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World-Famous Doctor Opens Swiss Medica Antiaging Treatment Clinic in Lugano - by: PlacidWay | Swiss Medica Anti-Aging Treatment Clinic

Dr. Nicolay Vorobiev is a world-famous doctor who focuses on stem cell therapies and programs to treat multiple chronic disease issues. Dr. Vorobiev’s latest venture took him to Lugano, Switzerland, where he has opened Swiss Medica Anti-Aging Treatment Clinic. The luxurious settings, well appointed accommodations and soothing atmosphere are just a few of the benefits provided by Swiss Medica Anti-Aging Treatment Clinic, a clinic that treats cosmetic as well as surgical problems to rejuvenation.


Rejuvenation & Antiaging Program at IBC Hospital - by: Bio Care Hospital & Health Center

We have both the capability and the responsibility of aging productively because the tools to do so are at hand — and a system now in place at International BioCare Hospital and Medical Center (IBC) can provide that comprehensive startup for a full, vigorous and healthy longevity —the beginning of pleasant surprises as you face what so many call "the senior years."


Stress and anxiety take a toll on the human form, as well as our skin, facial features, and overall body function. More doctors today are incorporating traditional plastic surgery antiaging procedures and surgeries with modern antiaging treatments that include mesotherapy, chelation and live cell therapies for exceptional results.


Rejuvenation & Antiaging Program at IBC Hospital - by: Bio Care Hospital & Health Center

Now that the conquest of most infectious diseases and common traumata has expanded our expectations concerning life itself, we face the inexorable fact of aging and, of equal or greater importance the many aging related diseases with their heavy baggage of metabolic dysfunctions and disabilities.


Staying Young With Bangkok Hospital - by: Michael Moore | Bangkok Hospital

The Anti-aging Center at Bangkok Hospital is devoted to making life more enjoyable for people of all ages by preventing problems and treating conditions that already exist.


Anti-Aging Medicine - by: Dr Patsri Pongsatit Medical Director, Bangkok Hospital Anti-Aging Center

With human lifespan extending from 70 to 80 and with experts predicting that the average life expectancy could reach 100 within the next 50 years, are we preparing ourselves for greater longevity?

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