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PlacidWay and Fortis Smooth the Way for One Woman's Heart Surgery
by PlacidWay | Fortis Group of Hospitals

Emilia needed heart surgery, but like many others, wanted to find the most affordable and excellent health care. She found both at Fortis Healthcare in India. Wanting the best for her Mom, but wondering how she was going to pay for it all, Marie, Emilia's daughter, accessed PlacidWay, an international medical provider based in Denver, Colorado offering information, resources, pricing facilitates arrangements between patients and medical providers around the world.

fortis article

Marie contacted PlacidWay in June looking for not only a good hospital, but also an affordable one. PlacidWay recommended Fortis Healthcare in New Delhi, India.  "They helped me through the entire process of obtaining a visa for my mom, sister and myself," says Maria. "It was very fast, as the staff that PlacidWay was cognizant of the urgent nature of my mom's situation."

Marie, Emilia and her sister were happy to have the burden of making such arrangements removed from their shoulders, as they already had enough to worry about with their mom's medical condition. Marie and Emilia were very happy with the services provided by PlacidWay. "They accommodated our needs and made our stay here enjoyable. PlacidWay and Fortis make a good partnership. Thanks PlacidWay, for taking the weight off my shoulders and for your professionalism," writes Marie following her mother's release from the hospital.

Fortis Healthcare and PlacidWay
Fortis Healthcare offered Marie and her mother exactly what they were looking for in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. Emilia's heart surgery went off without a hitch, thanks to the experience, background and training of the surgeons at Fortis.  Fortis, located in New Delhi, is a modern facility and one of India's leading tertiary level healthcare groups, consisting of over 13 hospitals and heart command centers. Fortis Healthcare group is a leader and operates one of the largest cardiac programs in the world.

Marie and her mother found this out firsthand when they ventured to India, thanks to the smooth process offered by PlacidWay. From obtaining passports and visas to arranging with their doctor and surgeon in India, Emilia's surgery consultation, surgery and post-op care offered the mother and her two daughters a pleasant stay prior, during and following the surgical procedure.

This is what PlacidWay is all about; offering easy access to acclaimed and world-class providers and facilities around the world to all individuals regardless of their country of origin. India has always been a leader in the medical tourism industry and the excellence and experience offered by providers at Fortis explain why.

Emilia was cared for in a comfortable, well-appointed room offering all the amenities and comforts of a four-star hotel. The smiling faces of Emilia and her daughter Marie are testimony to their satisfaction and pleasure with the entire experience with PlacidWay and Fortis.

Patients from around the world can experience the same pleasure, ease of travel, and stress-free making of arrangements when engaging the services of providers like PlacidWay. Making medical care, surgeries and procedures accessible, affordable and enjoyable are the foundations of partnerships that PlacidWay has forged with international medical providers.

"PlacidWay made this possible," says Marie. "Even when we had a few hurdles with lodging here in Delhi, they quickly helped resolve every issue. God bless!"

Please Click Here to request more information about treatment in Fortis Hospital.

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