Beauty Industry in Mexico Still Going Strong

The beauty industry in Mexico is going strong, and with good reason. Women aren't the only gender benefiting from dental procedures, plastic and cosmetic procedures, skin treatments, or antiaging techniques in numerous locations throughout Mexico. According to Euromonitor International, men, including domestics and internationals, are a huge segment in the beauty and personal skincare market in Mexico today.

Not only are Mexican nationals benefiting from socio-economic financial shifts in Mexico's economy, mainly for the middle class, but they're also finding themselves able to access beauty, cosmetic, dental and skincare treatments, procedures and techniques that were not available or affordable in the past.

Not only is Mexico one of the most popular tourism destinations for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, dental care, skincare and antiaging techniques as well as their expansion of stem cell technology and research, Mexico is also the leader in cosmetic exports in Latin America. Innovation and new product launches are in part responsible for the growing popularity of Mexico as a resource and destination when it comes to skincare. The beauty industry, including availability and accessibility of cosmetic and plastic surgery and centers, dental providers, and skin care options serves to greatly boost Mexico's economy, according to the National Chamber of Cosmetic Industry.

Popular Trends & Destinations

Popular transfer plastic and cosmetic surgery in Mexico continue to include liposuction and antiaging technologies, including continually advancing products which offer the greatest and benefits with minimal effects such as pure Puretox and Xeomin. Increasing numbers of men are choosing plastic surgery procedures and treatments including male breast reduction, eyelid surgery, and nose surgery. The increase is due to men who now look to plastic surgery as a positive self-enhancement procedure. They are exhibiting fewer reservations and inhibitions when it comes to considering plastic surgery alternatives, especially in today's competitive marketplace.

Resort towns such as Guadalajara, Cancun, and cities located along the US/Mexico border continue to offer affordable plastic surgeries as well as resort-like vacations and getaways. Uninsured Americans still cross the border into Mexico and venture further south to Costa Rica, Panama and Argentina for affordable and reasonable medical care. The Dominican Republic has increased its reputation for hair restoration in Latin America. The list goes on.

Advancing Technologies in Mexico

Stem cell research and regenerative treatments and therapies and Mexico are some of the most advanced in the world. Stem cell treatments and procedures are creating their own branch of medicine in recent years, especially in regeneration of cells for treatments and therapies in neurological, orthopedic and anti-aging fields. Advanced and accelerated stem cell research in Mexico has developed and created new treatment methodologies over the past two decades, with grant and research funding more readily available in this field than many others. Stem cell technologies in Mexico range from placental stem cell, embryonic stem cell, and autologous stem cell research, technologies, and development, among others.

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