Gastric Balloon in Turkey

Gastric Balloon in Turkey

Why Go to Turkey for Intragastric Balloon?

Gastric Balloon in Turkey is a popular option for overweight people. Not only that you can lose a significant amount of weight, but you also can save on surgery, accommodation, and travel costs.

Turkey has numerous bariatric centers that boast professional medical staff, high-quality care, and advanced facilities.

For American and UK patients, Turkey is a more practical choice and offers a wide range of attractions you can explore before the procedure. 

Here is what we recommend:

Clinic: Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals

Doctor: Assoc. Prof. Dr Hasan Erdem

Procedure: Gastric Balloon

Cost in Turkey: $2,700

Cost in Other Countries: From $5,500

Top Tourist Attractions: Aya Sofia Mosque in Istanbul, the Mediterranean coast in Antalya, Izmir, and others.

Cost of Gastric Balloon in Turkey

The most significant factor for patients from western countries who choose Turkey obesity surgery is the price. Our table below shows that the average cost of a gastric balloon in Turkey is $2,700. At the same time, this procedure cost over $8,000 in the USA and $5,500 in the UK.

If you have a budget limit you don't want to exceed, then Turkey is a more practical option for your obesity procedure. You'll also have the opportunity to indulge in Turkey's top tourist sites before the surgery.

Gastric Balloon Centers Cost Comparison in Turkey

Provider Procedure Price
Optimed International Hospital Gastric Balloon, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $2500
Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Gastric Balloon, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $3000
Gastric Balloon Cost Comparison in Turkey
Country Procedure Price
Turkey Gastric Balloon, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $2700
United States Gastric Balloon, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $8000
United Kingdom Gastric Balloon, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $5500

Reputable Bariatric Centers in Turkey for IGB

Are you wondering which clinics and hospitals are available for bariatric procedures in Turkey? You can be sure you will have quality and safe surgery at world-class bariatric centers in Turkey. Because we are partners with reputable centers that give their patients excellent results.

Below are the profiles of the 6 best bariatric clinics in Turkey. See what they have to offer you as a patient.

Top Center

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals are to be a pioneering institution that is innovative and constantly improving, offering reliable, up-to-date, and patient-centered healthcare in all services provided, continuously training and educating its staff, and putting patients’ and employees’ welfare at the forefront, as well as respect the environment and patient rights.

Top Center

Dr HE Obesity Clinic

Hasan Erdem Obesity Clinic (Dr HE Obesity Clinic) in İstanbul, Turkey focuses on specialized obesity and bariatric surgeries. The clinic provides top-quality procedures like gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries at affordable prices.

Top Center

Hermes Clinics

Hermes Clinic provides best Plastic and Weight Loss Surgery in Izmir, Turkey. Book online now Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass and Rhinoplasty at Hermes Clinic.

Top Center

Optimed International Hospital

Optimed International Hospital located in Turkey providing the best treatment for plastic surgery, cardiology, urology and more in affordable best prices.

Top Center

Private Algomed Hospital

Private Algomed Hospital is the best medical center for the Physical Therapy, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Cardiology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Pediatric Health and Diseases (Pediatrics), and General Surgery in Adana, Turkey. You can get best treatment at Private Algomed Hospital. Find and compare your treatment options here.

Top Center

Yasam Hospitals Group

Yaşam Hospitals Group provides best General Surgery in Antalya, Turkey. Book online now Cosmetic Surgery, Heart Care Surgery, and Bariatric Surgery at Yasam Hospitals Group.

Video Testimonials about Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

Looking for actual patient testimonials after getting WLS in Turkey? You are at the right place! We have selected a few exciting patient stories you can watch in the following videos.

Bariatric Surgery in Turkey Reviews

  • Thalita

    The doctors are nice and speak great English. I was being taken care of Dr. BASAK Inan, she is very caring and gave me good care. Thank you so much for the kindness. However, there are some improvements can be made. The medical secretary is not competent. Sinve my first visit, the MS did not take me seriousky. When I came with the sick leave letter, and 2 test influenza and PCR she accept the doc and said everything will be emailed. 2 days later She still did not send my documents as promised. When I come back to the hospital 2 days after to fetch my documents...she told me to wait and wait...after a few minutes, she told me to come back again on Monday because my doctor has went home, and she need my doctors permission for my sick leave letter extention from 2 days to 4 days. She or they did not take me seriously as a patient just because I m a foreigner. Fortunately, there was another doctor who present at that moment. She recognized my stressful situation and kindly help me with, and she handled the situation with a great care. Without a great administration team who at the least willing to use google translate, the great doctors experience somehow is overshadowed. But in the end the medical secretaries hand me my sick leave letter. After so much irritation. Kudos for the kind doctor who help me. To the medical secretary, please learn to respect your YABANCI patient. We are human as well. PS until today I still have not received my influenza test. Another thing is during my PCR test, there is a bruder male nurse at the swap test stand that sneezed without mask on. Instead of holding his mask to prevent his droplet spreading, he took off his mask, sneeze hard, than put his mask back on. This maybe unconsciously done...but in covid era, please pay attention when you are about to sneez and other people safety.

    Patient was treated by Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Jan 22, 2022
  • Ian Cottrell

    very informative I am happy they ask all the right questions and seem to have my health and well being at the top of their List

    Patient was treated by Dr HE Obesity Clinic Jan 26, 2020
  • Lenina

    I have just had my surgery with Hermes clinics with Dr Vugar. I had breast lift and enlargement surgery. When I saw the results I could have cried with happiness. I have also had 6 teeth veneered. I cannot fault Hermes and especially Rukiye. She has been amazing

    Patient was treated by Hermes Clinics Jan 20, 2022
  • Tony

    Not really heard to much response from them

    Patient was treated by Optimed International Hospital Apr 23, 2021
  • nevzat

    I had hernia surgery on January 13. General surgeon Dr. Bulent Halaclar and anesthesiologist Dr. I would like to thank Dogan Akarca and the nurses who work in the operating room whose names I do not know and the nurses on the 4th floor. I would like to thank Fethiye nurse and the nurse with glasses before that. All of them acted with the necessary loving and compassionate approach and superior sense of duty and discipline. Thank you...

    Patient was treated by Private Algomed Hospital Jan 18, 2022
  • Suleyman

    I would like to thank the 4th floor nurses and staff.

    Patient was treated by Yasam Hospitals Group Jan 31, 2022

FAQs about Stomach Balloon in Turkey

In this section, you can find out more about the cost and clinics for a gastric balloon in various Turkish cities. We have gathered some interesting information and created answers to your frequent questions.

What is the Average Cost of Gastric Balloon in Istanbul, Turkey?

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Are you considering getting a gastric balloon procedure in Istanbul, Turkey but don't know what to expect in terms of cost? If so, you've come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we'll break down the average cost of gastric balloon surgery in Istanbul and provide you with important information to help you make an informed decision. The Cost of Gastric Balloon in Istanbul, Turkey The cost of a gastric balloon procedure in Istanbul can vary depending on several factors, including the clinic you choose, the type of balloon you get, and the experience of the surgeon. On average, the cost of a gastric balloon procedure in Istanbul ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. Location Gastric Balloon Price Istanbul, Turkey $2,000 - $4,000 United Kingdom $5,500 What is a Gastric Balloon? A gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss procedure that involves inserting a silicone balloon into the stomach to reduce hunger and promote weight loss. The balloon is filled with a saline solution and can be adjusted to increase or decrease its size depending on the patient's needs. What are the Benefits of a Gastric Balloon? There are several benefits to getting a gastric balloon procedure, including: Significant weight loss: Many patients can expect to lose up to 50% of their excess weight within the first 6 months after the procedure. Improved health: By reducing excess weight, patients can improve their overall health and reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Increased confidence: With significant weight loss, patients often experience a boost in self-confidence and improved body image. Non-surgical: Unlike other weight loss surgeries, a gastric balloon procedure is non-invasive and does not require a hospital stay. What is the Procedure for a Gastric Balloon? The gastric balloon procedure typically takes less than an hour and is performed under conscious sedation or local anesthesia. During the procedure, the surgeon will use an endoscope to insert the balloon into the stomach through the mouth. Once in place, the balloon will be filled with a saline solution to reduce hunger and promote weight loss. 10 Best Doctors for Gastric Balloon in Istanbul, Turkey  Erdem Sentatar Dr. Mehmet GENÇTÜRK Murat Ustun Levent Bakisgan  Op. Dr. Isa Kaman Assoc. Prof. Hasan Altun Prof Dr Alper Celik Assoc Prof Dr. Hasan Erdem Op. Dr. Onur Kesler Assoc Prof. Dr. Abdullah Sisik What are the Risks and Complications of a Gastric Balloon? Like any medical procedure, there are risks and complications associated with a gastric balloon. Some of the most common risks include: Balloon deflation or migration: The balloon may deflate or move from its original position, which can cause discomfort and require additional medical attention. Nausea and vomiting: Some patients may experience nausea and vomiting after the procedure, which can be managed with medication. Stomach perforation: In rare cases, the balloon may puncture the stomach wall, which can be a serious and potentially life-threatening complication. How to Choose the Right Clinic for a Gastric Balloon Procedure in Istanbul, Turkey? When choosing a clinic for a gastric balloon procedure in Istanbul, Turkey it's important to consider several factors, including: Experience of the surgeon: Look for a surgeon with extensive experience in performing gastric balloon procedures. Reputation of the clinic: Read online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family members to find a clinic with a good reputation. Type of balloon: Make sure the clinic offers the type of balloon that is right for you, such as the Orbera, ReShape, or Obalon balloon. Cost: Compare prices at different clinics to find one that fits your budget. Best Weight Loss Clinics for Gastric Balloon in Istanbul, Turkey Optimed International Hospital Academic Hospital Estherian Clinic Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Istanbul Bariatric Academy Dr HE Obesity Clinic What to Expect During Recovery from a Gastric Balloon Procedure in Istanbul? After a gastric balloon procedure in Istanbul, it's normal to experience some discomfort and swelling in the stomach. You may also need to follow a special diet for the first few weeks after the procedure to give your stomach time to heal. Most patients can return to normal activities within a few days, but it's important to follow your surgeon's instructions for a smooth and successful recovery. You may also need to attend regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon to monitor your progress and adjust the size of the balloon as needed. The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle After a Gastric Balloon Procedure in Istanbul A gastric balloon procedure is only one part of the weight loss journey. To achieve long-term success, it's important to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. Your surgeon can provide you with guidelines and recommendations to help you maintain a healthy weight after the procedure. The Role of Support in Your Weight Loss Journey After a Gastric Balloon Procedure in Istanbul, Turkey Having a strong support system can be a key factor in your success after a gastric balloon procedure. Consider joining a support group, reaching out to friends and family for encouragement, or working with a therapist or counselor to help you stay on track and overcome any challenges you may face. How to Maintain Your Weight Loss After a Gastric Balloon Procedure in Istanbul? Maintaining your weight loss after a gastric balloon procedure in Istanbul requires a combination of healthy habits and lifestyle changes. Some tips for maintaining your weight loss include: Eating a balanced diet: Focus on eating a diet that is low in sugar, fat, and processed foods, and high in fiber and protein. Staying active: Engage in regular physical activity, such as walking, jogging, or cycling, to help you burn calories and maintain your weight loss. Monitoring your progress: Use a food diary or weight tracking app to monitor your progress and stay motivated. Seeking support: Reach out to friends, family, or a support group for encouragement and support. Conclusion Getting a gastric balloon procedure in Istanbul, Turkey can be a great way to jumpstart your weight loss journey and improve your overall health. By understanding the average cost, benefits, and risks of the procedure, and taking steps to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you can maximize your chances of success and achieve your weight loss goals.

How Much Cost of Gastric Balloon in Izmir Turkey?

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The cost of Gastric balloons in Izmir, Turkey starts at $2950. The final cost of a gastric balloon procedure in Izmir, Turkey can vary depending on several factors, including the type of gastric balloon used, the clinic or hospital where the procedure is performed, and any additional treatments or procedures that may be required. Some gastric balloon procedures may be covered by insurance, while others may require out-of-pocket payment. It is best to speak with a healthcare provider or clinic to get a specific cost estimate for the gastric balloon procedure in Izmir, Turkey. Procedure of Gastric Balloon in Izmir Turkey A gastric balloon is a type of weight loss procedure that involves placing a balloon in the stomach to reduce the amount of food that can be eaten at one time. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. Here is a general outline of the procedure: The patient is given a sedative to help them relax and an analgesic to help manage any pain. The patient is placed in a supine position, and the stomach is accessed through the mouth using an endoscope, which is a long, flexible tube with a light and camera on the end. The gastric balloon is inserted through the endoscope and positioned in the stomach. The balloon is then inflated with a saline solution until it is about the size of a grapefruit. The endoscope is removed, and the patient is allowed to rest for a short period of time before being discharged. It is important to note that the specific details of the procedure may vary depending on the type of gastric balloon being used and the preferences of the healthcare provider performing the procedure. Benefits of Gastric Balloon There are several potential benefits to a gastric balloon procedure: Weight loss: The gastric balloon helps to reduce the amount of food that can be eaten at one time, which can lead to significant weight loss over the course of the treatment period. Reduced risk of obesity-related health problems: Losing weight through a gastric balloon procedure may help to reduce the risk of developing obesity-related health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. Minimally invasive: The gastric balloon procedure is considered minimally invasive and has a low risk of complications compared to other weight loss surgeries. Reversible: The gastric balloon can be removed at any time if necessary, making it a reversible option for weight loss. May improve quality of life: Losing weight through a gastric balloon procedure may improve a person's overall quality of life by increasing their energy levels, improving their mobility, and boosting their self-esteem. It is important to note that the specific benefits of a gastric balloon procedure will vary from person to person, and it is essential to work with a healthcare provider to determine if this treatment is right for you. Who is Good Candidate of Gastric Balloon? Gastric balloon procedures are often chosen by people who are struggling to lose weight through diet and exercise alone and want to jumpstart their weight loss journey. Some people may also choose a gastric balloon procedure if they have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher and are at risk of developing obesity-related health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea. The gastric balloon procedure is considered minimally invasive and has a relatively low risk of complications when compared to other weight loss surgeries. It is also reversible, meaning that the balloon can be removed at any time if necessary. It is important to note that while a gastric balloon can help a person lose weight, it is not a replacement for lifestyle changes, such as following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. The best results are typically achieved when the gastric balloon procedure is combined with these lifestyle changes. Why Choose Gastric Ballloon in Izmir Turkey? There are several reasons why a gastric balloon procedure may be a good option in Izmir Turkey: Cost: Turkey is known for its affordable medical tourism, and the cost of a gastric balloon procedure in Turkey may be significantly lower compared to other countries. Expertise: Turkey is home to many highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals, including surgeons who specialize in weight loss procedures. State-of-the-art facilities: Turkey has many modern hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest technology, which can be beneficial for complex procedures such as a gastric balloon. Tourist attractions: Turkey is a popular tourist destination, with a rich history and culture and many beautiful places to visit. This can make it an appealing choice for people who want to combine their medical treatment with a vacation. It is important to note that while a gastric balloon procedure in Turkey may be a good option for some people, it is important to thoroughly research and consider all treatment options before making a decision. It is also essential to work with a reputable and experienced healthcare provider to ensure the best possible outcomes. Izmir, Turkey offers many bariatric surgery clinics and renowned obesity surgery specialists trained in famous universities and hospitals and got one of the specialized staff. These clinics provide attractive Gastric Balloon packages for international patients, which include transportation from the airport, all the surgeons and hospital fees, meals, accommodation, and many other services to make the patient's medical experience in Izmir, Turkey as pleasant as possible. By choosing Gastric Balloon in Izmir, Turkey you will benefit from long-term weight loss, reverse health problems associated with obesity, minimal complication risks, fast recovery, and an improvement in overall health. Questions to Ask Before Gastric Balloon in Izmir Turkey As with any other type of surgical procedure, you should make sure that your surgeon is trained and belongs to a surgical or medical doctor association or organization for obesity surgery. Here are some questions that you should ask your surgeon before making your choice: How many Gastric Balloons have you performed so far? Are you board-certified in general surgery? What are your success/complication rates with Gastric Balloon? Do you have patients who have undergone Gastric balloons and are willing to share their weight loss surgery experiences, both positive and negative? What are the pros, cons, and risks associated with Gastric Balloon? Turkey is one of the best medical and touristic destinations in the world for Obesity/Bariatric Surgery. Medical tourists from all over the world come here to take advantage of the affordable prices, top surgeons, modern clinics, as well as beautiful touristic attractions. Find out more about the Gastric Balloon in Izmir, Turkey! Contact us and choose the best Obesity/Bariatric Surgery surgeon!

Which are best Gastric Balloon centers in Alanya, Turkey?

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Renowned Gastric Balloon clinics in Alanya, Turkey are now one click away. You will benefit from minimally invasive obesity surgery with amazing results so that you no longer have to struggle with your weight and feel as if you’re trapped in a weight gain cycle.Obesity leads to symptoms that may affect your daily life, and Gastric Balloon can help you remove them. Some of the symptoms that people for Gastric Balloon has are breathlessness, snoring, increased sweating, feeling very tired all the time, joint and back pain, low self-esteem, feeling isolated, but also serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and stroke. Having Gastric Balloon will lead to losing a significant amount of weight and can impact numerous medical and physical aspects of your life. For individuals affected by severe obesity, who are resistant to maintaining weight loss achieved by conventional therapies, such as consuming fewer calories, increasing exercise or weight-loss programs, Gastric Balloon surgery is the only solution.By choosing Gastric Balloon in Alanya, Turkey you will benefit from long term weight loss, reverse health problems associated with obesity, fast recovery, minimal complication risks and an improvement in overall health. Gastric Balloon can be lifesaving for some people who have a lot of weight to lose and need more than diet and exercise. But how can you be sure that you leave yourself on the hands of a good surgeon? How can you feel confident that the Gastric Balloon clinic you have chosen is the right one? Its actually easier than you think. You just have to ask the right questions such as: How safe is the Gastric Balloon procedure? How long is the recovery period from Gastric Balloon? Will I need a revision later on after Gastric Balloon is done? Are there any special medications or diets required during the recovery period? What are they? Alanya, Turkey has seen a boom in bariatric surgery over the past years. Patients come here from all over the world, hoping for a successful medical experience. In addition to the price, what attracts patients to Turkey is the experience of the doctors, many of them trained in the best universities in the US or Europe. The Gastric Balloon medical facilities in Alanya, Turkey have everything you need to offer you the results you expect from your obesity surgery experience.Contact us and find more about the clinics offering Gastric Balloon in Alanya, Turkey!

Which are best options for Gastric Balloon clinics in Bodrum, Turkey?

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You have many options when it comes to choosing Gastric Balloon clinics in Bodrum, Turkey.. As an international patient you can benefit from the Gastric Balloon packages, which include many other services besides the procedure, to make you medical experience as stress-free as possible.When you lose control over weight, you lose control over your life. Having Gastric Balloon can help you remove and prevent serious health issues such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, sleep apnea, back pain, osteoarthritis, urinary incontinence, cancers and stroke.Although there are many Gastric Balloon centers you can choose from, this does not mean that all of them are a good option for you. But, by asking the right questions and not being afraid to ask for information you will be able to decide on the most appropriate Gastric Balloon surgery clinic for you. Here are some examples of questions that you can ask: What preparation is required the day before and the morning of the Gastric Balloon? What complications may occur and how frequently do these occur for Gastric Balloon? How is the Gastric Balloon performed? Will my insurance cover any of the cost of my Gastric Balloon procedure? What should I watch for during recovery of Gastric Balloon that may indicate a problem?Many obesity surgeons in Bodrum, Turkey have very good reputation and many hospitals offer the latest techniques and procedures such as minimally invasive surgery, with reduced recovery periods, less pain and less bleeding. This means that you will be able to return home before you know it. Offering some of the best obesity surgery in the world and with an excellent reputation of its private hospitals, the health sector in Bodrum, Turkey has undergone an enormous increase in recent years, becoming a global obesity surgery destination, with medical tourism growing each year.When combined with a comprehensive treatment plan, Gastric Balloon surgery may often act as an effective tool to provide you with long term weight-loss and help you increase your quality of health.We can help you get in touch with top Gastric Balloon clinics in Bodrum, Turkey! You just have to contact us.

Weight Loss Surgeons in Turkey for IGB

Turkish doctors are professionals in their field and regularly attend medical conferences and training abroad. Their extensive experience, dedication to work, and compassionate personality will help you relax and feel safe during the surgery.

PlacidWay will help you connect with your Turkish surgeon before the trip to discuss your options and whether you're eligible for the gastric balloon. Let us introduce you to top 5 bariatric surgeons in Turkey:

Assoc Prof Dr. Hasan Erdem

Biogragphy of Dr. Hasan Erdem Dr. Hasan Erdem was born in Turkey in 1976 and had medical edu...

Op. Dr. Onur Kesler

Biogrpahy of Dr. Onur Kesler Dr. Onur Kesler was born in Istanbul in 1978. After completing ...

Op. Dr. Isa Kaman

Op. Dr. Isa Kaman is a bariatric surgeon practicing in Istanbul, Turkey at Optimed International H...

Bulent Halaclar

Dr. Bulent Halaclar is a well-respected bariatric surgeon who has helped numerous patients in Adan...

Dr. Ibrahim Karatas – Bariatric Surgeon in Izmir, Turkey

Dr. Ibrahim Karatas Biography | Bariatric Surgeon in Turkey by Hermes Clinic Dr. Ibrahim Karatas ...

Visit Turkey for Stomach Balloon and Also Explore Istanbul, Izmir & Antalya

Millions of medical tourists visit Turkey for high-quality care and an unwinding getaway. Turkey is well connected to major cities worldwide by land and air.

Our providers clinics are located in the three most beautiful Turkish cities. Here is what you can explore in each of them:

Antalya is referred to as a summer holiday region. It has beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean coast, stunning scenery, and vibrant nightlife.

Izmir is another famous medical tourism city. The exquisite combination of an old and new culture is attractive to tourists.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and is visited by millions of tourists every year. Aya Sofia and Blue Mosque, Bosphorus strait, and Topkapi Palace are just a few of many other places you can visit while here for bariatric surgery.

Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul Turkey

Aya Sofia & Bosphorus strait, Istanbul

Antalya Coast Turkey

Mediterranean Sea, Antalya

Izmir Turkey


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