Top 7 Destinations with 15 Stem Cell Therapy Clinics Worldwide

Research indicates that stem cells, which can develop into various cell types, hold potential for repairing tissues and organs affected by health conditions. These cells emerge at different life stages, with embryonic stem cells appearing only in early development and adult stem cells lasting a lifetime.

Stem cell therapy, notably blood stem cell transplantation, offers promising results where traditional medical science falls short. Despite the therapy's potential side effects, an increasing number of people are engaging in 'Stem Cell Tourism', traveling abroad for treatments due to the therapy's potential benefits.

15 Best Stem Cell Therapy Clinics in the world



Anagennisi Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre


Bioscience Clinic


CBC Health


Center for Prolotherapy and Pain Management

Dominican Republic

Dr. Pravin Patel Hospital


GARM Clinic

Roatan, Caribbean

Holistic Care


ITC - Immunity Therapy Center


Kobinia Med


MexStemCells Clinic




Renue Medical Centre


Stemedix, Inc

United States

Stem Health


Stem Cells Kyron Colombia


Vega Stem Cell Clinic


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How Much Does Stem Cell Therapy Procedures Cost Worldwide?

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Average Cost WorldWide

Anti Aging Stem Cell Treatments


Stem Cell Treatment for Autism


Stem Cell Treatment for Parkinson's Disease


Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis


Stem Cell Treatment for ALS


Stem Cell Treatment for COPD


Stem Cell Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy


Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy


Stem Cell Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis


Stem Cell Treatment for Kidney Failure


Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer


Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes


Stem Cell Therapy for Brain Injury


Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetic Retinopathy


Stem Cell Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases


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Eligibility Criteria for Stem cell Transplant in Different Facilities Abroad

Stem Cell Therapy has made tremendous progress over the past decade. The years of approved clinical trials have shown that stem cell therapy works for certain conditions. Patients should understand that although stem cell therapy can do wonders for some diseases and illnesses, it is not for everything and everyone.

Eligibility Criteria for Stem cell Transplant In Abroad Clinics

Before choosing to undergo stem cell therapy, patients should undergo thorough research about the viability of the treatment in a certain country. Unfortunately, many clinics state that they are accredited and that their treatment is approved, only to attract patients and money. Stem cell therapy can be categorized into:

1. Clinically-proven Stem Cell Treatment

Such a clinical trial program costs millions of dollars, therefore only a few accredited institutions and centers had the possibility to undergo such programs.

2. Non-Approved Stem Cell Therapy in Accredited Centers

Competent physicians working in accredited centers can offer non-approved stem cell therapies, as long as the patient is informed about the risks and the lack of scientific support.

3. Fraudulent Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy can be offered by clinics with no accreditation and by physicians with questionable competency. They are the ones who do exaggerated promotional claims about the efficacy and safety of stem cell therapy, which has no scientific backing.

How to get Stem Cell Therapy?

While stem cell therapy may be perceived as a final resort for many, it is strongly recommended to enlist the assistance of specialists in this medical domain before embarking on this journey. Professionals can guide you in selecting a secure medical destination and a top-tier hospital. It is critical to understand that while stem cell therapy may aid some patients, it is not a panacea.

Being well-informed and conducting comprehensive research on the destination, clinic, and doctor are crucial when making such a decision. Strive to amass as much information as possible about the facility where you plan to receive the treatment - seek authentic patient testimonials, scrutinize clinical data, investigate the credentials of the center and its physicians, assess their procedure in detail, ascertain what types and methodologies of stem cell treatment they offer, and understand the full cost of the treatment, including all ancillary expenses like airfare, lodging, meals, and other hospital-related charges.

Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico Reviews

Mexico is one of the best place to get stem cell therapy specially for those which are belongs to United states and Canada. In this video Veronica will speak about her kidney failure, causes, and treatment she has for kidney failure at MexStem Cells Clinic Mexico City, Mexico. For those who suffer from kidney disease, you will know how critical it is to prevent kidney failure. Kidney failure can be both temporary and permanent.

GARM Clinic's Stem Cell Therapy Testimonial for Ankle and Hip Pain in Roatan, Honduras, Caribbean Island

Here, the patient extends a message of hope to others experiencing similar pain, suggesting that if stem cell therapy worked for them, it will likely work for others as well. This optimistic outlook serves as an uplifting conclusion, inviting those in pain to consider GARM Clinic's innovative approach to stem cell therapy as a potential solution for their ankle and hip pain.

Stem Cell Treatment for Autism in India Reviews

India is one of the place to get cheapest stem cell therapy in the world. In this video, you will hear mom and dad from a boy who was diagnosed with autism, how stem cell therapy and treatment helped their little boy. They were told that nothing can be done until they found the best stem cell institute for brain disorders in India.

Heart Failure Treatment with Stem Cells

Patient testimonial on how adult stem cell treatment has helped improve his life after suffering from heart disease. Stem cell offers a better quality of life for patients with coronary heart disease or congestive heart failure who have exhausted all other options. Stem cell therapy improves outcomes in severe heart failure.

Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury in India Reviews

See how Stem Cells Help This Patient in spinal cord injury. The hospital has adopted industry best practices and evolved a highly efficient processing mechanism, maximizing the benefits that active stem cells deliver when used in treatment. Adult Stem Cell research has made great strides recently and this man is walking proof of that. State-of-the-art cord & cord blood processing laboratory has the latest and most sophisticated technology in the heart of Mumbai.

Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Reviews

Stem cell therapy in Switzerland was effective for 44 year old patient who had multiple sclerosis. He explains how the side effects started to diminish starting with the first dose of stem cells - the compound which wah prepared using autologous stem cells - that is stem cells taken from the patient's own body.

Successful Fetal Stem Cell Therapy in Kyiv, Ukraine

Watch Daniel's testimonial after undergoing successful Fetal Stem Cell Therapy at EmCell in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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