Stem Cell Therapies for Anti Aging Purposes

Global Aging Population Reach Out to Innovative Stem Cell Therapies for Anti Aging Purposes

According to the World Health Organization "Global Health and Aging" Report, we will soon have more old people than children, as the length of life has extended considerably. The number of people aged 65 and older is expected to grow from 524 million in 2010 to almost 1.5 billion by 2050 (16% of the world population), with most increases in developing countries.

For some of us getting old is the natural cycle of life, for others it is a challenge, pushing them into finding solutions to slow down this process. Those most inclined to do so are the so-called Baby Boomers or the Baby Boom Generation. Beginning with the post World War II period (1946) until the mid-1960s,  the demographic structure in the United States has been changed. The economic improvements and the advantages brought by the country's participation in the war led to a high increase in birth rates.

Baby Boomers, most of them already in their 60s, have started to bring important changes in the medical industry, and especially in Medical Tourism. Active people, always looking for ways to live longer, healthier and pain free lives, Baby Boomers are the widest category to choose anti-aging treatments and procedures.

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What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

According to scientists, anti-aging medicine is in fact advanced scientific and medical technologies brought together for the prevention, early detection, treatment and reversal of age-related diseases, dysfunction and disorders. Anti-aging treatments promise to extend lifespan and health span so that we can have longer, healthier and happier lives.

Anti-aging medicine offers a variety of options from medication, skin care products and other non-surgical treatments, to wrinkle fillers, cosmetic surgery and stem cell rejuvenation and regeneration therapies. Stem cell therapy does much more than all the other procedures together as it not only has visible results on the outside of the body, but also on the inside.

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How does Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy work?

This type of therapy utilizes advanced cellular methodologies to replace damaged or dying cells, which accelerate the aging process. This cell therapy relies on the transplantation of healthy and vibrant cells that have been isolated and multiplied in an environment outside the body. They are then injected into the body or skin, depending on need, to supply a healthy source of new cellular growth. The result? Not only an improvement of the skin appearance, but a healthier, vitalized body.

Types of anti aging stem cell procedures:

  • Stem Cell Enriched Fat Transfer
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Cell Enhanced Facelift
  • Adipose Stromal Vascular Fraction Cell Therapy

Among the benefits of Anti Aging Stem Cell therapy we can include general younger appearance, reduced age spots, fewer wrinkles, less neck and back pain, less fatigue and tiredness, improved energy, emotional and mental improvement, reduce stiffness in joints, reduction of the effect of degenerative disease, feeling of vitality and rejuvenation and improved capacity for physical activities.

Despite its benefits, Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy is not widely available, only few clinics in the world offering it. Although many are skeptical about its benefits, stem cell therapy has proven to be effective at the patients seeking alternate methods of health and wellness not offered through conventional or traditional medical avenues.

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Philippines an Emerging Market in Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy

The beautiful island of Philippines is an increasingly chosen destination for this type of therapy. Here, the Stem Care Institute Center for Pain and Regenerative Medicine headed by Dr. Z. Teo, is welcoming more and more patients who opt for this innovative procedure.

“We should be open to new discoveries in the field of medicine for as long as they’re not dangerous. With anything new, there’s always a lot of skepticism, but there will always be people who are open and willing to go through research. A lot of medical professionals are taking the stand that you should not be doing this, that there’s not enough evidence. It was like that 10 years ago with acupuncture. Everyone was up in arms saying you couldn’t do that! Now you see traditional acupuncture clinics side by side with normal clinics. We should not close our minds to what the possibilities are for medicine,” says Dr. Z. 

Thailand an important player in Stem Cell Industry

Thailand an important player in Stem Cell Industry

Stem Cell Therapy is not new for clinics in Thailand. Patients coming here have access to a variety of anti aging procedures based on stem cells harvested from their own bodies. With minor side effects, but major positive results, more patients looking for the lost youth come here to turn back time.

One of the best clinics in Thailand for these procedures is Nirunda Infiniti Skin Clinic, which focuses on new age, state-of-the-art beauty health care, therapies, and personal consultation services to keep patients healthy, inside and out. The clinic utilizes a variety of techniques when treating skin problems including Thermage, E-Max-ST, DeepIR, and Medlite C6, and also performs fat transplants utilizing stem cells by CAL®.

Turkey Continues Advancements in Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy

Turkey Continues Advancements in Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy

Turkish law has no regulations for stem cell practices. This allows stem cell research to make quick progress and get results when other countries are stuck with regulations  and bureaucracy.  Patients coming from Europe, Asia and Middle east come here to take advantage of the benefits offered by stem cell therapy.

Dr. Bülent Cihantimur, the famous plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon who has established the Estetik International Clinic, has developed his own technique based on stem cells. The Cihantimur Fat Transfer System allows the surgeon to gather fat, by a device developed by him, and transfer it without getting in contact with air. Therefore the fat cells don’t get in contact with tools and don’t wait for a long time in a warm environment.

Dr. Cihantimur is also using the Platelet Rich Plasma procedure, during which blood cells are injected under the scalp to treat skin problems and to stop hair loss. He also uses PRP for a more successful outcome of hair transplantation.

South Korea the Mecca of Cosmetic Surgery

South Korea the Mecca of Cosmetic Surgery

South Korea, already known as the Mecca for Cosmetic Surgery, has made tremendous progress in stem cell research, thanks to the country's flexible policies in this matter. South Korea might soon get to the forefront of stem cell research.

Regen Beauty Medical Group uses Stem Cell Fat Transfer with autologous adult stem cells which promotes vascular creation and activates fat cells. The procedure is used to eliminate wrinkles, regenerate skin and for augmentation of certain areas such as chin, forehead, etc.

"Natural or alternative medicine has been around for thousands of years," says Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, a leading medical tourism resource and provider located in Denver, Colorado. "Doctors around the world are increasingly adding stem cell therapies to patients who wish to combine the best in modern technology with treatments and methodologies that have been utilized for thousands of years to treat their anti-aging goals as well as disease processes. We're proud to offer some of the best and most highly qualified doctors and facilities for those individuals."

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