Brazilian Butt Lift in Thailand

Brazilian Butt Lift in Thailand


Why Consider Having BBL in Thailand?

If you're considering enhancing your buttocks, Brazilian Butt Lift in Thailand can be an attractive option. Thousands of international patients come here every year for high-quality and affordable plastic surgery such as BBL.

Besides its low cost and quality, having BBL in Thailand also provides an opportunity to travel to an exotic destination where you can forget about your busy life and enjoy a relaxing holiday! With cost-effective packages and top-notch services in Thai clinics, you'll feel comfortable and have a pleasant trip.

So, before deciding on Brazilian Buttock Lift in Thailand, here is brief information you'll find in more detail in our guide.

Clinic: DGB Plastic Surgery Clinic

Procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift

Cost in Thailand: $4,000

Cost in Other Countries: From $9,000

Savings: Up to 70%

Top Tourist Attractions: Ayutthaya Historical Park, Bangkok, Phi Phi and Phuket Island, etc.

Affordable Brazilian Butt Lift in Thailand Packages

Some Thailand clinics offer affordable BBL packages for your most pleasant trip. You can find services like bilingual assistance, transport from the airport to the clinic, medical and doctor fees, anesthesiology, and many others included in the price you can afford.

If you are curious to know more, contact us and we will be happy to create a BBL package that will suit you best.

How much is a BBL in Thailand?

Brazilian Butt Lift in Thailand cost $4,000 on average at top-rated medical centers. This very popular plastic surgery procedure cost over $9,000 in Australia and $10,500 in North America. 

Thai clinics offer quality standards as you can find in western clinics but at a more reasonable price. Therefore, you can save between 50% and 70% by choosing BBL in Thailand.

Plus you'll have the privilege of a relaxing and exotic vacation before the surgery in this mesmerizing country that is among the top 10 most popular tourist countries in the world.

Now let's see the cost comparison table below to know the prices.


Brazilian Butt Lift Cost Comparison in Thailand
Country Procedure Price
Canada Brazilian Butt Lift, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $10500
United States Brazilian Butt Lift, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $12000
Thailand Brazilian Butt Lift, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $4000
Australia Brazilian Butt Lift, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $9000

Top Plastic Surgery Clinics in Thailand for BBL

You will be impressed by the quality of Thailand's plastic surgery clinics which are internationally accredited. Here you'll have convenience in luxurious rooms and facilities adhering to the international standards of care.

The medical staff is well trained and has the qualifications, skills and experience to offer safe and effective treatment. Many doctors are members of world-renewed organizations and are fluent in English.

Below you can see the top 6 Thai clinics profiles where you'll find past patient reviews, clinics images, and more.

Top Center

Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic

Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic is the best plastic surgery clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. International Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Team and The best of skincare and anti-aging treatments are available at our clinic. See what our innovative technologies can do for you!

Top Center


KTOP Clinic offers high-quality Plastic Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. Book online now Face Lift, Tummy Tuck, or Breast Lift Surgery at KTOP Clinic.

Top Center

Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

Unveil your beauty potential with Bangkok Plastic Surgery the leading Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Thailand. Experience excellence in transformative procedures.

Top Center

DGB Plastic Surgery Clinic

DGB CLINIC is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It provides cosmetic surgery and beauty care to local and international patients at competitive prices.

Thailand Plastic Surgery Reviews

  • User Profile Image


    Not reply

    Patient was treated by Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic May 02, 2018
  • User Profile Image


    very bad !! very very bad! have paid a down payment 2 months before the operation and they simply say the operation should be postponed because the implant is not available !! Oh may God they said they have best clinic in thailand? But cannot perform the surgery b’cos they dont have any implant stock!! operation is scheduled on 3 May 2018 I have ordered a ticket departing on 1 May 2018 and came home on 12 May 2018 along with the hotel. tickets and hotels can not be replaced or refunded! dated April 18, 2018 I asked if there is a problem? and no notifications whatsoever! April 28, 2018 they give info if the operation should be canceled !! just 2 days before my departure !! and do not want to be responsible for returning hotel money and airfare! really irresponsible! I am losing up to 17 million rupiah because of them !! so strongly do not recommend ktop thailand! How you can trust this kind of clinic for doing treatment!!

    Patient was treated by KTOP CLINIC May 18, 2018
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    Dr. Pitchet, has operated on me a number of times, most recently a liposuction, with incredible results. In addition, he has operated on my girlfriend to fix breast asymmetry, which she suffered after undergoing an operation in Vietnam. Again fantastic results. I have seen that he has received some bad press from his competitors, which is very unfair. This guy is one of the best plastic surgeons in Bangkok. Says it like it is and works like a total professional. Strongly recommend!!!!!!!!!

    Patient was treated by Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic May 20, 2021
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    I live in Bangna, but my heart arrives at Don Mueang. Today I had the opportunity to take 2 girls, Khun Pat and Nong Art, to have their beauty at ABL Clinic, 100 Silk Program and Botox. : Doctors and staff are taking good care of you. Thank you very much

    Patient was treated by DGB Plastic Surgery Clinic Nov 10, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    Wonderful clinic and staff. Highly recommend Dr. Boonchai for any plastic surgery needs

    Patient was treated by Bonnie Health Apr 21, 2021
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    It was a smooth process at Yanhee. Dedicated International desk makes things very easy. A coordinator is assigned to every patient, who will be with patient through out. The hospital is quite big, clean and professional.

    Patient was treated by Yanhee Hospital Dec 12, 2014

Best 6 Brazilian Butt Lift Doctors in Thailand

Thailand plastic surgeons are board-certified by prestigious institutions thanks to their dedicated work and extensive practice abroad. They are trained to utilize the most advanced technology and techniques to provide effective and safe Brazilian butt lift and other cosmetic procedures.

With years of experience working with international patients, you can be sure you'll be in good hands. Before choosing your plastic surgeon in Thailand, here are the top 6 BBL doctor profiles where you'll see some former patient reviews, images, and more.

Dr. Duangkamol Maneerattanaporn

Certfication: Visiting Fellow in Dermatological Laser Surgery, Ramathibodi Skin Laser Center...

Dr. Phuwanet Sirathamphithak

Education M.D. Faculty of Medicine, Suranaree University, Thailand Training program Cosmetic Derma...

Dr. Nakin Panichnok

Education Graduate Faculty of Medicine, Suranaree University, Thailand Rejuvenation Plastic Surger...

Dr. Boonchai Taweerattanasil

Dr. Boonchai is one of Thailand's leading and most reputable plastic surgeons, having complete...

Dr. Worapong Leethochavalit

Dr.Worapong LEETHOCHAVALIT is certified Board of Plastic Surgery. He has extensive exper...

Dr. Pichet Rodchareon

Dr. Pichet Rodchareon is the best Plastic Surgeon in Bangkok, Thailand. Book now Rhinoplasty, Lipo...

Why is Thailand so Popular for Brazilian Buttock Lift?

Thanks to qualified surgeons, luxury facilities, advanced technology, and affordable prices, Thailand has been recognized for superior plastic surgery. Thousands of Western patients come here to have safe BBL and a convenient stay in a warm climate. Another factor in choosing a Thai buttock lift is the professionalism of the medical team at reputable clinics. English is widely spoken here, and the clinic staff is dedicated to your needs 24/7.

When foreign patients visit Thailand for their cosmetic surgery, they also take advantage of the trip to explore its hotspots, such as Phuket, Pattaya, and the lively capital of Bangkok. Thailand’s diverse attractions provide tourists with many destinations to enjoy before or after surgery.

Exotic islands, stunning resorts, pristine beaches and bustling cities offer something for everyone. Not to forget Thai delicious cuisine, friendly locals, and world-class facilities. Here you will have the ultimate holiday adventure you were dreaming about.

Popular attractions you must visit in Thailand before BBL surgery are:

  • Krabi province

  • The Phi Phi Islands and Phuket

  • The Grand Palace, Bangkok

  • Khao Yai National Park and watch wild Elephants

  • Buddha in the ruins of the temple Wat Chana Songkram, Sukhothai Old City

  • The Historic City of Ayutthaya

Sky lanterns in the evening sky Thailand

Sky lanterns in the evening sky in Bangkok

Book Your Brazilian Butt Lift in Thailand Today!

Brazilian Butt Lift in Thailand allows you to save significantly while enjoying an exotic holiday in the tropical climate. This unique opportunity can be yours if you book your trip to Thailand for BBL with PlacidWay.

We will guide you to choose renewed plastic surgeon and clinic where you'll have an effective and safe Thailand buttock lift. Contact us for more information!