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Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer

Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer Treatment Abroad



The search for cancer cures has been ongoing for decades. A diagnosis of cancer was once a death sentence for millions, and in the 21st century, there is still no cure. However, thanks to modern technology and diagnostic imaging and equipment, more people diagnosed with cancer are not only beating the disease, but outliving it. Some of the greatest advancements in cancer research and therapy have involved studies of stem cell transplantation for replacing erratic growth of cancerous cells, tissues and tumors in the human body.

Today, stem cell research facilities around the world are patenting their own treatments and therapies for cancer programs, one of the most popular and effective being the transplantation of embryonic or fetal stem cells at all stages of the disease process. To date, most types of cancer have been treated through traditional therapies involving surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or a combination of all three. Unfortunately, chemotherapy and radiation bring with them severe and often debilitating side effects such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, anemia, and depression.

Stem cell therapies have been shown to improve the body's ability to withstand devastating chemotherapy and radiation treatment therapies that may kills cancer cells, but also damage and destroy healthy cells in the body at the same time.

To date, embryonic stem cell therapies and implants into patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation in the Ukraine show improvement of the side effect symptoms of such cancer therapies as well as help to restore the body's immune system following irradiation treatment procedures. It is also understood that many stem cell therapies aid in the creation of anti-tumor immunity that may very well inoculate the individuals from further cancers in the future.


Targeting Cancer Growth


Stem cell researchers and medical professionals around the globe are studying a variety of stem cells and how they may be used to treat various forms of cancer.  The University of Rochester is focusing on normal stem cell development and cancer stem cell growth in order determine the most effective methods of destroying cancerous stem cells and tumors without damaging healthy cells and tissues surrounding them.

Gene therapy and genomic research is also an important aspect of targeting cancer cells; their creation and proliferation, and tumor growth. Embryonic and hematopoietic stem cells offer self- renewing stem cells for implantation or transplantation into cancer patients that replaces damaged or dead cells and tissues caused by erratic cancer growth.

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center is just one of the few in the United States engaging in research and studies in targeting and destroying cancer stem cells that may offer stem cell therapies and treatments for many different types of cancer, including Hodgkin's disease, leukemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer, among many others.

Therapies and treatments utilized in the Ukraine, Australia, Asia and Latin America are focusing on eliminating cancer stem cells from the body before they metastasize, or spread, to other parts of the body.

Stem cell research in cancer therapy treatments is nothing new, but the approaches to treating symptoms and targeting cancerous cell growth, and restoring health and wellness through stem cell implants, injections and therapies is just in its beginning stages. Stem cells utilized to replenish blood and boost immune system function following cancer treatments has proven beneficial, but the next step in cancer therapies is to destroy cancerous cell growth and substitute damage cells through the injection of healthy stem cells. Nothing less than total remission is acceptable for stem cell researchers and developers, and their studies will continue until such a goal is not only possible, but proven.


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