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Saudi German Hospital-Dubai, a world class healthcare facility that provides multispecialty treatments in Dubai is expanding their medical services to cater to international travelers from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and countries from North Africa.  

Regions throughout Africa have seen an increase in numbers of inhabitants traveling across borders for medical care, most especially to locations in Turkey, India and Thailand. Each of these countries has garnered a reputation for providing patient-centered medical healthcare and services in their respective regions. With growing access to global healthcare options, Africans no longer are forced to endure lack of medical care options, treatments or procedures just because of their location.

Blissful Healthcare in South Africa - by: PlacidWay | Surgical Bliss

Surgical Bliss offers the ultimate holiday medical and vacation holiday experience in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.  They are the top Medical Facilitators in the country and offer international travelers access to  some of  the best in medical specialists and private hospitals in South Africa.

Finding Bliss in South Africa - by: PlacidWay | Surgical Bliss

Surgical Bliss offers treatments in the fields of ophthalmology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and orthopedics, just to name a few.

A team of doctors at a private specialty hospital in the city has for the first time in Tamil Nadu, performed shoulder resurfacing procedure on an elderly South African woman using the famous Copeland prosthesis of the UK.

If you are wondering how much will a cosmetic surgery cost when going abroad, this article might hold some answers for you. Listed are the countries where you can find the best service and most skill for the money invested, as well as what the popular treatments in the cosmetic surgery niche are.

Here we will explore the main reasons why the medical tourism industry is growing at such fast rates. With the world becoming more inter-connected, we are now able to choose our treatments around the world, and here's why.

This article will explore how medical tourism came to be, how it evolved over the years and what the future holds. It will also show why we at PlacidWay are doing what we are doing.

North Cyprus IVF Center is a clinic dealing with infertility treatments, being the first clinic in Cyprus to include sperm and egg donation options. The center’s main goal is to determine what the problem is, why the couple can’t have children on their own and offer the right treatment for their issue.

The decision of having a hair transplant is an important one. Each patient has to consider his/her wishes, needs and requirements in terms of appearance, be informed about all the details regarding the procedure and, with a specialist’s guidance, decide upon having or not having the hair transplant done.

Results 1 - 10 of 101