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Stem cell therapy for joints by Mediland clinic in Ukraine, Poland, Austria

Package price starting from: $3000
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Associated Center: Mediland Clinic
Ukraine, Kiev , Rostislavskaya 11-B Kyiv , Ukraine
Focus Area: 1. Anti-Aging Treatment | Chronic Disease Treatment | Stem Cell Therapy - Kiev, Ukraine

Revitalize Your Joints: Mediland's Pain Relief Program in Kyiv, Ukraine

Dear, Patient

Our clinic offers you the best decission in joints pain treatment using stem cells therapy. We are working on the fild of orthopedics and traumatology more then 16 years, We help the patients with different degenerative conditions of joints. You can be our patient, if you have such problems:

  • sport injury
  • ligament damage and soft tissue damage
  • arthritis and arthrosis
  • osteoarthrosis
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • polymiositis
  • autoimmune diseases ( Sjogren's disease, psoriatic arthritis)
  • systemic connective tissue diseases

Our clinic has own cryo bank, laboratory , it helps us to control the quality of stem cells and cultivate the new biotechnical products, like: orthopedics exosomes, chondrocytes, proginetor stem cells, etc.

The patient needs only  1 day to receive the treatment. After the therapy, the first results patients feel  during the 2-3 weeks, it will be reducing the pain up to 50-60%. During the rest 12 months, the patients receive other improvements. As the result of treatment you will receive:

  • pain relief
  • mobility
  • possibility to walk more and do different physical activities 
  • elimination of inflammantion, swelling
  • elimination of stiffness

The permanent effect from the treatment will be during the 2-3 years ( it depends from the age of patients and the current degenerative processes in joints). At the beginning of damage process the patient receives the longer result , about 5 years or more.

In our clinic we dont ask the patients to prepay the therapy, you can do the payment in clinic before the treatment.After the treatment you will receive stem cells passport of Quality and Pure of the product.

From 2024 we have representative offices in Poland ( Katowice ) and Austria ( Vienna).