Liposuction in Thailand

Liposuction in Thailand

Why Should I Consider Lipo Thailand?

A perfectly slim body sometimes can't be reached only with a strict diet and exercise. This is why more people like you find solution in lipo surgery. Today, we'll explore Liposuction in Thailand as a popular choice to reshape specific body parts.

Thousands of American, British, and Australian patients consider undergoing Thailand liposuction and pay over 50% less than they would at home. Let's see the benefits you'll gain with lipo Thailand:

  • More proportional body shape thanks to highly skilled plastic surgeons
  • Comfortable accommodation in world-class facilities
  • Fast recovery in warm Thai climate
  • Exotic vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world
  • Significant savings with all-inclusive packages


Affordable Liposuction in Thailand Packages

If you choose some of our packages for liposuction in Thailand, you'll pay between $1,160 and $2,750. Mostly, these packages include:

  • All related surgical costs: surgeons, anesthesia, equipment, hospital stay, and nursing care.
  • X-Rays, laboratory works
  • Pre-surgical evaluation and post-surgical medication and follow-up
  • Medical attention and security 24/7
  • A night stay in the hospital

All this clubbed with airfare and additional tourist tours in Thailand is more practical than paying only for the surgery in western countries. Find out more about our top package deals in the links below.

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How much does Liposuction cost in Thailand?

Wondering about liposuction cost Thailand? The cost of liposuction in Thailand starts at $1,650 but doesn't exceed $4,750 in our partner clinics. This is the total opposite for North America, Australia and UK where lipo surgery cost over $5,500. 

Although prices may vary depending on the body areas treated, the average liposuction in Thailand cost remains at least 40% less.

Now that you know liposuction costs in Thailand, it is easier to plan your budget. And see the prices in the following table to know more.

Liposuction Centers Cost Comparison in Thailand

Provider Procedure Price
Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic Liposuction, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $1900
DGB Plastic Surgery Clinic Liposuction, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $3000
Dr Siripong Plastic Surgery Liposuction, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $4750
Siam Clinic Phuket Liposuction, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $1150
Liposuction Cost Comparison in Thailand
Country Procedure Price
Australia Liposuction, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $5500
Canada Liposuction, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $5500
United States Liposuction, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $7000
United Kingdom Liposuction, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $6550

Best Clinics for Liposuction in Thailand

Thailand offers high-quality medical facilities and medical team expertise that matches US and European standards. Many Thailand clinics are accredited by the JCI and ISO Accreditation for the continual efforts to pursue excellence in quality care and patient safety.

By traveling to Thailand for liposuction, you also have the chance to enjoy a pleasurable holiday before your procedure. Clinics are located in beautiful surroundings where you'll feel comfortable and relaxed.

Get started now by reading the profiles of top-rated clinics in Thailand:

Top Center

Dr Siripong Plastic Surgery

Dr.Siripong always offers the latest plastic surgery techniques to bring out his patients' exquisite and natural beauty with exceptional outcomes.

Top Center

Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

Bangkok Plastic Surgery is the best medical center for Plastic Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. You can get the best treatment for Sex Reassignment Surgery, Breast Surgery, Tummy Tuck, and other Cosmetic Surgeries at Bangkok Plastic Surgery. Find and compare your Plastic Surgery options here.

Top Center

DGB Plastic Surgery Clinic

DGB CLINIC is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It provides cosmetic surgery and beauty care to local and international patients at competitive prices.

Top Center

Siam Clinic Phuket

Siam Clinic in Phuket Thailand offers comprehensive aesthetic treatments and wellness services, with experienced medical professionals and latest technology.

Best Liposuction Surgery in Thailand Video

If you want to understand lipo surgery in Thai clinics more, we suggest you watch our video below.

Liposuction Reviews in Thailand by PlacidWay Patients

  • User Profile Image


    I had a wonderful experience with Dr Siripong, he likes to be called Bob and is warm, friendly and totally committed to his craft. I had a neck lift, lower, upper, temporal facelift and upper and lower eye lift with fat transfer. It was a big operation and the level of aftercare was second to none. Since coming home to Australia I can call him anytime I have a concern. However, everything has settled just like he told me it would and I am frilled with the results. My family and friends can not get over how natural the facelift looks and instead of looking 60 they say I look at least 10 years younger. Be prepared to experience extreme discomfort for a few months but nothing I could not handle. Now all of the discomfort has stopped I ask myself would I do it again and the answer is a big fat YES! The facelift was my 60th birthday present to myself. It has given me confidence and now I feel the outside matches who I am on the inside. I have no hesitation recommending Dr Siripong and his wife Amy who handles all the bookings that was seamless he is a great plastic surgeon and a lovely man. His prices are amazing with no hidden costs. Thank you Bob the operation has made an amazing difference to my world.

    Patient was treated by Dr Siripong Plastic Surgery Feb 09, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    Dr. Pitchet, has operated on me a number of times, most recently a liposuction, with incredible results. In addition, he has operated on my girlfriend to fix breast asymmetry, which she suffered after undergoing an operation in Vietnam. Again fantastic results. I have seen that he has received some bad press from his competitors, which is very unfair. This guy is one of the best plastic surgeons in Bangkok. Says it like it is and works like a total professional. Strongly recommend!!!!!!!!!

    Patient was treated by Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic May 20, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    I live in Bangna, but my heart arrives at Don Mueang. Today I had the opportunity to take 2 girls, Khun Pat and Nong Art, to have their beauty at ABL Clinic, 100 Silk Program and Botox. : Doctors and staff are taking good care of you. Thank you very much

    Patient was treated by DGB Plastic Surgery Clinic Nov 10, 2021
  • User Profile Image

    Jutamas Thiemsaen

    Very good service. Everything is clean. Good service staff. Very friendly. Fan of Laser likes it very much.

    Patient was treated by Siam Clinic Phuket Apr 07, 2023
  • User Profile Image


    It was a smooth process at Yanhee. Dedicated International desk makes things very easy. A coordinator is assigned to every patient, who will be with patient through out. The hospital is quite big, clean and professional.

    Patient was treated by Yanhee Hospital Dec 12, 2014
  • User Profile Image


    The best and most pleasant experience when undergoing such a procedure in a foreign land. The doctor is exceptionally polite and helpful and took the very best care of me before during and after the surgery. The outcome was well above my expectations and I am totally happy with my results. I would totally recommend his medical art work to the world!

    Patient was treated by Dr Siripong Plastic Surgery Mar 19, 2020

FAQ about Liposuction in Thailand

Discover liposuction in Thailand prices and lipo clinics in Bangkok to know your options and plan your trip to Thailand accordingly.

How much is Liposuction in Bangkok, Thailand?

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How much is Liposuction in Bangkok, Thailand? Thai capital Bangkok has emerged as one of the most popular destinations in the map of medical tourism and the average cost of liposuction treatment in Bangkok is around $1,160. If you are looking for an approximate cost, we must tell you that there is no standardized price and hence it is hard to get an estimate. However, you can choose from plenty of world class clinics that provide similar treatment through different packages. Factors That Affect the Price of Liposuction Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand   If you have just decided to get your liposuction treatment from Bangkok, we recommend you to keep an eye on the associated factors as it can affect the cost of treatment.  Associated factors include; Area of treatment Body type Physical condition Age Quality of materials Previous surgeries Experience of the cosmetic surgeons Facilities What Should Be Expected From the Liposuction in Bangkok, Thailand?   Bangkok is known as a hub of medical tourism and it’s home to numerous top clinics where you can get an opportunity to receive treatment from world-famous doctors and experienced medical staffs at the clinics. In addition, patients can save money as the cost is cheaper than in other countries. How Much Can You Save By Receiving The Treatment In Bangkok, Thailand? In general, liposuction surgery costs more than $10,000 in the top countries whereas the same liposuction treatment ranges from $1,650-$2,700 in Bangkok, Thailand. Cost efficiency is important, and patients can save hundreds of dollars by getting treatment in Bangkok, Thailand. Approximate Cost of Different Cosmetic Surgery Solutions in Bangkok, Thailand   Tummy Tuck $3,700 Other Costs to Consider If you are planning to get your liposuction treatment from Bangkok, Thailand, you should be careful about other expenses as it can affect the cost of liposuction treatment. It is suggested to consider other expenses before booking an appointment. Other expenses include; Hotel and accommodation Foods and drinks Cost of transportation Travel insurance The above-mentioned expenses can affect your cost of Liposuction in Bangkok, Thailand and you can get free quotations anytime that will help you to get an idea about the cost.

Which are the most reliable Liposuction clinics in Bangkok, Thailand?

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The Best Clinics for Liposuction in Bangkok, Thailand Here are some of the best choices if you are looking for a top Liposuction clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. All these plastic surgery clinics are accredited and offer safe and highly successful cosmetic procedures for patients worldwide. When you are unhappy about your physical appearance, your whole life will turn negative. You will isolate yourself from your friends, avoid getting out and having fun and feel depressed and unloved. Liposuction can solve that by improving your body and therefore your self-confidence. Why Choose Bangkok Clinics for Lipo Surgery? More and more medical tourists undergo Liposuction in Bangkok, Thailand, which is known as one of the most sought-after plastic surgery destinations. The best clinics in Bangkok have gained their reputation thanks to their high standards of care, certified, highly trained, and educated teams of plastic surgeons who use cutting-edge technology and the latest treatment methods. Questions to Ask Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bangkok To be sure that your choice is the most suitable one, you can ask the Liposuction clinics several questions. How long have you been performing Liposuction? How safe is Liposuction? What kind of anesthesia will be used on me during Liposuction? Will I need to stay overnight for Liposuction? High prices, long waiting lists, or lack of insurance are just some of the reasons people seek plastic surgery abroad. Luckily, these trustworthy cosmetic surgery clinics in Bangkok, Thailand offer top medical services, pocket-friendly prices, and comprehensive care to international patients. Find the Best Liposuction Clinic in Bangkok Today! Many cosmetic procedures are done for physical health, such as nose surgery, breast reduction, tummy tuck or liposuction. So besides offering you the body you want, Liposuction also helps you live a healthy and happier life. Are you looking for more information about Liposuction clinics in Bangkok, Thailand? Contact us for the best options!

Best Lipo Surgeons in Thailand

Best plastic surgeons in Thailand will sculpt your body by targeting trouble spots to create a slimmer, desired shape. They are professionals with extensive training and many years of experience.

Another good thing about Thai doctors is that most speak English fluently so communication will be easy. They also provide a video consultation before the treatment where you can discuss your concerns.

PlacidWay will help you connect with the right doctor for your needs. So, read more about Thai surgeons to make your decision.

Dr. Duangkamol Maneerattanaporn

Certfication: Visiting Fellow in Dermatological Laser Surgery, Ramathibodi Skin Laser Center...

Dr. Boonchai Taweerattanasil

Dr. Boonchai is one of Thailand's leading and most reputable plastic surgeons, having complete...

Dr. Worapong Leethochavalit

Dr.Worapong LEETHOCHAVALIT is certified Board of Plastic Surgery. He has extensive exper...

Dr. Pichet Rodchareon

Dr. Pichet Rodchareon is the best Plastic Surgeon in Bangkok, Thailand. Book now Rhinoplasty, Lipo...

Popular Tourist Attractions in Thailand for Medical Tourism

Thailand is home to dozens of marvelous beaches, mountains, and historical monuments. It is also known for its colorful, mouthwatering cuisine you'll not be able to resist. Thailand has so much more going on for everyone's taste and pleasure.

As a popular medical tourism destination, patients coming to Thailand love spending extra time exploring the country's wonders and beauties. Here are just a few of many more places you can go during your lipo surgery in Thailand:

Railay Beach in Krabi province

The Phi Phi Islands

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Chiang Mai's Sunday Night Walking Street, try cheap and delicious food

Pai, in Mae Hong Son province

Khao Yai National Park and watch wild Elephants

Buddha in the ruins of the temple Wat Chana Songkram, Sukhothai Old City

The Historic City of Ayutthaya, the glory of ancient Thailand

Sky lanterns in the evening sky Thailand

Sky lanterns in the evening in Bangkok

Marble Temple in wat Benchamobophit Thailand

Marble Temple in wat Benchamobophit

Phra Nang beach in Krabi Thailand

Phra Nang beach in Krabi province

Get Slimmer Figure with Liposuction in Thailand!

Sculpt your body into the shape you desire with affordable liposuction in Thailand! Experience a memorable holiday along with getting your new figure at up to 60% less than in your home country.

Contact us for more information about Thai liposuction prices, clinics, and surgeons.