How to Educate Yourself before Going for a Surgery Abroad

 Educate Yourself before Going for a Surgery Abroad

Are you facing with any health issue and the doctor suggested a surgery? The cost of healthcare in the country like the United States has increased. Whether you need a cosmetic surgery like a tummy tuck or an obesity surgery like a gastric sleeve, you have to spend a huge amount of money. That is why the number of people going abroad for elective surgical procedures is increasing steadily since the last few years.

When looking for a surgery, you have two options:

Find local surgeons- It is great to find a local surgeon if the surgical procedure is medically insured. This ensures that you almost pay nothing and don’t even travel for the surgery.

Find surgeons abroad- Most of the surgical procedures are not covered by the medical insurance policies, which makes the cost of the operation shoot sky-high. Depending upon the treatment, the cost of surgery varies from one country to another. Therefore, there is a great possibility that you can find an affordable deal abroad, which is less costly than what you need to pay locally for the same procedure.

Whether you decide to go local or abroad, the choice is yours. What matters most is that you must make a good decision that is well-informed. Apart from the price factor, you should also make sure that the surgery actually improves your health condition, rather causing any harm. Therefore, it is very important to educate yourself, especially before going for a surgery abroad.

What makes an Informed Decision?

When you agree to perform a surgical procedure, you are trusting someone for the sake of better health conditions. However, the trust should come only after adequate research and comparison. For example, you are planning to get rhinoplasty abroad. Now, you must thoroughly research the medical centers abroad where the best nose job surgery is done. You must try to gather every detail related to the surgical procedure and the clinics and then compare against each other.

What factors to look out in the medical centers abroad?

Qualifications and experience– The most important thing that you should find out first is the qualification of the clinic and the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Check all the required credentials such as the educational background, internship, and experience of the doctor along with the accreditation status and certificates of the center. You should also ask the doctor since how many years he/she has been performing that particular surgery.

Pricing and inclusions– The last thing that you want to happen while undergoing a surgical treatment aboard is running out of money. Therefore, you must carefully research the exact costs of the treatment. Most of the clinics clearly mention the price of the treatment, but you have to know what is included in the price and what is excluded. Some clinics include costs associated with the treatment only, while some also cover the transportation cost within the city. When you know the exact pricing details, it will help you prepare the right budget of going abroad for the surgery without any stress of surprise expenses.

Check the facilities– You must research the facilities in a clinic, as a good state mostly signifies the good quality of service.  Therefore, check videos and pictures of the clinic and also try to speak with the surgeon who will perform the treatment. If you are not satisfied with the answers, at any point, just move to another clinic.

Questions to ask before booking

Is the surgeon certified to perform the surgery that you need?

It is very important to ask this question because every surgeon may not have the right certificates. Having certificates in the specific surgical field means he has gone through training for that procedure and has experience.

What is the exact cost of the surgery treatment package?

Several factors drive the package cost such as the method of the surgery, stay at the hospital, fees of the surgical room, the experience of the doctor, etc. If some package is shouting they are the cheapest, make sure to check if they are missing any of these vital aspects.

What will be the other associated expenses like?

 Other associated expenses can be traveling or extended stay in the city. If your treatment requires more time to recover then you might need to extend your stay and travel to the clinic more often. This may result in additional cost and you will definitely not like to get stranded abroad with lack of money.

How safe is the clinic to perform surgery?

Several boards like the International Joint Commission check patient safety and other facilities of the clinics. If you chosen clinic is certified by such a board, it ensures that you are in the safe place, as it is not easy to obtain such certificates. The centers that promise lucrative package but don’t have such certificates, it is better to stay away.

Can the hospital provide past patient testimonials?

The doctors and the hospitals happily agree to show the results of some their past patients like what the condition before the procedure was and what result is achieved after. You can also check the reviews and testimonials of the past patients to know what their experience with that hospital or doctor was.

When you are going abroad for a surgery, you cannot make a wrong decision. Therefore, you must research well and stay informed which will help you make the right decisions and reduce the risks of going wrong significantly. We want you to make the right choice and get the best treatment. Write to us for any query related to surgery abroad.

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