Brazilian Butt Lift in Costa Rica - Choose BBL in Costa Rica

Brazilian Butt Lift in Costa Rica - Choose BBL in Costa Rica


Why Consider Buttock Lift (BBL) in Costa Rica?

Are you considering BBL abroad? Brazilian Butt Lift in Costa Rica is effective and affordable plastic surgery to help you reshape your butt in a more attractive way. 

Our guide will help you find the best clinic and plastic surgeon for buttock lift in Costa Rica. Also, enjoy a pre-surgery vacation in an exotic Central American country.

All this for a fraction of the price in America! Keep reading to learn more!

Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift in Costa Rica - BBL Cost Comparison

Brazilian Butt Lift in Costa Rica price is around $4,000. The same procedure will cost you over $10,500 in Canada and America. Therefore, you will save over 60 % of your money by traveling to Costa Rica for butt lift surgery.

Besides, spending some time in this beautiful country will benefit you along with the surgery. The table below presents the BBL costs in different countries.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost Comparison in Costa Rica

Country Procedure Price
Canada Brazilian Butt Lift, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $10500
United States Brazilian Butt Lift, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $12000
Costa Rica Brazilian Butt Lift, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery $4000

Top Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Costa Rica for BBL

One of the best clinics in Costa Rica offers high-quality plastic surgery at a low price. We will show you the profile of the clinic below so you can find what you need. The clinic operates by American standards and has certified staff.

Many patients visit this clinic to get the desired Brazilian butt lift procedure and return home satisfied with the results. Therefore, be sure to read the benefits that this clinic provides to you as a patient so that you know what to expect.

Best Plastic Surgeons in Costa Rica for Buttock Lift

Costa Rica is a small country famous for tourism. However, it has also become a popular medical tourism country in recent years. Therefore, Costa Rica boasts world-class clinics and professional doctors who have specialized at prestigious international schools.

They speak English, so communication will not be a problem. Contact PlacidWay team to meet your doctor in Costa Rica today!

Explore Exotic Destinations in Costa Rica before BBL Surgery

Your trip to Costa Rica can be a life-changing experience. Besides getting your buttock lift, you'll also have an exotic vacation in this tropical Central American country.

We will show you a few of the many other places where you can go here during your stay for BBL:

Green Tropical Jungle

Green Tropical Jungle Costa Rica

Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Pacific Coast

White-sand beach

Beach in Costa Rica

Choose an Attractive Brazilian Butt Lift in Costa Rica Today!

An attractive BBL procedure can be yours for only $4,000! Book today Brazilian Butt Lift in Costa Rica on PlacidWay and contact us to get your free quote!