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Thanks to a flourishing economy and growing medical system, Asia has transformed itself into a viable medical tourism destination. Knee surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures in Asian orthopedic clinics used to address damage to bones and tissues caused by arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and the pain and stiffness of arthritis due to injuries.  Partial or total knee replacement surgeries relieve knee pain that can’t be controlled by other orthopedic procedures to renew range of motion and mobility.

Types of knee surgery

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which those parts of the knee joint affected and destroyed by arthritis are replaced with artificial metal or plastic parts called “prostheses”.

There are two different types of knee replacement procedures a doctor may recommend:

  1. Partial Knee Replacement, also called uni-compartmental replacement, is performed when X-ray and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) results tell the surgeon only one side of the knee is damaged. Because one side of the knee is being replaced, a small incision may be used, referred to as “minimally invasive” surgery.

Partial Knee Replacement is not usually considered for active or heavy people because they can put too much stress on the implant.

  1. Total Knee Replacement (arthroplasty) involves the relining of the joint (bone end surfaces) with artificial parts called prostheses. It may be recommended if one suffer from severe arthritis in the knee to alleviate pain and to improve the ability to walk.

There are three components used in the artificial knee:

  • The femoral (thigh) component is made of metal and covers the end of the thigh bone.
  • The tibial (shin bone) component, made of metal and polyethylene (medical-grade plastic), covers the top end of the tibia.
  • The patella (kneecap), may be all polyethylene or a combination of metal and polyethylene.

A knee replacement surgery can be unilateral (involving one side or single side) or bilateral (involving both sides, double side or two sides).

Prosthetic implants vary greatly by design, fixation and materials. The choice of implant will ultimately be made by your surgeon, based upon your physical situation, your age and lifestyle, the surgeon’s experience and the level of trust he or she has with a specific piece of equipment and/or manufacturer.

Orthopedic Surgery In Asia, Knee Replacement,  Knee Surgery Abroad

Why is knee replacement surgery needed?

The most common reason for knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis. Other conditions that cause knee damage include rheumatoid arthritis, hemophilia, meniscus tears, post trauma, ligament tears, cartilage defects.

The advantages of knee replacement surgery include freedom from pain, improved mobility, improved quality of life because everyday activities and exercise are easier.

What are the risks of undergoing knee surgery?

All orthopedic surgeries carry a risk of complications. Happily, orthopedic surgeons can, on average, boast high success rates for their patients. After knee arthroscopy, for example, more than 80 % of patients return to walking and other light activity within one week. Success rates for knee replacements run around 90 %, but 10 % of knee-replacement patients may encounter difficulties. Stiffness, pain, or swelling may occur. The prosthesis may become infected, in which case antibiotic treatment or “revision surgery” may be necessary. Other risks include: loss of motion of the joint or nearby joints, blood clots, injury to nerves or blood vessels.

Why orthopedic patients choose Asia for knee surgery

Orthopedic patients travel for the same reasons other medical travelers do: they want quality treatment at an affordable price. They find both at some of the top orthopedic hospitals and specialty centers abroad, where prices can run as much as 80 % lower than at home. Another factor that weighs heavily in their decision making is the availability of the newest and most technologically advanced treatment methods. Dozens of fine JCI-accredited hospitals offer outstanding orthopedics services and surgeries at the hands of experienced, often Western-trained surgeons.

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Planning tips

Before you plan an orthopedic treatment abroad, discuss your alternatives fully with a specialist. Also, make sure you understand what you can reasonably expect as an outcome of a successful surgery. If you’re 70, you are not going to return to the athletic prowess you enjoyed when you were 20. But, assuming a knee replacement looks right for you, you may look forward to walking, bicycling, golfing, and swimming.

Having your operation carried out in Asia can reduce the time you have to wait for your knee replacement, and may be cheaper than going privately in your country. Make sure you check your figures and include everything, such as travel and accommodation costs for yourself and a companion.

Top facilities

1. Thailand is one of the fastest growing destinations for medical tourism, attracting over one million people per year from all over the world. There are significant cost savings on surgical care compared to hospitals in the United States, and a higher level of nursing care than westerners are accustomed to receiving in hospitals back home. In Bangkok, the care is offered by some of the best doctors in the world, who have been trained and/or educated in the United States and Europe.

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital is a multi-disciplinary tertiary care medical facility that has over 29 years of experience with comprehensive administration and highly qualified specialist care, along with the most advanced diagnostic procedures and modern treatments, all under one roof.

Vejthani Hospital, in Bangkok, is the leading International hospital in Thailand serving both native and foreign patients with optimal care.

Yanhee Hospital, in Bangkok, is dedicated to provide the highest quality of service and excellent patient care in a cost-effective manner.

2. Western travelers seek out Malaysia for its exotic landscape, incredible food, and many cultural and historic attractions.  In recent years, more and more travelers have come to Malaysia in search of medical diagnosis and treatment. Malaysia is a prime destination for those seeking fertility treatments, but Malaysian doctors also excel at cardiac bypass and orthopedic surgery.

KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital in Kuala Lumpur is part of the largest chain of private hospitals under the flagship of KPJ Healthcare Bhd. Over the past 20 years, it has grown successfully in terms of size and manpower, reaching more than almost 80 residents, supported by a staff of more than 500 employees.

Knee Surgery Abroad, India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea

3. India has some excellent medical care providers, and foreign patients have been streaming in over the past decade. Accurate figures are hard to come by, but in 2014 some 150,000 medical tourists were treated in India. According to the Indian Department of Tourism, the average cost of healthcare in India is about one fifth that of the West, multi-organ transplants are done for a tenth the cost in the West and there is “zero waiting time”.

Dr. Narendra Vaidya, in Pune, is the most renowned surgeon to successfully perform all major joint replacement surgeries, Shoulder, Elbow, Hip and Knee, since 1998. Lokmanya Hospital located at Nigdi, is 100 bedded hospital which has been structured to cater to advanced orthopaedic procedures with five Operation theatres showcasing state of art technology complimented with modular OT, latest monitoring equipment, laminar flows and anti-bacterial walls.

Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam's MJRC Clinic has vast experience in hip joint replacements, both primary and revision, with prices varying between $4,500 and $10,000. For a total knee replacement (single high flexion knee) you will pay $7,000 and the cost for a total knee replacement (oxinium knee) is $9,000.

Manipal Hospitals is among India’s top medical care suppliers with more than five decades of expertise serving the humanity in the area of medicine. With a thick network of fifteen hospitals, three main clinics offering total medical care not just in curative but preventive as well.

Dr. Santpure Shivkumar is a Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon having worked in some of the best centers in USA & India. He is one of the few surgeons in India performing total knee replacement surgeries, total hip replacement surgeries, total shoulder replacement surgeries, total elbow replacement surgeries, revision joint replacement surgeries and Ilizarov surgeries.

4. Hospitals in South Korea have invested substantial money into state-of-the-art equipment and development of medical technologies and infrastructure. Doctors are frequently internationally trained and have considerable expertise in their fields. In some cases, patients may have the opportunity to visit some of South Korea’s major attractions, including Seoul’s ancient architecture such as the Summer Palace, the temple of Bulguksa and burial tombs in Gyeongu, Korean culture in Andong and Yongudsan and Geumgand Parks in Busan. The price range for total or partial knee replacement surgery in South Korea is $16,250 - $19,900.

Seoul Surgical Hospital specializes in the weight reduction procedure for morbidGastric Band Surgery South Korea obesity especially Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding surgery. Special medical services, such as breast/thyroid treatment, knee joint surgery, women’s surgery, and health checkup are also available.

Wooridul Hospital, in Seoul, has performed nearly 80,000 spine procedures including both open and minimally invasive approaches and accomplished academic achievement by publication of 171 papers in SCI journals of worldwide authority by 2010. The hospital offers total care solutions of neuro-musculoskeletal system, including joint (hip, knee and ankle) surgery.

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