Teen Obesity ? A Worldwide Issue

A Worldwide Issue for Teem Obesity

Adolescence is a time of building the teen’s personality. In high school or college, the way that others perceive you is often unbearable. According to the World Health Organization, obesity is characterized by excess fat and extra pounds that are the result of eating more than the body consumes.

For teens, this is a more serious problem than for the adults. In a period when attempting to join a group occupies a prominent place among priorities, this can be a serious hindrance.

The problem is major and spread worldwide. Countries like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, Italy, UK or Spain are very affected by the increased number of obese teens.


The causes that lead to obesity in teens are multiple:

  • Imbalance between the food intake and the low or no physical activity (sedentary)
  • Lack of physical activity: watching TV, playing interactive video games, using the computer or other media devices
  • Artificial infant feeding - breastfeeding protects against obesity
  • Parental obesity doubles the risk of obesity in children and teens
  • Various endocrine diseases, hypothyroidism, hypercorticism, hypothalamic damage
  • Some drugs, corticosteroids, and antiepileptic drugs

The main cause of obesity is represented by the unhealthy style of eating. Teens have a high risk of getting obese if they consume high calorie foods: sweets, fat, fast food, snacks, juices and carbonated drinks.

The sedentary lifestyle leads to a vicious circle because physical inactivity is one of the cause and the effect of obesity.

How bad is it?

The body shape (and the overall physical appearance) is very important in adolescence, therefore the teen is seriously affected by this chronic disease. Eating habits are hard to abandon, as some of them are present since the infancy. Choosing clothes poses serious problems, especially in girls. These young patients need support from their families, the help of a nutritionist and, sometimes, psychological counselling. Often, obesity begins during a difficult time to overcome: parental divorce, mourning, tense atmosphere in the family, school difficulties, parental perfectionism requirements, cold or over-protective attitude, and lack of autonomy.

Often, these teens have nicknames that make them suffer, other teens are teasing him, make fun of them, which leads to suffering. As the teen grows older, the difficulties become greater. We can refer to the self-image and the investment in the young patient’s own body - the most struggling aspects during puberty and adolescence. Obese teens notice that they’re rejected or ridiculed by others, so they isolate themselves, become depressed, feel powerless, sad, alone, misunderstood and find a comfortable hideaway in eating. Some of them start diets, but they are chaotic and consist of starvation, followed by excessive eating phases.

Obesity has also immediate and long-term consequences, such as:

  • Low exercise capacity
  • Low lipid metabolism
  • Increases the value of blood pressure and insulin resistance with glucose intolerance

Regarding conditions, these teens are prone to:

  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Early puberty
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Static disorders
  • Poor results at school
  • Social isolation
  • Reduced prospects to find a job

Obese Teen

Am I an obese teen? Is my dear one an obese teen?

In order to establish if you or a dear one is an obese teen, one should calculate the person’s BMI (Body Mass Index). The Body Mass Index is a calculation formula of the weight in relation to the height.

Internationally accepted BMI values ??for obesity (as the lower limit)

  • 10 years old: 24,00 (boys), 24.11 (girls)
  • 15 years old: 28,30 (boys), 29.11 (girls)
  • 15+ years old: 30 (boys), 30 (girls)

What’s to be done?

The obese adolescent needs constant support and encouragement. When getting ready for a diet, for an exercise program or for a medical treatment, he/she must learn to become more resistant to frustration, as every beginning is difficult. Besides relatives, colleagues and friends have great importance in supporting obese young adults.

More and more obese teens from all over the world find the solution to their problems abroad. When they’re looking for treatments and procedures for obesity, they discover several destination that offer bariatric procedures. And, after a serious talk with the parents, they come up to the conclusion that centers abroad offer customizable bariatric surgery packages that are performed by renowned doctors, within a modern, professional and comfortable environment. Not to mention the affordable price. Plus, numerous clinics offer special pre and post obesity surgery counselling for teens and their accompanying parents.

Latin America, Asia and European countries (such as Turkey) are leaders in welcoming teen medical tourists from all over the world. They come accompanied by their relatives and they’re looking for a new, healthy and happy life.

Obesity in adolescents must be looked at extremely carefully, because it can have the serious consequences for physical, psychological or relational aspects of the teens’ lives. Both the teens and the adults (their parents, close relatives) have to discuss openly and reach to a suitable and constructive solution to this problem.

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