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Stem Cell Treatment for Autism

Stem Cell Treatment for Autism Treatment Abroad

Autism is a developmental, neurological disorder characterized by the degradation of social interactions, communication, mood swings, anxiety, and repetitive behavior. Autism affects information processing in the brain by changing the way nerve cells are connected. Autism can occur in all families, regardless of social background, race and ethnicity.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can be described at three levels: biological, psychological and behavioral. There is an increased suspicion among researchers that Autism is a complex disorder, the genetic component being the predominant one.
Even if autism has a strong genetic base, the cause is yet to be determined. Environmental risk factors may play a role, but no specific exposures are currently known. As for clinical manifestations, autism is characterized by a triad of symptoms: impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as repetitive behavior.
Research has indicated that just as there are varying degrees of damage and combinations of symptoms in autism, there are probably multiple causes, as well.

To date, no cure has been discovered for those diagnosed with autism. The focus is on special education programs, behavior therapy, speech and language therapy, social skills therapy and occupational therapy. However, recent development in stem cell therapies offers hope for those dealing with this disease. In recent years, studies in the field of stem cells showed a considerable improvement in the behavior of children with autism.

Autism Stem Cell Treatments Abroad

Treating Autism

Stem cells are the body's mechanism of repair, having a regenerative capability and the ability to develop (limitless) into different types of cells, such as brain cells, red blood cells, or muscle cells.

The stem cell therapy for autism improves the blood and oxygen flow to the patient’s brain. These cells also replace the damaged neurons and stimulate the new arteries’ formation. Stem cells can achieve the affected cells’ properties and characteristics, restoring and multiplying both white matter and gray matter. Therefore, the intellectual capacity and neurological symptoms are improved.

Stem cell therapy for treating autism arose following the various investigations made in order to reverse existing abnormalities in autism spectrum disorders. Mesenchymal stem cells from allogeneic transplantation can regulate the immune system and is believed to have a role in treating autism.

The stem cell therapy for autism works with: immunity, memory, thinking, learning capacity, communication capacity and metabolism.

Types of Stem Cells

By now, scientific research into stem cells has discovered several types of stem cells. The most commonly studied and used stem cell therapies at the moment involve the use of:

Stem Cell Treatment Cost Abroad

Cost of Stem Cell Therapies for Autism

The price of stem cell treatments or course therapies that use stem cell technology and research is determined by both treatment facilities’ geographic location and the stage of autism that is being treated. Medical travelers are advised to make solid research upon stem cell therapy, treatments, and protocols and examine the case studies and history in different foreign destinations.

In Mexico, the stem cell therapy for autism packages cost approximately $8300, while in Germany prices start from $8550. In Ukraine, patients pay around $10000 for a customizable package. South Korea is another destination patients choose, paying approximately $20000 for the treatment - this price is for one session of treatment (usually specialists recommend 5 sessions, or depending on each patient)   

Patients traveling to foreign countries may save tens of thousands of dollars or up to 70% on stem cell treatments and therapies. Travelers to India may pay approximately $12,000 for stem cell therapy for autism, while those opting for China will spend about $23000.  See here an approximate cost of stem cell therapy for Autism. Contact us for more details.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapies for Autism

  • Stem cells are able to transform and replace destroyed or damaged neural cells.
  • Stem cell therapy has shown a low risk of complications.
  • Stem cell therapy is a new treatment, researched and applied in numerous renowned clinics and research centers worldwide.

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