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Perfecto Room in Kiev, Ukraine Reviews from Real Patients

Hlybochytska St, 326
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About Perfecto Room

Perfecto Room is a reliable name for plastic surgery in Kiev, Ukraine. They offer world class plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments to the clients at an affordable price

Anti Aging,Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery,Skin Care Reviews in Kiev, Ukraine at Perfecto Room

  • Alexandra

    Incredibly cozy and bright space for recovery after surgery. Surgery and comfort are no worse than in America or Europe.
    Here is ideally

    Google Sep 12 2018
  • Daria

    There are things that girls do not share. Therefore, I, of course, will not tell WHAT they did to me in the Perfecto Room, but HOW !!! This is impossible not to share! The service is excellent when you don’t have to turn a blind eye, when communication with a specialist goes exactly as you imagined, when support and understanding. I was recommended this place and for good reason! Now I recommend it. And special thanks to Dr. Loginov !!!

    Google Aug 30 2018
  • Olga K

    A unique concept in its content: professionals, technology, service. The synergy of all these components - definitely gives an excellent result!

    Google Jul 13 2018
  • Light X

    I am very pleased with the work of the cosmetologist and the individual approach to harmonizing the image. Such a non-standard approach, the result is natural and natural rejuvenation !!! I advise everyone!

    Google Nov 05 2020
  • Anna

    hanks for the performed operation rhinoplasty. The result exceeded all expectations. The nose looks amazing and thanks for the free breathing. I recommend it all!

    Google May 07 2020
  • Oksana

    I made septo rhinoplasty just 2 to 3 weeks ago. Already very happy with the result nose shape breathing And so on. I thank Kharkiv Andrey Leonidovich and his team. Everything was top notch! I recommend!

    Google Jan 06 2021
  • Ilya

    The format of the European level advisory office, where the concepts of a hospital and hospitalization with care and rehabilitation are divided!

    Google Jan 25 2021
  • Alexander

    I advise the clinic to all those who are looking for a European format of medical services in Ukraine. Everything is at the level of both staff and quality of services !!!!

    Google Jan 13 2021
  • Oksana

    A place of beauty and strength! By getting here you can be sure that you are in good hands and you will get the result you want! The service is excellent, the atmosphere itself is very pleasing and inviting, and confirms your opinion that you have got to the professionals !!! The only drawback is parking, with this it is quite sad

    Google Mar 24 2021
  • Nadeem S

    This organization did not contacted me or the message is not received by me. Kindly ask them to recontact me. Thanks

    May 16 2019

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