Massoud's Testimonial of Overcoming Back Pain Through Spine Surgery in Bursa, Turkey

Alleviating Back Pain with Backbone Surgery in Bursa, Turkey

Category: Orthopedic Surgery Abroad
Country: Turkey
Procedure: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery

Massoud's Journey through Spine Surgery in Bursa, Turkey

Meet Massoud, a 69-year-old Nigerian whose life was burdened by chronic lower back pain. What used to be a leisurely 20-30 minute walk became a struggle to endure even 10 minutes due to the excruciating pain he experienced. For Massoud, this was more than just discomfort; it was a hindrance to his daily activities and a constant reminder of his deteriorating physical condition. Faced with the challenge of finding effective treatment, Massoud encountered the daunting reality of limited specialized spine care options in Nigeria.

Massoud Journey to Bursa Turkey

Seeking Relief Abroad: The Discovery of Medical Tourism

In his search for relief, Massoud found Turan Turan Health Group, a clinic in Bursa, Turkey, specializing in spine surgery. Through his online exploration, he stumbled upon this ray of hope among the vast array of medical options. Despite being far from home, Massoud felt drawn to the expertise and care offered by this clinic, igniting a newfound sense of optimism on his path to recovery.

Spine Surgery in Bursa Turkey Patient Story

Research and Decision-Making

Wanting to feel better, Massoud did a lot of searching. He looked at different hospitals and read what other patients said about their experiences. After careful thinking, he felt confident in choosing Turan Turan Health Group, especially because of Dr. Yunus UYSAL's expertise and the good stories from other patients. Talking with the doctors online helped him feel even better about his decision, knowing they understood what he needed.

Turan Turan Doctors in Bursa Turkey

“We understand that surgery is the only solution for your condition. Mr. Massoud visited our clinic complaining of leg pain, which radiated from his left hip down his leg. Through examinations, we found that the cause of his pain was due to compression of the nerve root in his lower back. It wasn't just a disc herniation; he also had a narrow canal issue in his spinal cord.”Dr. Yunus Uysal - Orthopedic and Traumatology

The Journey to Bursa, Turkey

Getting to Bursa wasn't easy for Massoud. Being from Africa meant he had extra steps to take to get a visa for Turkey. But thankfully, Turan Turan Health Group helped him a lot. They sent him special invitations for his visa and made sure he had all the right documents he needed. Thanks to their help, Massoud's trip to Bursa went smoothly, without any worries about paperwork.

Consultation and Diagnosis at Turan Turan Health Group

When Massoud got to Bursa, he met with Dr. Yunus UYSAL for a thorough check-up. Dr. Yunus UYSAL carefully checked Massoud's back and did some tests to figure out why he was in pain. They found out that Massoud's pain was because of pressure on his nerves in his lower back. Even though they spoke different languages, Dr. Yunus UYSAL explained everything clearly in English, which helped Massoud feel comfortable and sure about what was going on.

Treatment Plan and Personalized Care

With Dr. Yunus UYSAL's help, Massoud got a special plan to make him feel better. They decided on a surgery called instrumentation surgery, which used a fancy robot system called MAZOR X. This surgery gave Massoud hope for feeling better. But it wasn't just about surgery; the clinic also made sure Massoud had other kinds of care, like exercises and special ways to manage his pain, all tailored just for him.

Treatment Experience and Recovery

At Turan Turan Health Group, the doctors and nurses took really good care of Massoud. They did his surgery carefully and helped him get better every day. From the surgery to the exercises, everything was done just right to help Massoud feel better. He was amazed at how quickly he started to feel stronger and could even walk without any help just a few days after the surgery.

Massoud Story in Bursa Turkey

“I felt really welcomed, like I was treated with great respect. It was fascinating, you know? I won't forget this easily. When I go back, I'll remember all these things. It's a really positive experience, very friendly. I'm very happy about it. Maybe I'll get the treatment I need, and I want to thank the whole team a lot. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.”Massouds

Back to Nigeria: A Renewed Life

When Massoud left Bursa and went back home to Nigeria, he felt like a new person. The treatment he got at Turan Turan Health Group changed his life. He wasn't just free from pain; he felt hopeful and full of energy again. Even after he left, the clinic still helped him stay on track with regular check-ups and coaching on exercises. Thanks to them, Massoud was ready to enjoy life again, pain-free and with a bright future ahead.

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Spine Surgery in Bursa Turkey Massouds Story at Turan Turan

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