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Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana,Rosarito Beach, Mexico Reviews from Real Patients

P.º Ensenada 1317-6, Playas, Jardines Playas de Tijuana, 22505 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico Tijuana Baja California
Focus Area: Heroin Addiction, Opiate addiction, Suboxone addiction, Methadone addiction, Alcohol addiction, Methamphetamine Addiction, Adderall addiction. Drug Rehabilitation Clinic in Tijuana Mexico

About Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana, Mexico is a premier destination for addiction treatment, offering personalized ibogaine-based treatment plans, and aftercare planning.

Addiction Treatment Reviews in Tijuana,Rosarito Beach, Mexico at Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center

  • Donna S

    If you love someone who needs help, please send them here. When a person has been in and out of rehab and returns to the same thing, it’s time to stop and send them to Experience Ibogaine. This is where you’ll end the addiction. I have 100% faith in the process and the care that’s given. Rehabs do work for some and not for others. This is personally known. I couldn’t be more grateful for Aeden and this facility. Thank you very much!!

    Website Apr 26 2023
  • Alexander H

    By far the most unique and amazing experience of my life. Met really cool people. Saved my life and cured my Opiate Addiction by eating African root bark extract. Absolutely zero withdrawals. There’s just no other place like this in the world. Certainly not in the United States where all they offer is prison or Suboxone/Methadone. It’s truly a godsend for those who followed the rabbit hole all the way down to hell. Because this is the way out. Six days off Opiates off opiates and I’m doing backflips instead of living in a bathtub wanting to die.

    Website Apr 26 2023
  • Aaron G

    An incredible experience with superb hospitality that goes way beyond your expectations. Remarkable staff that goes out of their way to ensure your stay is comfortable and your every need is tended to in such a genuine fashion. I can only compare it to like being at home, if not much better. Unlike any clinic or detox setting, more like a resort or cruise vacation. The food, weather, and friendly atmosphere is worth it alone, not to mention the most healing treatment you could ever find or even imagine possible.

    Website Apr 26 2023
  • Asher T

    I want to take the time to leave a Very Positive experience I had at Aeden’s clinic in Mexico about 4 months ago. My name is Paul T. I live in Los Angeles. I did ibogaine detox at a different clinic in Cancun 2 times prior and relapsed almost immediately. Long story short—not all Ibogaine clinics are the same. Experience Ibogaine was 1,000 times more professional than the other clinic. They gave me more medicine, better overall care, and a positive environment. Thank you and your awesome staff, Aeden. I’ve been 100% clean since treatment. You guys are awesome!

    Website Apr 26 2023

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