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Algomed Hospital Reviews in Adana, Turkey From Verified Patients

Kozan Yolu Üzeri Sariçam Mahallesi No:136 Yüregir Otogar Karsisi Yüregir / ADANA
Focus Area: Top Hospital in Turkey | Physical Therapy | Orthopedics | Traumatology | Cardiology | Gynaecology | Obstetrics | General Surgery

About Private Algomed Hospital

Private Algomed Hospital is the best medical center for the Physical Therapy, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Cardiology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Pediatric Health and Diseases (Pediatrics), and General Surgery in Adana, Turkey. You can get best treatment at Private Algomed Hospital. Find and compare your treatment options here.

Patients Reviews in Adana, Turkey at Algomed Hospital

  • Nur

    I was examined in the gynecology department of Algomed hospital. I am a patient of Ms. Gulsah. I was very satisfied with him. In addition, emergency physician Şule boiling is a successful physician in her field. Thanks to Algomed hospital for both physicians.

    Google May 30 2022
  • ilham

    Neck hernia surgery with lazar what a fate for a stranger

    Google Jun 08 2022
  • Aytekin

    The interest and relevance of the employees and doctors is good

    Google Jun 10 2022
  • Halil

    Orthopedics I find Burhan Subaşı very knowledgeable, experienced and humane. I would like to thank him and you, he applied a wonderful treatment, my problems were solved

    Google Aug 18 2022
  • Neri

    The hospital was really high quality. I came to my eyes. Our doctor was a very sincere and extremely concerned lady. I will take my parents as well, but I have one request to pay my money. We are waiting for the lady at the cashier to finish the phone call. I ask you to warn me about the issue. I did not even get an answer even though I called many times. I gave up and returned, I was going to write, I could not write the date and time due to exhaustion, externally, it is a very good quality very nice hospital. Thank you for your effort, a very good hospital with a small warning

    Google Aug 19 2022
  • Halil

    I would like to thank my teacher Eda, the team of the hospital nurses, I am glad to have you, but your rooms are clean, lack of equipment, these are obvious problems, the hospital management is taking 0 money and not looking back.

    Google Sep 01 2022
  • Murat

    Yesterday, my teacher Zekeriya from ENT and his team performed my revision rhinoplasty surgery. They did such a valuable job. Everyone from the doctor to the cleaning staff, from the nurses to the person in charge of the food was very energetic and kind; Their hard work was truly invaluable. It is truly shameful that our healthcare professionals are exposed to verbal or physical violence today despite their precious efforts. We hope that the day will come when they will see the value they deserve.

    Google Nov 08 2022
  • Umit

    They are generally good doctors and follow the treatment process.

    Google Nov 02 2022
  • ihsan

    From the doctor to the nurse to the staff, I would like to thank everyone very much.

    Google Nov 10 2022
  • Yusuf

    I have been coming to algomed hospital for physical therapy for a week, but I also received physical therapy in other hospitals, but it was not as much as here, actually, the physical therapy that changed my mind about this is Mr. Ömer and Ms. Sinem in the 5th room. They are really very kind and interested, thanks to them, my physical therapy is very good, thank you again.

    Google Nov 30 2022

    We came from the basement, we met our teacher on tafsiye, indeed, I would like to thank my free teacher and hospital staff friends for his smiling face and interest, who is really a quitter.

    Google Dec 09 2022
  • Unal

    Although the hospital location is accessible, it is bad. The employees are caring and the doctors show the necessary care to their patients. Hospital location selection is poor. We went for physical therapy. They pick it up from home and drop it back home. But you must have a companion with you. For your information.

    Google Jul 15 2021
  • mehmet

    I have been coming to this hospital myself and my family for years, and we recommend it to my friends. Doctors and all staff are very caring, warm-blooded and expert people. We had no complaints about the treatments we received. We are constantly directing our environment. I read some of the comments made and I was very surprised, our family members and close environment did not encounter the aforementioned negativities. I dont think the negative reviews are realistic.

    Google Aug 19 2021
  • Adana

    A clean, tidy hospital with good doctors.

    Google Sep 17 2021
  • Ugur

    We have been receiving support for my fathers treatment for two months in the physical therapy department. I would like to thank all physiotherapist friends, especially Physiotherapist Seckin Onur BEKTAS, for their smiling, patient, energetic and motivating approach. I wish you continued success

    Google Dec 30 2021
  • Abdulkadir

    We gave birth on 06.01.2022. I cant thank my teacher Eda KOLAGASIGIL enough. He really took great care of us for 9 months . At first we were undecided about the hospital, but we understood that the doctor was more important than the hospital. We are personally very pleased with my teacher Eda. We do not know much about other doctors, but I recommend Eda.

    Google Feb 20 2022
  • Emre

    A very nice hospital, it has all kinds of departments, the doctors take very good care of us, I am very satisfied.

    Facebook Feb 27 2019
  • Ali


    Facebook Aug 31 2020
  • Ismail

    I would like to thank Dr. Ikram Bey of Brain and Neurosurgery and Private Algomed hospital staff for their interest and concern. Ikram Bey successfully performed my neck hernia surgery last week. I was hesitant about having surgery. My doctor convinced me to restore my health, thank you again. Yours truly

    Google reviews Jan 22 2022
  • Deniz

    I would like to thank the doctor Bahri Deniz in the emergency department. It has healed my pain for 3.4 days. His smiling face and attention to patients is admirable. We want to see such doctors around us.

    Google reviews Mar 22 2022
  • nevzat

    I had hernia surgery on January 13. General surgeon Dr. Bulent Halaclar and anesthesiologist Dr. I would like to thank Dogan Akarca and the nurses who work in the operating room whose names I do not know and the nurses on the 4th floor. I would like to thank Fethiye nurse and the nurse with glasses before that. All of them acted with the necessary loving and compassionate approach and superior sense of duty and discipline. Thank you...

    Google reviews Jan 18 2022