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About - Dr. Paul Casillas, M.D.

Paul Casillas

Dr. Paul Casillas - Ibogaine Treatment Specialist in Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Paul Casillas, M.D., has been a trailblazer in the realm of ibogaine treatment since 2007. With over a decade and a half of dedicated experience, he stands as one of the foremost specialists in the world, having collaborated with more than five different clinics. His journey into this field began early, and he swiftly emerged as a luminary within the community. Dr. Casillas' commitment to patient safety is unwavering, a commitment he brings to every ibogaine treatment at Experience Ibogaine, where his presence ensures that each individual's well-being is safeguarded throughout the process.

As a highly respected emergency medical physician in Mexico, Dr. Casillas has seamlessly blended his expertise in emergency medicine with his passion for ibogaine treatment. This unique fusion has solidified his status as a trusted authority, not only in Mexico but also internationally. His contributions to the field extend far beyond his role at Experience Ibogaine, where he has earned accolades for his compassion and personalized care.

A Journey of Continuous Growth and Learning

Dr. Casillas's journey in the ibogaine treatment landscape has been marked by continuous growth and learning. He has been a vital part of the community's evolution, working alongside early pioneers in the field. Through clinical experience, participation in research, and engagement in ibogaine trials, he has cultivated a profound understanding of both the potential benefits and risks associated with ibogaine treatment. This comprehensive knowledge, combined with his dedication to ongoing education, keeps him at the forefront of advancements, ensuring that Experience Ibogaine offers its patients nothing less than the highest standard of care.

Unlocking Hope: Dr. Casillas' Journey to Empathetic Healing and Addiction Recovery

In a field where expertise is continually evolving, Dr. Casillas remains committed to the wellbeing of those he serves. His work extends beyond the confines of a typical medical practice, embodying a mission to transform lives through innovative and empathetic healing. His enduring dedication to the ibogaine treatment community stands as a testament to his passion for helping individuals break free from the clutches of addiction.

Dr. Casillas's journey is a testament to the transformative power of ibogaine treatment, a testament he shares with every patient who enters the doors of Experience Ibogaine. His pioneering spirit, extensive knowledge, and unwavering dedication continue to shape the landscape of addiction treatment, offering hope and healing to countless individuals on their path to recovery. If you want to schedule your consultation with Dr. Paul Casillas, M.D., Click contact us button below:

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Professional Experience:

  • Pioneering Ibogaine Specialist since 2007
  • Collaboration with over five different ibogaine treatment clinics
  • Highly respected emergency medical physician in Mexico
  • Fusion of emergency medicine expertise with ibogaine treatment passion
  • Trusted authority in the field, nationally and internationally
  • Compassionate and personalized patient care at Experience Ibogaine
  • Continuous growth and learning in the ibogaine treatment landscape
  • Participation in research and ibogaine trials
  • Comprehensive understanding of ibogaine treatment benefits and risks
  • Ongoing dedication to education and staying at the forefront of advancements in addiction treatment.


  • Medical Doctor (M.D.) Degree
  • Specialization in Emergency Medicine

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Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center reviews

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    I reached out to Experience Ibogaine under very short notice circumstances, I was contacted by Michael the same day and he was able to answer all the questions I had about Experience Ibogaine. Not long after I booked my flight and was on my way to Sandiego. I was not currently addicted to any drugs but went for maintenance reasons ( I saw myself slipping back into old habits as I am a former opiate addict and alcoholic ). Michael picked me up from the airport and shortly after I arrived, they immediately took blood and hydrated me with an IV to make sure I was healthy enough to partake in the treatment I went there for, later that night DR paul called me down to the medical room to discuss my bloodwork and EKG, they ended up finding Left Ventricular hypertrophy ( this did not affect my ability to participate in ibogaine therapy...... but it may have saved my life as I was not aware of this ! ). I underwent the ibogaine therapy and they took very good care of me, I slept better then I ever have, and ate the best food prepared fresh every meal. The time later came to do the 5 meo treatment and i was apprehensive due to a bad experience with it 5 meo when i was still addicted to opiates ( opiates and psychedelics dont mix ! ) Jonathon administered the 5 meo and I was beond surprised how exceptional of an experience it was, everything in my life suddenly clicked after the 5 meo treatment and I felt a sense of unconditional love and understanding of myself and others. I would just like to thank Aeden and Velria, and there entire team of people committed to helping people. I hope to see you guys again, and keep up the good work as there is no shortage of people in need of this type of treatment

    Google Oct 03 2023
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    After battling with addiction for eight years, I made the decision to go down to Mexico and try Ibogaine . After doing research, I ended up contacting experience Ibogaine to set up an appointment to go down there. From the very first text three months before I went down Michael was very very helpful, encouraging, and accommodating. I went down there in very rough shape, but was taken care of immediately and attended to for the duration of my stay. I can truly say I don’t know that I could’ve asked for anything different. Anyone who says Ibogaine does not work has never experienced the power of Ibogaine . I came out of the Ibogaine treatment serendipitously on my birthday, and it really truly was like a rebirth for me. Between that and the second phase of treatment my life has been completely changed for the better. I am now over a month sober, and have yet to have any desire to go back to opioids, if you are reading this and debating on trying this treatment. Please do not debate any longer. This can, and will save your life it saved mine, and I will be going back down with my wife to visit in a few weeks and thank them again for saving my life! Also the food was amazing and staff were so helpful and encouraging!

    Google Jul 31 2023
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    I recently embarked on a journey of healing and transformation at the Experience Ibogaine facility in Mexico, and words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for the incredible experience I had. The staff at the facility went above and beyond to ensure that I felt safe and supported throughout my stay. Their compassion and understanding were truly remarkable.
    Not only was the care exceptional, but the food was also absolutely delicious, catering to both taste and nourishment. During my time at the facility, a potential health concern came to light. The doctor, being incredibly thorough and thoughtful, discovered an abnormality in my EKG. The owner of the facility personally accompanied me to a wonderful cardiologist to ensure my safety before proceeding with the treatment. Their dedication to my well-being and the lengths they went to alleviate any concerns spoke volumes about their commitment to their patients.
    The ibogaine experience itself was nothing short of life-changing. I awakened after the treatment with a profound sense of calm and peace, a feeling that had eluded me for a long time. The journey was expertly guided by professionals who provided unwavering support throughout the process. They helped me create a personalized integration and aftercare plan, setting the stage for continued growth and transformation.
    I cannot recommend the Ibogaine facility highly enough. This place holds a special spot in my heart, and I will forever be grateful for the love, care, and healing I received there.
    If you re seeking a safe, warm and connected environment to address your trauma, addiction or embark on a personal journey, this facility is a haven of hope and transformation.

    Google Aug 24 2023
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    My life has changed since I’ve worked with Experience a few years back. Opiate addiction is t a one and done and I’ve had to return for additional treatment but I just celebrated two years clean. Ibogaine has a higher success rate than American addiction centers. It’s BS this isn’t available in Mexico and it can be intimidating to cross a border for treatment but you couldn’t meet a more f on passionate group of caregivers at Experience. From the Dr. to the intake team, first class and they will help give you the life you deserve back.

    Google Aug 31 2023
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    I have absolutely nothing but respect for this place. I have been battling opioid addiction for 6 years going to multiple different rehab centers and nothing worked. My parents found this place through a podcast, and showed it to me. I was a little skeptical about it at first but decided to give it a try. And let me tell ya it was best decision I’ve ever made. Ibogaine changed my whole perspective about life and really made me realize what I was doing to myself and my family. It let me forgive all the bag things I’ve done through out my addiction and let me move on in life. I haven’t felt this way in a very long time. Ibogaine is truly a blessing.
    On top of that everyone there was very welcoming, the rooms were very comfortable and clean. Also the food was great. I’m so grateful I found this place I highly recommend ibogaine experience. I can’t thank the people there enough! I will recommend this place to anyone I find that was in the same position as me.

    Google Oct 10 2023
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    Some experiences have the power to stay with you forever and my 5-day treatment here will definitely be one of them. The entire staff and care team here are amazing. They do an exceptional job at ensuring that patients always feel safe when undergoing new experiences. My anxiety and fear going into the unknow were greatly reduced by the comforts and attentiveness extended to me by the staff. The food is delicious, the accommodation is comfortable, amenities are generous, and the location is inspiring. I m two days out of my treatment and the aftercare team have already contacted me, which shows that their commitment to care doesn t end upon check-out. As for my reason for treatment - after Experience Ibogaine I feel I have gained the spiritual motivation I was needing to confidently pursue a healthy lifestyle for myself.

    Google Oct 06 2023

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