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Private Koru Ankara Hospital in Ankara, Turkey Reviews from Real Patients

Kizilirmak Mah. 1450. Sokak No:13 Cukurambar Ankara-Turkey
Price range:: $3200 to $3500
Focus Area: Private Koru Ankara Hospital | Ankara | Turkey | Robotic Bariatric Surgery | Heart Surgery | Brain and Nerve Surgery | Radiotherapy | Cancer Treatment

About Private Koru Ankara Hospital

Experience advanced Robotic Bariatric Surgery & Heart Surgery at Private Koru Ankara Hospital in Turkey. Exceptional care and cutting-edge technology.

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  • Mehmet S K

    Hello, we came from Koru hospital Mardin, we were hospitalized on the 7th floor. The nurses on the 7th floor were friendly, caring and professional in their work, which made us very comfortable. Thank you to Koru family. Thank you Nilufer Hanimada for visiting us.

    Private Koru Ankara Hospital Apr 13 2023
  • Gozde C

    I gave birth at Koru Çukurambar Hospital. Like most mothers, we have had major problems with breastfeeding. Our dear Guldane midwife! 2. Grandmother of my well-known baby…
    I am glad that our paths crossed with Ms. Güldane. His knowledge, his naivety, his patience…
    If you came across this process, you are really lucky! My baby was not breastfeeding. We asked him for help. Every time we went to him and every time we called, he patiently taught us the same procedures one by one. He patiently helped me not to give up. It not only prevented the baby from rejecting the breast, but also calmed me psychologically and enabled me to breastfeed.
    Some people are not paid, Guldane is such a person. Good luck, my son's grandmother, God bless you!

    Private Koru Ankara Hospital May 18 2023
  • Ozge V

    From the moment I stepped into the hospital, I received a quality and friendly service. It was a hospital recommended by my doctor for nose surgery, I decided to have surgery here in line with the experience of a few of my friends. Everyone from the desk to the secretary was very friendly and helpful when I went in for pre-operative tests. When I went on the day of the operation, I received a friendly and fast service during the hospitalization procedures, which made me feel very good when they accompanied me to my room, I did not have to search for which floor. I received a quality service in the pre-operative preparations, thank you to the nurses, our doctor and all the other hospital staff.

    Private Koru Ankara Hospital Jun 06 2023