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Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center - Drug Rehabilitation Clinic in Tijuana Mexico

P.º Ensenada 1317-6, Playas, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, 22505 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico Tijuana Baja California, Tijuana,Rosarito Beach, Mexico
Price Range: $6300 - 8000
Associated Doctors: Dr. Paul Casillas, M.D.,
Specialty: Addiction Treatment
Focus Area: Heroin Addiction, Opiate addiction, Suboxone addiction, Methadone addiction, Alcohol addiction, Methamphetamine Addiction, Adderall addiction. Drug Rehabilitation Clinic in Tijuana Mexico

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center Profile Overview

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana Mexico

Are you ready to break free from addiction and start living life on your own terms? If so, Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana, Mexico may provide the solution you've been searching for. Specializing in ibogaine-based treatment plans for individuals struggling with depression, alcoholism, meth, heroin, or opiate addiction, Experience Ibogaine offers a customized and cost-effective approach to addiction recovery that emphasizes safety, comfort, and long-term success.

Led by a seasoned medical team with thousands of successful treatments under their belt, Experience Ibogaine offers a complete experience designed to help patients rediscover themselves and transition into a new life of sobriety. In this profile, we'll take a closer look at the unique approach and philosophy of Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center.

Mexico Excellence About Drug Rehabilitation

Mexico is recognized for its excellence in drug rehabilitation, providing effective and affordable treatment options for individuals struggling with addiction. With a range of programs and treatment centers located throughout the country, Mexico offers a variety of options for those seeking recovery. Many facilities in Mexico offer a holistic approach to treatment, addressing not only the physical addiction but also the mental and emotional aspects of the disease. This approach often includes therapies such as meditation, yoga, and counseling, in addition to medication-assisted treatment.

The focus on a comprehensive approach to treatment, coupled with affordable costs, has made Mexico a popular destination for those seeking high-quality addiction treatment. Additionally, many facilities offer bilingual services, making it a comfortable and accessible option for English-speaking individuals. Overall, Mexico's excellence in drug rehabilitation offers hope and healing for individuals struggling with addiction.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana, Mexico is a state-of-the-art facility that combines the comforts of home with the medical expertise of a world-renowned medical center. The facility features private rooms for all guests, as well as communal areas where they can relax and enjoy the company of others. The breathtaking ocean view and upscale gated location provide a peaceful and serene environment that is conducive to effective treatment.

In addition to luxurious accommodations, Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center boasts a highly skilled medical team led by Dr. Paul Casillas, who has performed thousands of successful ibogaine treatments. The medical support staff is also certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care and attention throughout their treatment journey. With its top-notch facilities and expert medical team, Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center is committed to providing patients with the best possible experience on their path to recovery.

FAQs about Drug Rehablitation at Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana Mexico

What types of addiction does Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center treat?

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center specializes in treating addiction to opiates, including heroin, methadone, and suboxone, as well as addiction to alcohol and stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine.

How long does treatment at Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center take?

Our program typically lasts for 7-10 days, depending on the individual's needs and progress.

Is Ibogaine treatment safe?

While Ibogaine treatment is generally considered safe, there are risks associated with any medical procedure. Our team of experienced medical professionals conducts thorough medical assessments and screenings to ensure that each patient is a suitable candidate for treatment.

What is the success rate of Ibogaine treatment?

Ibogaine treatment has shown promising results in treating addiction, but success rates vary depending on the individual and the type of addiction. We focus on long-term recovery and offer extensive support and aftercare to help our patients maintain sobriety.

Is Ibogaine treatment legal in Tijuana, Mexico?

Yes, Ibogaine treatment is legal in Tijuana, Mexico, where our treatment center is located. However, it is important to note that the regulation of Ibogaine treatment can vary by country, and it is important to research the legality of Ibogaine in any location before pursuing treatment.

What should I expect during Ibogaine treatment?

Ibogaine treatment involves a combination of medical supervision, counseling, and support to help patients detox from their addiction. The experience can be intense and introspective, and our staff is available to provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Will I be able to communicate during treatment?

While the experience can be intense, patients are generally able to communicate and interact with our staff throughout the treatment process.

What kind of aftercare is provided?

We offer extensive aftercare and support to our patients, including counseling, coaching, and ongoing medical monitoring. Our goal is to help our patients maintain their sobriety and successfully transition back into their everyday lives.

How do I know if Ibogaine treatment is right for me?

Ibogaine treatment may be a good option for individuals struggling with addiction who have not had success with traditional treatments. We conduct thorough medical assessments and screenings to determine if each patient is a suitable candidate for treatment.

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center, Tijuana,Rosarito Beach, Mexico Profile Details

Experience Ibogaine offers a unique approach to addiction treatment, with a focus on providing patients with a comfortable, safe, and effective experience. Led by Dr. Paul Casillas, the medical team at Experience Ibogaine has performed thousands of successful ibogaine treatments, making them experts in the field. The facility provides patients with a private room, access to communal areas, and high-quality meals prepared by an executive chef. In addition to detoxing patients from drugs, Experience Ibogaine offers a complete experience to help patients rediscover themselves and transition to a new life of sobriety.

At Experience Ibogaine, the safety and well-being of patients are top priorities. Before treatment, guests undergo pre-screening tests to ensure they are healthy enough to receive ibogaine. The doctors then formulate the proper dosage based on various factors such as the drugs used, body weight, and sensitivity to the drug. The treatment typically begins on the second day, with guests remaining under constant supervision during the 6-8 hour stationary experience. While each individual's experience may vary, the resetting of the brain and physical healing that ibogaine offers is a common outcome.

Experience Ibogaine emphasizes the importance of developing an aftercare plan to ensure long-term success in the recovery process. The staff works with guests to create a personalized plan that sets them up for success in their new addiction-free life. The facility maintains contact with guests after treatment, further strengthening the bond between staff and guests. By providing a comfortable, supportive, and safe environment, Experience Ibogaine stands out as a reliable and results-driven clinic that helps patients achieve lasting freedom from addiction.

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center Treatments Offered

Top Addiction Treatments Offered By Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana Mexico

Heroin Addiction:

Does it feel impossible to get through the acute phase of withdrawal? Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center offers psychedelic therapy for heroin addiction that can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and provide a pathway to lasting sobriety.

Opiate Addiction:

Even medication prescribed from a trusted physician can seem like a mountain to climb. If you're struggling with opiate addiction, Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center offers ibogaine treatment facilities to help you overcome addiction and find lasting freedom.

Suboxone Addiction:

Longer acting opiates like buprenorphine require pretreatment protocols in order to effectively detox. Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center offers medical ibogaine treatments in Mexico that can help you detox from suboxone and other opiate-based medications.

Methadone Addiction:

Does it seem more difficult as your dose is tapered down? At Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana, we provide medical ibogaine treatments to help those struggling with methadone addiction find a pathway to lasting sobriety.

Alcohol Addiction:

Have you tried to discontinue drinking over and over, and have exhausted all the available methods to achieve this? At Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center, we offer ibogaine clinics in Mexico that can provide a unique approach to treating alcohol addiction.

Methamphetamine Addiction:

You could use some sleep. Are you ready to develop different thinking patterns to get your train back on track? Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center offers top ibogaine treatment facilities to help those struggling with methamphetamine addiction find a pathway to healing.

Adderall Addiction:

Does this medication actually provide what its purpose intends? Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center offers top ibogaine clinics in Tijuana that can provide a unique approach to treating Adderall addiction and other stimulant-based medications.

Cocaine Addiction:

It gets expensive. Save your nose and more unnecessary come downs. At Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center, we offer ibogaine treatment facilities that can provide a unique approach to treating cocaine addiction and helping you find lasting freedom.

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Top Doctor at Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana Mexico

Doctor Paul Casillas

Dr. Paul Casillas, M.D.

Dr. Paul Casillas, M.D. has been treating patients with ibogaine since 2007. He is one of the most specialized and experienced ibogaine physicians in the world, having worked with over five different clinics. Dr. Casillas is present at every ibogaine treatment at Experience Ibogaine, ensuring patient safety. He is also a highly respected emergency medical physician in Mexico.

Dr. Casillas has gained unparalleled experience in the field of ibogaine treatment and has become a leading expert in the administration of the psychedelic medicine. His dedication to patient safety and well-being has earned him a reputation as one of the top medical specialists in Mexico. Dr. Casillas' extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with his compassionate and personalized approach to patient care, make him an invaluable asset to the Experience Ibogaine team.

Dr. Casillas has been involved in the ibogaine treatment community since its early stages, working alongside many of the pioneers in the field. Through his work in clinical settings and participation in studies and ibogaine trials, Dr. Casillas has acquired a unique and comprehensive understanding of the potential benefits and risks of ibogaine treatment. His commitment to ongoing learning and professional development has enabled him to stay at the forefront of advancements in the field, ensuring that patients at Experience Ibogaine receive the highest standard of care.

Other Staff  Members:

  • Mr. Aeden Smith-Ahearn - Founder of Clinic
  • Jonathan Dickinson - Therapist/Coaching
  • Dr. Yareli Supporting - Medical Doctor
  • Nurse Mayra - Head Nurse
  • Nurse Jonathan - Emergency Nurse

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center Testimonials

At Experience Ibogaine, we understand that ibogaine treatment is only the first step on the road to lasting recovery from addiction. That's why we place a strong emphasis on aftercare planning and support to ensure our patients have the best possible chance of maintaining sobriety in the long term.

Our aftercare and group meeting programs have been designed to provide ongoing support, encouragement, and guidance for our patients as they navigate the challenges of addiction recovery. We know that it can be difficult to stay sober after leaving the structured environment of our treatment center, which is why we work closely with patients to create individualized aftercare plans that address their unique needs and circumstances.

The results speak for themselves: 90% of Experience Ibogaine patients remain sober 30 days after treatment when involved in our aftercare or group meeting program. These figures are a testament to the effectiveness of our approach and the dedication of our team to helping patients achieve lasting sobriety and a better quality of life.

If you're struggling with addiction and are ready to take the first step towards a brighter future, we encourage you to watch our video testimonials and hear directly from some of the patients whose lives have been transformed by ibogaine treatment and the support of the Experience Ibogaine team.

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center Awards & Recognitions

experience ibogaine treatment center certificate

Tijuana,Rosarito Beach, Mexico Destination Overview

Tijuana, Mexico is known for its high-quality medical services, including drug rehabilitation and ibogaine treatment. Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center is a top choice for those seeking effective and safe treatment for drug addiction. The facility offers a state-of-the-art environment with the comforts of home and a team of experienced medical professionals.

One of the main benefits of choosing Tijuana for drug rehabilitation and ibogaine treatment is the affordability. The cost of treatment is significantly lower than in the United States, making it accessible for more people. In addition, Tijuana is conveniently located near the San Diego airport, allowing for easy access for those traveling from different parts of the country.

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center also offers a customized treatment plan for each patient based on their specific needs. This ensures that each individual receives the appropriate care and attention to achieve lasting sobriety. The facility is overseen by Dr. Paul Casillas, a highly trained and specialized ibogaine physician with over a decade of experience in the field.

Moreover, the aftercare and support programs at Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center are essential for long-term success. 90% of patients who participate in an aftercare or group meeting program remain sober 30 days after treatment. This shows the dedication and commitment of the staff to ensure their patients have the best chance of achieving lasting sobriety.

In summary, Tijuana, Mexico, and Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center are excellent choices for those seeking affordable, effective, and safe drug rehabilitation and ibogaine treatment with a dedicated team of medical professionals and customized treatment plans.


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