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Metabolic Diabetes Surgery in Istanbul Turkey , Istanbul , Turkey

You suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and traditional medication and procedures do not give the expected results? Why not try Metabolic Diabetes Surgery and get rid of it forever?

The Finest Diabetic Foot Treatments in Cuba , Ciego de Avila,Havana , Cuba

New breakthrough treatment for Diabeting Foot Problems in Cuba. The price starts at $6770.

Top Back Pain Package in Selce Croatia , Selce , Croatia

7 days & 6 days - 12 days & 11 days  package includes preoperative tests, rest & pre op tests, evaluations, back pain therapy, rehabilitation therapy and discharge. You will spend these days simply worrying about improving your health. “ The physical therapy and rehabilitation consists of blocking the pain with analgesic procedures, easing the tension in certain muscle groups and soothing muscle bulk of the abdominal and back musculature.

Results 11 - 13 of 13

Chronic-Diseases Packages | Abroad

Find best and affordable Chronic-Diseases Packages around the globe. PlacidWay helps you find top Chronic-Diseases hospitals.

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