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Medical Tourism from Africa Growing
by PlacidWay

Regions throughout Africa have seen an increase in numbers of inhabitants traveling across borders for medical care, most especially to locations in Turkey, India and Thailand. Each of these countries has garnered a reputation for providing patient-centered medical healthcare and services in their respective regions. With growing access to global healthcare options, Africans no longer are forced to endure lack of medical care options, treatments or procedures just because of their location.

Africans Seek Increased Access to Health and Wellness Options

International yet accessible destinations for African travelers provides some of the best healthcare services in dental and traditional medical fields. Central European countries such as Turkey, have succeeded in boosting their reputations for high quality and patient-centered services across numerous medical fields.

India and Thailand especially have benefitted from a combination of some of the best medical tourism and travel packages around the world. India continues to provide some of the best facilities, as well as doctors, surgeons and facilities for a variety of treatments and procedures, including orthopedic care, cosmetic and plastic surgery, fertility and IVF treatments, general surgery and vision care.

Surgery in Turkey is affordable and provides access to some of the most experienced and highly trained surgeons in the country. Accredited facilities and certified doctors and surgeons offer world-class medical care utilizing the latest in robotic surgery, laser technologies and advanced surgical equipment and techniques. A large number of facilities and medical providers in Turkey, India and Thailand are registered and accredited by international councils and organizations.

International patients not only take good advantage of health tourism opportunities, including pricing and expertise in Central Europe, India, and Thailand, but also enjoy once-in-a-lifetime vacation or travel opportunities while there. Indian cities have earned the respect of worldwide surgeons in her willingness to work with medical specialists at top rated private hospitals not only throughout Africa, but around the globe.

Egypt is Rising to the Top in Africa

The northern African country of Egypt is also working hard to increase her reputation and accessibility in the fast-growing medical tourism marketplace. She is most well known today as the medical tourist destination that offers excellent care, from dental treatments in Hurghada to cardiac and cancer care.

Outpatient facilities, care centers and hospitals throughout Egypt strive to provide environments that focus on patient-centered care and excellent medical and healthcare services. Egyptian doctors and surgeons are often trained in American and British medical schools and universities, serving as true medical ambassadors to their own growing ranks of doctors and surgeons when it comes to teaching and instruction. Surgical procedures in Egypt are backed with highly trained expertise and experience of care in numerous medical disciplines.

As a result, Egypt has extremely high standards of care in all fields, including cosmetic surgery, cancer care and therapies, and internal medicine. Increasing numbers of Iraqi citizens travel outside their borders for affordable, accessible and quality medical care in Egypt. They’re traveling for dental care, orthopedic treatments and care for chronic illnesses. Today, Egypt and Turkey are two of the most popular destinations for medical tourists coming from African nations.

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