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Rakesh Singh is Chief Operating Officer at Manipal Hospitals India, a medical tourism hotspot, and he was kind to answer a few questions about one of the most famous Indian hospital chain. Manipal Health Enterprises provides healthcare from the smallest to the most complex medical problems. This state-of-the-art facility is renowned for its pioneering work in the Indian healthcare industry that has been developing for more than 4 decades. National and international patients from all over the world have been treated here.

Anadolu Medical Center: Excelling in Patient Care Services - by: PlacidWay | Anadolu Medical Center

Anadolu Medical Center, located in Istanbul, Turkey, continues to provide individuals with the best in health care and services. Anadolu Medical Center is affiliated with John Hopkins Medicine, and is staffed by a large number of internationally trained and experienced doctors and surgeons. The medical center is devoted to providing the best in services for domestic and international patients, and as a Joint Commission International (JCI) Hospital as well as recipient of accreditation from the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), offers some of the best treatments, therapies and surgeries in the world.

Switzerland: Having launched a two-day sleep diagnostics treatment in Feburary 2011, the spa and wellbeing resort Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in eastern Switzerland has reported a popular take-up for the program.

Medtravel Ecuador: Reliable Medical Tourism Resources - by: PlacidWay | MedTravel Ecuador

As a major medical tourism and health destination provider, MedTravel Ecuador is dedicated to promoting safe, effective, certified and reliable healthcare providers throughout Ecuador. Combining the benefits of tourism with medical care, MedTravel Ecuador offers a variety of benefits and services to global travelers.

Almater Hospital offers over 20 years of experience providing first-class medical services to a variety of traveling North American patients, as well as international travelers in a variety of medical fields.

The Doctor Is In - by: Sophy Roberts | Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The Medical Health Center offers numerous pathology-seeking technologies from MRIs to vascular ultrasounds, as well as specializations like aesthetic surgery and rheumatology.

Peak Conditioned - by: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the best 'wellness resort' Sophy Robert has yet experiences...

Das Grand Resort Bad Ragaz – die einmalige Kombination von Luxushotellerie, Gastronomie, Wellbeing mit eigenem Th ermalwasser, Gesundheit, Business und Golf. Das macht das Grand Resort unverwechselbar und einzigartig.

Panama Medical Tourism offers Ageless Wonders - by: PlacidWay | Ageless Wonders Panama

Ageless Wonders Panama, a health tourism company based in Panama City, Panama has joined with PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal, to provide international travelers with the best of care options and opportunities in multiple medical disciplines. Certified specialists and hospitals, after-care services and corporate plans can be custom-designed to provide the best in treatments for consumers.

Der Blick aus Zimmer 940 im neunten Stock reicht weit, weit über Bad Ragaz hinaus. Idylle und das nicht enden wollende Bündnertal breiten sich vor der obersten Terrasse im neuen Spa-Suiten-Hotel aus. Diese Aussicht aus der Penthouse-Suite beschreibt im übertragenen Sinne die neue Dimension des Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Results 1 - 10 of 50