastic Surgery in Cartagena, Colombia. Book online now for Face Lift, Tummy Tuck, and Breast Lift Surgery at Dr. Alfonso Lemaitre Clinic.

Top Center

Pablo Marino

Pablo Marino is the best Plastic Surgeon in Bogota, Colombia. Book online now Liposculpture, Rhinoplasty, and Eyelid Surgery at Pablo Marino.

Watch our Videos about Facelift Packages in Colombia

Want to know more about the facelift packages in Colombia we offer? Then watch our videos below to find out their inclusions and more.

Reviews After Cosmetic Surgery in Colombia

Top Questions about Rhytidectomy in Colombia

Read our answers below if you would like to discover top clinics in Cali or Bogota. Interested to know why facelift is cheap in Colombia? Learn from our well-researched answers.

How much does Face Lift cost in Colombia?

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The price for Face Lift in Colombia starts at $4000. The final price will be established after the surgeon will examine you and will determine exactly what type of procedure you need, how long the procedure will take and what materials and medical equipment will be used. The price will also depend on the clinic and surgeon’s experience that you will choose. Fortunately, most Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery clinics in Colombia offer their international patients attractive packages at affordable prices. Some of them also include accommodation options and transportation from the airport, so the only thing you will have to worry about is how to get to Colombia for Face Lift. For Face Lift each patient will to be treated with care and attention, with a treatment plan developed according to his/her needs and budget. In you can find cutting edge technology, excellent Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery and highly professional teams of experts performing Face Lift. By choosing Face Lift in Colombia you will get the perfect body you have always desired. Forget about hiding your body behind flared clothes or extreme diets and stop daydreaming that one day you will get the looks you wished for! Cosmetic surgery in , Colombia can offer you a perfect look! With latest technology, specialized surgeons, perfect recovery environment and affordable prices you have a variety of clinics to choose from. Finding the right Face Lift surgeon for you in Colombia can be quite a challenge. Here are some questions that you can ask the Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery clinic to make sure that they are the right choice for you. How many years of experience do you have performing Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery? How often have you performed Face Lift? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Face Lift at your clinic? What about the risks and complications? How long should I be staying for recovery in Colombia? Are you certified to perform Face Lift? Are you a member of any Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery association or society in Colombia? How do you address issues when something goes wrong during Face Lift procedure? What if I am not happy with the Face Lift results? What should I expect after the Face Lift surgery? Colombia is one of the best medical and touristic destinations in the world for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery. Medical tourists from all over the world come here to take advantage of the affordable prices, top surgeons, modern clinics, as well as the beautiful touristic attractions.Find out more about the best Face Lift in Colombia! Contact us and choose the best Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery surgeon!

What are my options for Face Lift clinics in Bogota, Colombia?

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Here are several choices you can make when it comes to finding the best Face Lift clinics in Bogota, Colombia.Face Lift is the right option for men and women who want to improve their appearance. Thanks to advancements in technology, cosmetic procedures have become a safer option, with less risks and complications. Some minimally invasive procedures do not even require hospitalization, which means that the patient can go home the same day.By choosing Face Lift in Bogota, Colombia you will have a chance of having the body you have always dreamed of. Thanks to highly successful Face Lift and innovative medical equipment you are one step closer to your dream.Colombia has slowly become one of the top destinations for plastic surgery medical tourism. More and more medical patients are traveling to Bogota, Colombia for highly successful and affordable cosmetic procedures such as Face Lift.Finding the right Face Lift surgeon for you in Bogota, Colombia can be quite a challenge. There are many plastic surgery clinics claiming to offer top quality procedures, so you have to make sure they are the real deal.? Here are some questions that you can ask the cosmetic surgery clinic to make sure that you take the right decision. What information can you provide regarding the clinic’s success rate with Face Lift? How frequently do you perform Face Lift? How long should I stay in Bogota, Colombia until the procedure is complete? What insurance does the clinic hold to cover malpractice or errors for Face Lift? What happens if something goes wrong when I get home after Face Lift?By having plastic surgery in Bogota, Colombia, you will not only get the body you want but also improve your self-esteem and confidence, feel more attractive and you will feel that you have more control over your life. Check these Face Lift clinics in Bogota, Colombia and find out what each of them has to offer.Get ready for the body you have always dreamed of, we will find you the best Face Lift clinic in Bogota, Colombia. Contact us!

How can I choose the top Face Lift clinics in Cali, Colombia?

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There are multiple options when it comes to choosing among the top and most reliable Face Lift clinics in Cali, Colombia. These medical centers are experienced in treating international patients from all over the world and always offer them comprehensive Face Lift packages.?Face Lift is a cosmetic procedure that helps patients enhance their appearance, correct physical defects that theyve been struggling with for a long time, and feel better about themselves.The benefits of undergoing this cosmetic procedure at one of the best Face Lift clinics in Cali, Colombia are several and include the up-to-date medical centers, renowned cosmetic surgery specialists, pocket-friendly prices, and many others.Each and every patient choosing to undergo Face Lift in Cali, Colombia will be treated with care, respect, confidentiality, and a high level of professionalism. The doctors will follow a custom-tailored treatment plan developed according to his/her specific requirements, needs, and budget.Before choosing the medical center for your Face Lift, here are some questions you should always ask: Is this clinic accredited to perform Face Lift? How often does the medical center perform Face Lift? How many years of experience do Face Lift specialists at this medical center have?Colombia has made a name for a great medical tourist destination and the number of patients travelling here is continuously growing. Cali, Colombia is a place where more and more international patients are arriving every year in order to undergo cosmetic procedures. Aside from the charming touristic attractions, here you can choose among numerous Face Lift options!Do you have any questions about the Face Lift medical centers in Cali, Colombia? Get in touch with us!

Top Cosmetic Surgeons in Colombia

Are you wondering who are the best cosmetic surgeons in Colombia? PlacidWay can help you find a reputable and experienced doctor who specialized in facelift procedure.

You should choose a doctor who speaks English fluently so that communication can be easy. Also, consider a doctor who attends international training regularly and is a certified member of prestigious institutions.

Contact us and we will connect you with the best plastic surgeon in Colombia!

Top Attractions to Explore in Colombia

A vibrant culture, friendly people, and beautiful places adorn Colombia. This South American country has a lot to offer you as a medical tourist. Apart from top-quality medical care, you will also find spectacular attractions in Colombia worth exploring:

  • Providencia Island
  • Cartagena
  • Bogota
  • The Lost City (Ciudad Perdida)
  • Tayrona National Natural Park
  • Eje Cafetero (or Coffee Axis)

Beach in Colombia

Beach in Colombia

Choose Facelift in Colombia Today!

Enjoyable vacation, over 50% of savings, and a high-quality procedure are promising reasons to choose Facelift in Colombia.

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